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Journals & Backgrounds / Escaud Family
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:57:35 pm »
Morr Escaud

Escaud family was part of a poor community of farmers. She had a mother, father and a younger sister; pariah. Her father never spoke where the Escaud family name comes from, as it was a rather unusual last name for a commoner. Her father was the sole provider for the family and owned the farm, but was gravely in debt to keep the communitys needs checked. Or atleast that's what he told he was in debt for. He was a hard working man, which may have cost him his life as he died quite young for a farmer. After his death, the family couldn't pay off the debt, and the farm was taken from them. Morr was furious for the other folk in her town for not doing anything to save their farm, thinking her father paid for their different needs. The family gathered what little they had and moved to the city for a while, but there was not work to be had there for their mother and they shortly ended up on the street. Their mother couldn't last too many years on the streets  and fell sick. Luckily a passing by priestess of Selune heard her sisters cries on the street and took pity on the poor and welcomed the family in their abbey. Except for Morr. She didn't want to get help from anyone, and in a fit of anger ran away. The family couldn't find the her anywhere and the stressed mother's condition got worse every passing moment, forcing them to leave town. Pariah and Morr never met after this.

Pariah Escaud

Pariah was younger than her sister, and at the time didn't fully realize the significance of her missing sister. But in only a few days after Morr's runaway, she really would have appreciated a playmate, beside her sick mother. There weren't other children in the abbey to play with, but all the people there were very polite and nice. It was quickly apparent the knights could raise this girl into a devout and beloved follower to Selūne. After spending her entire teenage pondering what her childhood could have been like with a sister, she vowed to let no one be left alone, and help all those she is able. Her sincere devotion to her beliefs make her for an utmost symbol to the Silver Lady.

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