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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Netheril: Age of Discovery Server Rules  (Read 2037 times)


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Netheril: Age of Discovery Server Rules
« on: July 24, 2021, 11:27:24 am »
Rules on Netheril are put in place to maintain the enjoyment for all of the community. These rules encompass the server, forums and Discord.

Below are the following rules that all players agree to follow when entering the Netheril server. Players are responsible at all times for abiding by the rules and role playing, and will be held accountable to them. Please make sure that you read and understand thoroughly each of the rules and if there is a question don't hesitate to ask a member of the Administration Team.

Netheril is a M15+ server. This means that the server will contain mature content and is therefore recommended for persons over the age of 15.
Netheril is also a roleplaying server and not a “social” one.  Therefore Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is not supported on the server.

As such sexually abusive roleplay, including but not limited to; rape, sexual assault, sexual harassement, etc is strictly forbidden.

Please do not portray self-harm or suicide. You can die a glorious death in battle fighting your nemesis, but we ask that the grim tone of self-inflicted wounds not be displayed.

On Roleplaying Children :

Playing a child on Netheril is strictly prohibited. No one with a character under the age of 18 will be allowed to play said character and will be required to remake the character if this rule is broken.
Pregnancy-related stories will not be supported.
Backstories that involve sexual assault or incest are not supported.

Language and OOC :

Derogatory or abusive statements pertaining to real-world race, gender, sexuality, or sexual preference will not be tolerated.
We ask that all players remain respectful to one another in OOC communications.
OOC disrespect or abuse is completely unacceptable. If you find yourself on the end of any OOC abuse in-game, on the forums or Discord we ask that you screenshot the encounter and contact a DM. Do not take the matter into your own hands.

Discord Expectations:
Netheril Discord you will be able to connect with your DMs and the other players of Netheril. We ask that everyone acts with respect. Arguments, name-calling, OOC/IC hostilities have no place in our community.
If you have any issues regarding a player or DMs we ask that you bring that to a team member in a private chat and we will look at your complaint and work with all parties to try and find a resolution. At no stage take this behind the scenes with OOC hostility as this will not be looked at lightly and will result in a ban.
Please do not argue with DMs in public chat. Again if you disagree that is fine but hostile behavior will not be tolerated. And will result in action being taken in the form of warnings and then bans.
We encourage discussions and feedback and we want discord to be a fun place for all of us to hang out and chat.

Player Versus Player Guidelines

These are the player versus player rules that apply in the town of Conch and the lands surrounding it. There are certain aspects of PvP that are just common sense, the main one being:
"Do not do something to others you would not like done to you."
Simple! With that in mind here is a list of rules you must adhere to as a bare minimum when engaging in PvP.

Player versus Player resulting in beatdown (subdual):

Players can engage in player versus player which leads to a player being beaten down and gold or an item taken. Dry looting which means the stealing of a player's entire belongings is not acceptable. You can engage in a beatdown without a DM in certain areas that will be clearly marked PVP areas. If you are beaten down in PvP, you need to stay down until after the PvP is over (exceptions are if a DM or the player who downed you gives you permission.

Beatdown Expectations:

If you are planning to engage in Player Versus Player it is essential that you set the other player to hostile before you attack. Setting someone to hostile isn’t an IC action, it’s only mechanical and can be done by going to your player tool. If you find yourself knocked down to the ground you should remain down and not engage in the player vs. player further, this is common courtesy and will be enforced.

Getting a players bag to drop

If you beat someone down in player versus player and wish to take an item or gold from them, this is acceptable. To get a player to drop their bag you are required to hit them while they are on the ground until their loot bag drops. You can take an item or gold but you should not fully loot the player.

Player versus Player resulting in permadeath:

Player versus player resulting in permadeath should be the result of buildup and conflict between characters. If you feel you have this character development you need to get the go-ahead from a DM.
This should be an absolute last option and players should try to think out of the box when going down this path. And you should remember that you are choosing to end other players' stories so do not do this lightly.

  • Someone killed in PvP now has to wait 24 hours before he can respawn. The raise spells can still be used immediately. This was done to prevent PvP victims from immediately returning to the point where they died and accusing their attackers.
  • If you choose to respawn you cannot engage with that player and any IC knowledge leading up to the death and who did it can't be used IC, much like having amnesia.  These lost memories do not return although naturally other PCs could explain what happened to the character.  Ignoring this and immediately continuing the conflict is NOT ALLOWED and will be handled accordingly.
  • If player versus player has escalated to permadeath we would prefer that players on both sides worked to give OCC consent and inform the DM Team.
  • The player that lost their character to permadeath may be offered perks/rewards in making a new PC. This is not enforced but is an incentive if you choose this. IE: Starting level increased, Crafting level Increased, App PC, other options can be discussed with the DM Team.
  • DM events are generally not subject to permadeath. It would only occur for major server plots and will be stated well before an event

General Rules:
  • PvP must be kept IC. Any PvP resulting from an OOC issue is unacceptable, as are any OOC insults or complaints made to your fellow player. Bring any complaints to the DM Team to handle. Please supply screenshots/logs where possible.
  • No Full-Looting. This is just typically bad form and usually completely unnecessary.
  • Once you are subdued you must stay down. This is an OOC courtesy to your fellow player and will be enforced. This applies even if you are healed by someone. Rather, ask if you can get up from the overseeing DM or the player who subdued you. Failure to follow this rule can result in consequences.
  • Be Respectful. This goes for everyone. The person initiating the PVP needs to be respectful OOC. As does the person on the receiving end.
  • “Crabwalking” or strafing to speed up an encumbered character and escape away from conflict is not okay.
  • The act of escaping PVP by running through a transition and then doubling back, thereby losing your pursuer via. a load screen is not okay.
  • DM Rulings are to be respected. If you think the ruling is unjust or unfair, you may bring it to the team as a whole or another admin.

PvP and Monster Races:

  • Conch Slums is an open PVP area with beatdown allowed without a DM present; this area is controlled by gangs and monsters. So you should be aware of this if you chose to PVP in this area.
  • Conch Market District is a neutral zone and as such certain monster races are tolerated and watched whilst in this district.
  • Conch Upper District monsters are not allowed to enter and risk beatdown and being removed or killed on sight. DM needs to be present until we have a system in place. Monsters going into this area invisible or in disguises will have their character killed as this is strictly not allowed.
  • Common courtesy should be given when meeting for the first time, even though you may want to kill it should be a beat down and warning on the first encounter.
  • If a monster encounters a non-monster race they too should show the same consideration. This is to promote interaction and conflict without the instant win.
  • Monsters should not be going into Hadrian or other major villages that would normally kill them on sight- this does not include Conch Slums, Sullivan’s Port, and Patrician Trading Post.
  • Sullivan’s Port is a neutral zone and if you plan to engage in PvP you need a DM to oversee, Sullivan does not like the conflict in his port and will remove heads if it is done without his say so.
  • Playing a monster is a lonely life and more suited to group concepts as isolation is part of the deal. The DM’s are happy to discuss new additions that you would like to see out in Sullivan’s so please send them to one of us
  • Monsters on the rare occasion can be accepted into the main hubs, this would be based around the concept and application and is based on a case by case basis.


Pickpocketing counts as a hostile action, while we won't ask that you hostile someone before you pickpocket them (as it causes a penalty of -10 or so for you to do so), the be considerate guideline applies here. If you steal something that honestly you probably wouldn't be able to? Their helm off their head, their armor, weapons, shields, etcetera, give it back and ask for the event to be OOCly forgotten.

Until such a time as we mechanically limit pickpocket to small size items and gold, we ask that you be considerate of the player on the other side of this action. Otherwise, we will have to block this action altogether until we have a system in place to handle it.

PvP On An Alt:

You may react to it if attacked or otherwise threatened, but you cannot start conflict with a character that exists only to quest or to mess around with for fun. Save this type of roleplay and conflict for your main character, don't mess with other people's PCs on a consequence-free alt.

OOC courtesy:

Please be mindful that you should consider the player on the receiving end of this encounter and you should endeavor to make it enjoyable for not only yourself but for them as well. This is a game where we all come to have some fun, so please remember this when engaging in PvP.

DM Events and Looting:
Dry Looting the rewards chest wants to make this very clear this type of action is unacceptable and is not to happen. We ask that some OOC consideration takes place with these types of events and everyone gets their fair share of the loot.
Now if you have an IC reason to take something from the chest then you should always inform a DM and get this cleared before doing so.

Further resources on game information and general rules:

For further resources on game information and general rules, please refer to the following-
Announcement Forum Subsection: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?board=2.0
Netheril: Age of Discovery Wiki: https://netheril.net/w/index.php/Main_Page

For questions and concerns, please refer to the:
Netheril Discord: https://discord.gg/adW7j6
General Questions/Statements of Interest forum subsection: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?action=helpdesk;sa=main;dept=2

Our Discord is the heart of the community, acting not only as an Out of Character lounge but also as an effective board for questions, finding people to play with, and many more functions. It is highly encouraged that you join Discord via the link provided above.
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