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Author Topic: The written account of Zephor  (Read 2024 times)


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The written account of Zephor
« on: April 26, 2024, 02:24:52 pm »
Today marks the first night I rest within the stone walls of this ancient castle, our new lair. The air here is thick with the metallic scent of old battles and deeper secrets—perhaps those belonging to the silver half-dragon, Argentia, whose life we tragically ended. Her spirit haunts the corridors, and her demise weighs heavily upon me, stirring a turmoil that shadows my every waking moment and invades my dreams.

It was not supposed to unfold thusly. We arrived in Conch as strangers, united under the banner of the "Scaly Boys," seeking adventure and fraternity. Geza, with his diabolical heritage and arcane prowess, Lezkin, whose songs of scaled kinship inspire, and Konckord, ever my shadow, proclaiming himself the first of my disciples—each of us driven by a shared cause, yet mine has grown murky and tainted. Even a human joined us, Manon the human noble, and was likely tainted as well.

I fear the draconic essence within me is a well of darkening waters, increasingly polluted by intrusive thoughts. These impulses whispered of power and riches, whispering lies that led us to confront Argentia under the guise of kinship. Yet, when she spoke of her hoard, something within me snapped—a vile, greedy clawing that I could not restrain. We fought, and she fell, her blood a stark contrast on her shimmering scales.

The light of Amaunator, once my guiding sun, now seems distant as dusk. I have forsaken the golden path I vowed to tread within the monastery's serene walls, a path paved with discipline and light. Here, in the shadows of this stolen fortress, I grapple with the nature of my birthright—this draconic heritage that curses as much as it empowers. The monastery taught me the balance of mind and body, but it did not prepare me for the battle within the soul. As we secure our new stronghold, I must also seek to fortify my spirit against the encroaching darkness. I must find a way to reconcile the dragon and the light, to quench these fiery urges with the cool serenity I once knew. Yet I find it increasingly easy to turn away - in my sleep I hear the words of a queen, exalting me to glory.

In somber reflection,