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Arkelos and Aubrey visit the Library of Valstiir over the course of several days to pour over its wealth of information regarding Enclave dictum. Arkelos does the bulk of the reading, while the pixie Aubrey occasionally assists in the flipping of a page, eats candy, or points out that Arkelos makes a dumb face when he's reading something. The goal is to learn about statutes involving the charge of treason against an enclave as well as answer the following questions:

1) What prerequisites, if any, are required to act as an advocate for the accused?

2) What position is in charge of overseeing the trial of someone accused of a capital crime within the enclave?

3) What is required to be a recognized minister of the court within Valstiir?

4) Who determines the guilt or innocence of the accused in the instance of crimes against the state? (Tribunal? Single Judge? Jury?)

5) Out of the judges who preside over these cases, which of them has the highest recorded average of rulings in favor of accused traitors or against agents of House Dukarrus itself?

6) Are there any precedents for situations where a party was charged with treason within the Valstiir Enclave for not directly instigating war with the enclave, but rather committing an act of war against a foreign state and inciting hostilities? If so, what was the verdict?

7) Is there any legal recourse for members of House Dukarrus abusing the power of their position for personal gain?

8 ) Is solicitation by a legionnaire for bribes to drop charges legally punishable?

9) What is the balance in regards to burden of proof when a commoner is charged with a high crime by a legionnaire of Dukarrus? Does the court typically favor Dukarrus? Is the accused considered guilty until proven innocent? If so, how much proof is needed?


Unrelated to Legal issues (Likely asked of the clerk in the Dukarrus garrison on Valstiir and not at the library): Who is Legionnaire Tor Fensblood's direct superior?

Journals & Backgrounds / Crisis of Faith (Snacks)
« on: June 13, 2018, 08:26:23 pm »
How does one heal heart of a broken land? How does one determine good and evil when faced with society that regards little of morality over progress? Many taught from birth what is right and what is wrong, what is success and what is failure. Does good or evil exist when bias lessons taught from birth exist? Kroznaks knows war. Was born in it, and society teach to aspire to be great at killing so one can survive and protect what is theirs. Anything yours if you can take, and great good can come from subjugate weaker peoples to make them strong.

Hate thinking about this. Convinced no right answer. Netheril is broken like other places broken. We fight and fight and fight and fight for what? We cannot save those who've been killed and all we do is prevent tide of undead from swallow us. Seen more wrong in last few months than ever in life. So much loss of life, and some of it not even act of enemy. Where is victory when it is obtained through defile the dead and sacrifice living? Why keep fighting for something so broken and rotten? All Kroznaks do is fight to live and keep alive society that no care about him. Bleed and broken against armies of horrors to protect them, but can see they still hate him when look into their eyes. Still know they spit when see him, and can hear them say 'savage' or call him pig-face while they bring whip against his friends.

Friends worth fighting for, but they grow and do more good than Kroznaks ever do. Kroznaks good at kill monsters, but not make law or change world, just kill. Does Selune need brute to kill and maim for her? Think not. Where is she when her most devout cannot even follow her decree? Knight-Captains cannot even see past their own prejudice, Pariah tainted by land's way of thinking too. Good people, but still broken, short of example they wish to be. Her light touches us, but it is very dark here.

No direction and no sight. So much war and death and pain that it is easy to lose meaning for it all. Witness so much horror that can do nothing about. Gain nothing, only prevent more losses. Zero-sum game. Watch people die because fear of death. Watch so much evil happen because we want to fight greater evil. Just stand there and do nothing? Fight in war where sacrifice meaningless? Wait for chance to die for nothing?

Kroznaks tired

Journals & Backgrounds / Blessed Armaments
« on: June 02, 2018, 10:11:34 pm »
(This document is written mostly in common but is littered with odd symbols and notes in the margins in another language, almost like they were inserted after the fact)

I'm primarily constructing this journal for posterity, since I am accessing archives of the Swords of the Lady to augment my research I feel it would be poor form of me not to not add my findings to their wealth of knowledge. I must make haste with my scribing, however, since my grasp of this land's most pervasive language is limited without the use of several expensive tinctures and the head scribe's thesaurus.

It has been some time now since I've taken up the hammer and honed my skills as a blacksmith. I've spent countless days next to the searing heat of the forge, hammering until my hands bled and my muscles gave way to exhaustion, and only recently come to the point where I could say that I've attained mastery. I plan on using this skill to aid in the battles to come against future darkness, but first I must appeal to the history and knowledge of greater smiths before me.

There are a few leads to start with. First, the newly manifested Shadow Iron holds some qualities in secret that might be used to assist in the creation of augmented equipment, and though it seems to hold some degree of affinity for negative energy I've found that with enough time the flaws of the metal can be removed and its qualities polished. I'm unsure yet as to whether or not its presence would help or hinder in the project I have in mind.

Secondly, I feel that appealing to the divine entities that may wish to see this blight on the land extinguished might assist in the creation of equipment potent enough to withstand or strike against the denizens of Roz'dha or the devout of Shar. I will speak with the Silverstars of our Keep to see if they know anything. Amriel, the renowned smith and  son of the half-celestial Eea'Lunar, was recently taken in by our order at the request of his father whom we'd rescued. His father's sword seems to have been made of a metal that divining magics have identified as 'Celestial Silver'. Unfortunately the blade was corrupted while in the hands of an enemy infernal smith, but maybe Amriel could shed some light as to whether or not this alloy can be reproduced or in some way purified.

Lastly, there are plenty of unique materials present in the lands surrounding Hadrian. Along with Shadow Iron I've ample amounts of silver, precious gems and even adamantine. I'll gather as much as I can of each to test their properties and record my findings here. I'm under no illusion that this process will take some time, but this has been a long-standing goal of mine, and with my previous investitures in the task I feel I may already be through with the hardest part.

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