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Author Topic: Dev Log 17 of January '22  (Read 1936 times)


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Dev Log 17 of January '22
« on: January 17, 2022, 01:49:23 am »
Dev Log

Hello to all who read this. As promised we will put up a log like this once a month at least even if it is to just say "Not much going on here". but that's not how this one will go, there is a fair amount to talk about and we as a team have been very busy on several different projects relating to N: AoD. Our two scripters (DeltaTime and Thurgood) have been locked away in their dungeon working on a much-needed Item Level Restriction System. Thanks, guys! I'll go into details about this later. Of course, Rainman and Elvenstar have been busy beavers building areas and adding/revamping quests. Tinker has been working on issues relating to spells and 2da's/tlk's and I have been working on custom content (new weapons taking up most of this time) and constructing a new hak update. Master Sarevok and ToxicWrench are our two Jack-of-all-Trades and doing their working both in-game and out. I  also want to give our friend and adviser Aschent a huge shout-out and thanks for all the help in implementing an underwater environment system (lookout for this in new, upcoming events)!
Last but not least I want to thank those of you how have taken time to read over our google docís and post comments and suggestions. Your help has been invaluable.

Item Level Restriction System

The system will be added soon but to start with Players will be given a warning that the items they have are considered too powerful for their current level. This will be the testing phase and will help us tweak it and make sure it is bug-free before turning it on and actually stopping a player from equipping an item that is over their level limit.

The system works off a point value that stems from our on-paper loot tables. This assigns a point value to the properties of items, with more powerful item properties costing more than the weaker ones, as well as a max total of points a character at X-Level can have on a given item and perhaps in total.

If the points exceed the character's level it will not able to be equipped once the system is out of the testing phase.

Till Next Month

This has been Gmork leaving you with some witty sign-off comment. Have fun!
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