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On Netheril Age of Discovery Launch as a team, we have decided to limit applications for the first 2 to 3 months so that players and DMs can get accustomed to the new world.

That is not to say you won’t have a selection of subraces available on launch. These are classed as non applications and the list is below:

* Aasimar
* Goblin
* Kobold
* Hobgoblin
* Gnoll
* Lizard Folk
* Kenku
* Tiefling
* Orc
Please note: Mostly the two humanoid subraces should only have minor differences to their appearance.

Tieflings: Tails or horns and skin colors that suit the character
Aasimars: Glowing eyes, and skin colors that suit the character

Any other cosmetics (Wings, tail and horn combinations, abnormal sizes) will require an application.

All base NwN classes are open as normal.

The current subrace information is on our wiki page

Thank you all again
Netheril DM Team


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