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Some things I would like to see and some things I would not.
1) Few or no instanced dungeons. While this is a decent work-around on an overpopulated server where players are forced to compete for resources, it denies characters the chance to encounter each other while adventuring and make alliances/enemies. It also breaks immersion to not be able to enter an area for some vague reason.
2) Crafting. The payoff must be worth the time investment. It doesn't matter much if crafting produces end-game quality gear or just stuff to get a starting adventurer equipped, as long as it is worth the time it takes to get the materials and craft them into goods.
3) Applications. I don't like them. Not for classes, not for races. If the team doesn't like what a player is doing with a character, handle it after they have done it. Ban them. Give them stat decreases until they stop or quit. Whatever. Applications only create a sense of cronyism.
4) Clear guidelines on expectations of character behavior. By this I mean easily accessible information on the setting and how a character should behave within it. How character mechanical death should be handled. Social standing and it's benefits/responsibilities, etc.

Beta Feedback and Bugs / Exit Menu option for Player Tool
« on: October 11, 2018, 04:58:03 pm »
It is a minor item, but the player tool main menu could really benefit from an 'exit menu' option. Currently I use the esc key after toggling loot collection mode.

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