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Journals & Backgrounds / Narielle Willowknit
« on: July 14, 2022, 09:03:05 pm »
Narielle Willowknit
Moon Elf
Intern of the West Netherese Trading Company

✦ Height: 50 [152cm]
✦ Hair: Dark Indigo, Loosely Braided
✦ Eyes: Cornflower Blue
✦ Skin: Ivory
✦ Attire: Suit in the colors of the West Netherese Trading Company. Accessories are a brooch, a vibrant scarf and a ring.

The elf is as proud of her pure silver elven lineage as is of her later endeavours and stay in the mixed environment of Arupal, a steadily-growing town located at a fork of a trading road by the northern shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

This fortunate mix has resulted in a confident individual, skillful in the fields of finance and outsourcing. Even though her friends and associates reside countless miles from Conch to the South-East, the grown elven has few, if any, concerns. One might attribute it to her nearly second century spent in a fast-paced human environment in which even lifelong friendships are fleeting, another might assume the infamous elven haughtiness and a sense of superiority to be at play.

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