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Paladin Class Temporarily removed
Ranger Class

  • Ranger Duel Wielding is no longer an automatic feat. Ranger Dual Wielding can be selected at any level.
  • Improved Two-Weapon Fighting no longer granted at level 9. Improved Two-Weapon Fighting can be selected at any level once you meet the requirements.
  • Rangers now gains Evasion at level 12.
  • Rangers skill point base is now 6.
  • Added spells: Barkskin as a 2nd level spell
  • Bulls Strength as a 2nd level spell
  • Endurance as a 2nd level spell
  • Charm Person or Animal as a 2nd level spell
  • Dominate Animal as a 3rd level spell
  • Greater Magic Weapon as a 4th level spell
  • Negative Energy Protection as a 4th level spell

Barbarian Class

  • Barbarians skill point base is now 5.
  • Barbarians can take Tumble as a class skill.
  • Barbarians now gain 1 extra rage per day.
  • Barbarian damage reduction now gained at 6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th level.

Monk Class

  • Monks skill point base is now 5
  • Monks can now access Search, Spot, Taunt as class skills
  • Monks get 10 HD/Level

Sorcerer Class

  • Sorcerers now gain 6 HD/Level
  • Sorcerer now have a BAB +3/4 levels progression
  • Sorcerers gain bonus feats as a wizard does. Can select some martial feats as bonus feats.

Fighter Class

  • Second Wind : Fighters now gain a feat at first level that will heal them 1/day for their 1evel * Constitution modifier

Druid Class

  • Druids have additional spells
  • Aid as level 3
  • Cats Grace as level 2
  • Endurance as level 2
  • Gust of Wind as level 3
  • Hold Person as level 3
  • Negative energy protection as level 4
  • Eagle Splendor as level 2
  • Owl Wisdom as level 2
  • Fox's cunning as level 2
  • Amplify as level 1