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Author Topic: Port Sullivan Meats  (Read 4136 times)


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Port Sullivan Meats
« on: May 19, 2018, 05:56:50 pm »
Port Sullivan Meats

Even monster races do business, it's just the trades they tend to find themselves are less reputable than the business that crop up in towns like Hadrian. Port Sullivan Meats is perhaps the first real attempt by the less fortunate races to start a business model that is not simply fucking or killing. One problem is that there is very little an entrepruenerial hobgoblin can work with, bar a little ore he might mine for himself in a dank, forgotten cavern.

Sullivan Meats is a butchers. They collect meat and sell it. That said, even the dumbest ogre will tell you meat will only get you so far. It is - of course - the value-added that brings home the piles of gold. Port Sullivan Meats is as much a particularly nasty crafting and arcane guild as it is a unhygenic butchers, constructing and building things with the main resource the Port Sullivan citizenry have at their disposable; "meat". Under the protection of the Sullivan, Port Sullivan Meats want three things: Food, Gold and Power.

Port Sullivan Meats is a place for the curious and downright insane, whether you're a savage Baghtru barbarian looking to augment your power by eating his rivals flesh, a nobleman with an interest in what happens when you stitch a minotaur horn onto a dwarf, a kobold sorceror seeking an army of "live meat" halflings, a hungry ogre, or your run of the mill goblin that wants a dapper elfhide cloak to impress all those lady goblins - Sullivan Meats will be their first port of call.

Character classes

Could always use evil wizards and evil crafters, but any class is welcome, even druids.


Evil, non-lawful. If you are not evil when you join, you will be evil one week after joining.


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