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Development Ideas - Feedback / Implementing Epic Levels
« on: July 18, 2020, 12:15:45 pm »
During the development of V2 we have been reflecting on the level range we want to bring into the new version. The intent is to keep the standard level cap at 20th, but allow characters to continue onto level 30 at an exceptional cap.

How we are currently thinking to do this is to have level 1-20 achievable through hunting creatures, questing, crafting and so forth. Upon reaching 20th characters will be unable to level up further but can apply to the DM team to progress to the epic levels, at which time they may continue to level as normal up until level 30. Characters who elevate themselves to the 'epic tier' will gain access to abilities unique to those in the epic level range, as well as being mechanically stronger, however will be assigned a certain number of lives (for example 5, though the number has not been finalized) which, with one lost per death, will culminate a character's permanent demise once all are depleted.

  • Characters have to apply to increase their level after reaching 20th.
  • Characters who move into the epic levels (21+; ending at 30th) will gain access to unique abilities only accessible to epic characters.
  • Characters who increase into the epic levels will be given a set number of lives where one is lost each death. Once all are lost the character is permanently dead.

Going by this logic we can assume characters above level 20 are unique exceptional individuals who have a much greater weight in their actions but also a greater degree of risk. This is however a fairly big change so we would be curious to hear your thoughts in the above pole; or below by replies.


New Features / Nomos New Features Record
« on: March 29, 2020, 12:08:42 am »
As of last reset the following features/quality-of-life changes have been added:

/hood command: When typed this command will cause the character to pull up their hood. If typed while their hood is up it will cause their hood to be dropped. Certain races/genders have multiple hood-appearances, these can be accessed by adding a number to the command such as: "/hood_1" (this will get the standard hood) or "/hood_2" (this will get the 2nd hood model) or "/hood_3" (this will get the 3rd hood model) and so on.

/helm command: When typed this command will make the helmet worn by the speaker visually disappear. On typing this command while the helmet is visually invisible it will make it re-appear.

Hire-able Mercenary System: This will allow PCs to hire mercenaries between one of three classes (fighter, mage & cleric) and between one of three level brackets (5, 8 & 11). These Mercenaries will serve the hiring PC for 2-RL hours after which time they will depart. Mercenaries will not leave during combat, so if a PC is in the middle of a fight they are safe from that risk. The current NPC contact to hire these mercenaries is located in the Sailor's Coin in Hadrian.

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