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Author Topic: Supplicants (v2 player faction)  (Read 1328 times)


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Supplicants (v2 player faction)
« on: February 25, 2021, 03:38:03 am »
The slums of West Conch were never an easy place to live but are becoming a Hobbesian hell under the stewardship of Grymtol and his Diiri's Boys.  And yet every now and then something remarkable happens.  A victim of a robbery awakens to find his wounds cleaned and dressed.  A starving beggar finds a parcel of food in his cart.  A gang of orphans find a bag of copper pennies hanging in their den.  Thugs on their way to beat a desperate debtor are waylaid by unseen attackers before they arrive. 

Who are these mysterious "Angels of Small Mercies" as those they have helped dub them?  They are the Supplicants, a secretive group of altruists who work quietly in the Slums. This faction would suit Good-aligned characters of most classes and races.  Though members' methods and backgrounds will differ they will all share the same purpose of quietly helping others in the most dangerous part of Conch.   An LG cleric would be just as welcome as a CG rogue.  It will be a loosely organised faction without ranks and allow PCs a lot of autonomy to work on other personal or factional projects. 

Send me a Discord message if you want more specific details  8)

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