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General Discussion / Re: Improved Expertise
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:32:48 pm »
Only requires a spellhook, which I approve of entirely. My level 3 wizard had 10 + 1 Size + 3 Dex + 10 IExpertise + 4 Mage Armor + 4 Shield = 32 AC.

Level 3.

32 AC.

That's just free stats for mages that no other class can enjoy with the same freedom-from-penalties.

General Discussion / Re: Death penalties
« on: October 24, 2018, 01:23:10 am »
Does being high or low level improve the quality of roleplay, in everyone's opinion?

It's not exactly difficult to reach mid-to-high levels, but why is that a bad thing? Having everyone on a level playing field, in my experience, vastly improves cooperation and eases the burden on DMs (for balancing events). It also reduces PVP issues dramatically, because a lot of people are far more willing to do mechanical combat against someone when they know they have an extreme advantage. Sure, it makes sense ICly, but I would argue that fun on all sides is more important than being able to flex someone's almighty power over a bunch of new characters or something.

General Discussion / Re: Death penalties
« on: October 23, 2018, 10:05:08 pm »
My current feelings on the death system are easy to list.

1. I hate the idea of "death" being so common on the server. I feel like Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection spells should be renamed to indicate that a character does not actually die, but is instead knocked wholly unconscious or into a comatose state, and these exceptionally powerful healing spells bring them back from that brink. As they are, it cheapens the entire experience of death when someone pays 2,000 gold and they just stand up and go, "Let's get back to it, boys!"

2. I believe an XP penalty for death is not a punishment as much as it is an inconvenience. You pay 2,000 gold and go right back out adventuring to make up what you've lost. Sure, any brand of setback is frustrating and irritating, but ultimately, it is easy to reacquire.

3. Death and resurrection should carry different penalties. When a character dies and respawns, they should perhaps suffer an extensive period of weakness, such as drained attributes, reduced saving throws, or even reduced maximum health, perhaps for a full day. Spells like Greater Restoration should be allowed to reduce or restore these penalties. Raise Dead should reduce the penalties inflict at all, and perhaps allow Restoration to mend them. Resurrection can reduce them further and allow Lesser Restoration to mend them. True Resurrection can provide a revival at no cost beyond some manner of expensive reagent.

I feel an easier solution would be to redirect commoner traffic from high-profile hubs, such as the area in front of the Coin, the docks to Southbank, and to keep the tavern patrons away from the open tables and chairs. Let them roam from the bar to the stage to their own unsittable chairs/tables, rather than walk up to where players can congregate.

The spontaneous quest idea would be cool, but that could have some people just running around talking to every NPC ever, and there's already plenty of low-level quests. I'd argue we need more high-level quests instead, and spontaneous commoners is hardly the way to go about that.

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