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Just an update for you all. We have a goal of the following > Feb ( finish/update any core issues ), March ( Beta plus balancing issues ) April ( Easter launch with full wipe ).

We have made progress and almost finished Crafting, Loot/Treasure plus Portal Systems and added some other smaller systems. The Loot/Treasure and Crafting systems need some balancing.

Most new quests have been tested and the older ones have been moved/update/changed to different degrees.

Some haks updates will be added soon, some to updated different things and to give new options. More information to follow.

Have have been updating the wiki as we go along with the old player handbook information being added to the site as well, but more information needs to be confirmed and updated.


To give you some background, the main hub as such, has been moved to the Conch which is a boarder town and not a focus of the Empire due to its location but it still has its links to the Netherese Empire. The town of Conch sits in the shadows of the Columns of the Sky, which is a mountain range that has some of the tallest mountain peaks of Netheril, stretching thousands of feet into the sky and creating a landmark that could be seen for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Hadrian remains and has had some changes to its look and feel plus tying up some loose ends. The Enclave of Valstiir has fallen from the sky and hit an area in the plains, causing the area around the crash site to turn to a desert .. a sign of things to come. Citadels of course still remain in the Empire with a new Enclave to access in game. We have tried to keep links to the old version as requested.

A new option is being able to join one of three new DM faction from character creation at an entry level, giving new players direct access to the overarching storyline and that seeking to create a backstory using the factions. Some gear and perks are provided for taking this option. Of course this is just an option and you can create a normal character either with the normal races plus some non-application monster races ... more to follow on this.

Hope this helps and thank you for your patience


Firstly, thank you for your patience :)

The goal was April and we have come along way ...

We are working on Spells, they work now ( with updated tlk ) but some of the new spell need to be tested or removed ( missing features ). These spells will have information on the wiki and in game.

I am still working on some odd missing placeables ( due to the update ) across all areas. All mayor areas have been done and have quest area to check.

We have some new systems we still like to have in place before a launch.

I still like to see some more testing of crafting and spawns ( both creatures and resources ), to make sure we have the best/right balance.

Closed Beta-

Again thank you for your patience and we keep you updated.

DM Team

It has been a long wait, but at last the return of the Netheril: Age of Discovery server is imminent!  Our DM and development team have been hard at work these past months upgrading and reinventing the server.  While some elements of the previous incarnation remain, our new version is set 150 years later and a new city, Conch, will serve as the primary hub for the player characters.

Among the new features you will find on “Netheril v2” are many new maps, new quests, three all new DM factions and plenty of hooks for player factions, much improved loot, a more intuitive crafting system, new spells and a wealth of new domains and deities for clerics.  A unique new housing system has been added which allows unprecedented customisation of a player character’s home or base.  All new enemies and challenges await players, along with the strong RP focus for which the server is known.  Netheril: Age of Discovery will officially live Beta launch on 25th July 2021 … we hope to see you there!


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