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Author Topic: Lauriella Sithiir  (Read 4426 times)


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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2021, 05:33:08 pm »
     Lauriella sits once again in the university penning a letter to her ship. She sighs several times about her recent misfortunes but continues on.

      Dear Lieutenant Stafford,

     I am remiss Cyr. I have felt my power growing to almost becoming a wizardess and having the ability to approach one of these Arcanists to help solve our problems. That is if I can find one specializing in Chronomancy. That is when it happened. I delved too far into a hill giant nest near Hadrian. When I woke up I was back to first circle yet again. all my coin and items had disappeared. I must start over.
     We are however lucky that I sent you enough coin for supply ship and crew for several years. I know we do not have that much time. Keep your accounts up to standards, so that when I come back I can judge the accounts and pay the men.
     We must find an alternate plan for the men if we cannot get them back home. What I do not know. I feel their pain with every step I take in these lands. Heavy is my burden and more pointed now that I have lost everything. It is the way of adventurers. I will build continue on our quest.
     A warning. Several people know about the ship and our plight as I have had to ask questions to find the mage I need to make contact with. If they try to come aboard shoe them off and warn them of the quarantine flag. Especially humans. I do not know the extent of the time field surrounding the ship or the effects of anyone coming aboard.
     I have changed my name to my maiden name now. People will know me as Sithmore and not Sithirr. As I have researched what little there is at the university of time magic, I find more and more that this will most likely be a ritual spell. A spell I must be involved in thus I will be denied going home with you and the crew. I am slowly coming to terms with the situation. If I cannot come home with you, I will send letters to both my wife Ava and husband Zard. I will also send several letters to Alluin my love in the elven kingdom. Ava and Zard will inherit the Silver Coin Trading company. Tell them that I have died if I cannot come with you. They can accept that. If they know that I am stuck far in the past history they will try to find a way to retrieve me. Both can be reckless so just say that I have died. That will put an end to further misteps.
     I have met several honorable people along the way. If they try to come aboard be more gentle with them but firm in getting them off my ship. Their names are Dionysia a woman that shares my faith in Selune/ Serhanine. Roo a local mercenary from Southbank, Caravale someone like you Cyr that has a persuasive tongue and a knack for opening things. Locke a sorcerer of good humor and finally Sybelle a good hearted woman and adventurer.
     I leave you to the task at hand. Make sure to give the men work and keep the Moonflower in top shape.

     Thank you.
     Captain Lauriella Sithmore
      Free Merchant Marines.

     Lauriella places the letter in an envelop then melts wax on to it and places her seal upon it. The seal reads in hieroglyphs: Mulhorandi House of life. When that is done she burns her own arcane mark in the center of the seal. from there she goes to the couriers office in upper Conch. She has the letter sent to the Southbank to the ship Moonflower II with specific instructions to approach the large cargo vessel carefully and to call for LT. Stafford to receive the letter.       
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« Reply #16 on: August 07, 2021, 09:01:44 am »
     Lauriella goes to Southbank in the evening. From there she takes the ships Tender anchored at shore to the Moonflower II. When she comes aboard she sees two figures with her infravision. As she approaches she knows that it is her Lieutenant Cyr and a crewman by the name of Pat Owens. The two are sitting on deck chairs with lines in their hands. The night is clear. Selune is just a slither of a moon. Her consorts (the asteroids that follow her) are invisible at this time of month.

     "How is the catch?"
     Cyr smiles, "A few cod in this cold water, Ma'am."
     Pat has a different reaction, "Mother Sithiir! You come back to us you did?"
     Lauriella chuckles, "I have not been called that name for more than a few years. The crew must be getting a bit on the stir crazy side. It better than the old witch of the inner sea. That I'll say. I see there a third chair?"
     Cyr snickers, "Aye, Capt. The moon she be waning. Figured you might be back with all the letters you be sending."
     Lauriella goes to the quarter deck and draws out a fishing pole to Join them. She fishes in the bucket of shrimp they have. Places one on the line and throws it out not to get tangled with the others. Cyr pours her a whiskey, her favorite drink and hands it to her. She takes a sip and relaxes. When she is done she sets the whiskey glass on the chair, "Have to write a report to the university on an experiment. It's meant to get everyone back home to their families, eventually after enough testing to make sure I make it as safe as possible for everyone.
     She pauses and takes another sip, "I got me a partner in this endeavor. a baatezu blooded triefling by the name of Xayatoth. I made progress."
     "What other news, capt?" Cyr intones.
     "I helped a couple of gang members in the slums. Looking for future business if I can. The moonflower stays with me so I can have income once this all be over and after all. I designed her. Besiden that I'm working on everyone getting home but not geographically. too many variables on such a huge task. You will need cold whether gear, weapons. You'll be going back to the same place we at now. I'll make a rough map showing the safest way. I will write a recommendation of captain for you Cyr. The Moonflowers plans are in the vault at the company. Tell me husband and wife that I died and in that case you will rebuild the moonflower and name her whatever you wish. You can then captain her for the silver Coin. My mates will need a captain and you are ready. That is if you wish to pursue.
     That reminds me. Cyr. When you go back you be needing instructions for them. Again tell them I died and you found letters in the safe. Its the best I can do for you."
     Cyr smiles mischievously and asks, "You know that line you always say. Our motto so to speak?"
     "Aye, Lieutenant. It's to remind both me and the crew that we mortal and should be humble. We who are no import to the greater scheme. Always remember this life it ends be it elven or human. Where we go depends upon our life and faith."
      "Well Ma'am welcome to the Greater Scheme."       
       Pat meekly ask, "You ever going to let us off ship, Ma'am? We starving for some company and commerce."
     "I understand Mr. Owens. I would love to let the whole of the crew off in shifts but I cannot allow a bunch of drunk Merchant marines blabbing about they past and futures to the common folk here. As you know word gets around. Convince me that the crew can keep to themselves when off ship and I will let everyone come out on shift for shore leave. That be a hard task to tell truth. I know me men and I know our ways better than you."
     Pat Owens sighs and makes a sign of acceptance. Lauriella gives her fishing rod to Cyr, "I have to study. I'll be in my cabin this night. For the next few days I'll help tend any sick and start up ship routine. I want everyone in the kitchen for breakfast so I may be hearing any grips or concerns. You two have a good night fishing." She gets up.
    Both Cyr and Pat get up and salute her. Lauriella goes down into the depths of the ship to her cabin.

     Once there she looks about making sure everything is in place. Along her bookshelves there are two main sections filled with books. One section is filled with general magic and necromancy books. The necromancy books, most from Mulhorandi) fill more of the shelf than the general magic books. The other section of the bookshelves is on engineering something Lauriella
 excels at. She would never be an exceptional blacksmith or woodworker. In fact the trades are beyond her with her training in necromancy, magic and engineering. She took to engineering because of its logical balance of forces. Thus she designed and built the  Moonflower after 50 years at sea. Now she must strain every fiber of her mind to create something never done before. design a device that can harmonize time itself in a continuous vibration so that the spell that Xayathoth and she creates may direct its energy to their will. The major problem facing her now is the collapse of the harmonic field the device will create and what effects if it collapses before the spell triggers the energy it produces.
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« Reply #17 on: August 19, 2021, 08:24:17 am »
     Two figures come out on the deck of the Moonflower II round about midnight. They both look to the city of Southbank noting how many lights are visible and the canopy of luminescence that extends like a shell round it. They then look to the sky and the stars that turn round the heavens.
     "Town is light quiet, ma'am the stars are clear. Selune shades a few but not many being quarter full"
     "Aye Cyr. Perfect opportunity. Position or time?"
     "Position, Lauri."
     One of the figures. The female pulls the cover off all the ships instruments near the wheel and the map table beside it. The other a male picks up several sextets and lays them out on the table. The female watches a large instrument where water runs slowly through the mechanisms. keeping a steady measure of time to the 1/10 second.
      "What will be our first, Ma'am?"
      "We'll do the double daggers, the eyes of the watching woman. that will tell us true west."
      "Aye, captain."
      The woman lays out a chart on the table then watches the clock again. The man lifts up a sextet to the sky. It takes a moment then the man speaks, "High star, left dagger 1832 elevation, 0.0 west 23.5 north."
     "Time: 00 hundred, 13 minutes. 27.3 seconds." The woman makes a note on the charts.
     "I have not been debriefed on the landward mission, ma'am. What news?"
      "Aye, I did it, Cyr!"
      "Did what, ma'am?"
      "Broke me curse I did. I can use undeath to death and true seeing."
      The elven man considers the information a moment, "How long Lauri?"
      "Little more than two centuries I have struggled to make 6th circle. Always a hit on the head or some other tragedy bringing me back to 1rst. Always felt the gods punish me for some indiscretion of the past I know not of. Mayhap the different gods here. Mayhap just me superstition. I know not but now I have hope everyone but me-self can go home."
     "You could always relegate your magics to another and come home with us. I be wondering about that?"
     "These spells and devices I envision is to technical for someone else. Mayhap I could. Mayhap I couldn't but no one cares about me crew more than I. You all good men Cyr. I will not leave ye fate to another. Therefore I must stand outside the effect to cast properly."
      "What about your wife and husband, ma'am?"
      A tear comes to the woman's eye before she replies. "I'm sacrificing me own wants for me crew. I love me husband and wife but I cannot trust another to do what I must do. therefore I will stay behind and give you and the men the best chance to seeing their families again. We have a job. Right star middle, left dagger?"
      " 1753 elevation, 1.23 west 22.5 north."
      "Time: 00 hundred, 18 minutes. 43.5 seconds.
      "What other news, Capt?"
      "Got lots of news. I am friends with the children of Thoth, The Kenku. They be of no bother for us. The leaders seem to be two individuals Crows and Squeaky. Both highly intelligent but play the violin to make others think they not."
      "The male takes a minute to translate his captains use of regional slang from a dozen countries his captain mixes into her language. When he figures it out he says, that a good thing?"
      "Aye Cyr, it is. It means we have Thoth on our side we do. I lost and won fortunes in the meantime, landside. My stupidity most likely meaning I mistakenly sold the wrong quarterstaff to a merchant and he held it hostage and I could not lug a bag a loot out of a giants home but be that as it may. we have our fees paid another month and enough to add supplies for the upkeep of ship and men. Lessen you got frisky with the books while I away. I check on that tomorrow."
      "All is in order, captain. to the copper like you taught"
      "Aye. I have no reason to check, Cyr but I have me duties too to ship and crew."
      "Next star. Left mid."
      The two rattle off numbers while the woman makes notes on the chart. they systematically check each star within the constellation they are measuring. After a time the man asks, "What other news?"
       "I found some of the supplies I be needing to make the gyros to create the harmonic field. Me partner seems to have abandoned the project and I got me a sorcerer that always need help. There be a gang boss and a triefling headed for disaster less I can find a way to help them both. The gang boss a gnoll by the name of Vyc. The triefling a woman by the name of Talia. I give the best advise I may not to hurt either. Talia is confused and not sure her choices in the right. I told both they need a place to go they welcome to sleep in the moonflower a few day."
       The elven man frowns, "You sure that wise captain?"
       "No am never sure bout these things. remind me to weld all the doors in the cargo bays except'in the hold that carries the black powder. It still stable?"
       "I check every afternoon, captain. It's stable."
       "We got the measurements to the daggers and that will be all tonight, Cyr. Thank you for helping and extending you shift for me."
       "Just get us home, capt."
       "I will do everything in me power to get everyone home. You know me 7 years. You know me proclivities. I would die for me ship and crew willingly if that what it take."
        "We all know, Lauri."
        "Look like we have the full of the daggers charted. You are relieved, Lieutenant. I'll keep watch and pray to Sehanine. Always remember..........."
        "The man laughs, "We of the marines prefer a peaceful life and a good end as age comes to us. We are of no import to the greater scheme."
       "Aye. a good and humble life."
       "Like it of not captain Sithmore, you will be important to the greater scheme by what you doing. You may not admit it but your choices will change the future."
        "That just theory, Cyr and I hope I do not for all our future sakes. Now you are relieved."
       The man salutes. The woman recognizes him. He goes down into the depths of the ship. The woman sets a deck chair behind the wheel but instead of sitting she stands in front of the ships wheel. She caresses it with her hand while looking up to the moon.
       "Lady Selune, Mistress Sehanine. Guide me hand to make all right and good for me people. They good men as you know. Save them so that when me time comes I may have peace."
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« Reply #18 on: August 22, 2021, 11:49:20 pm »
         It is a hot night with almost no breeze. The men of the Moonflower still do their duties with the captain and lieutenant working with the men. The difference is that the officers wear silk white work shirts instead of cotton. The crew is well disciplined and generally happy with jokes flying across the ship heckling one another over some small error in their motions.
     As the night lengthens to the 10:00 hour; the captain rings the ship bell three times. The men cease their work and file down into the midship along with her. The lieutenant is left alone on deck. He brings out some ten lanterns. Lights them then stands upon the back upper deck waiting.

     To say Elven culture is quite different from human culture would be a grave understatement. There are certain things, that although not kept secret, are not mentioned, and often take place in the shadows of their respective society. Thus, it is with the ritual of Sehanine. The dance held every full moon for elves that revere their moon goddess. The women dance from midnight to the first hour. Their lovers, wives and husbands watching. Sometimes if a woman has a female lover they dance together falling at the end in an embrace. The dance has two purposes. The first and most important is the praise of the moon goddess as she rises full in her glory. The other purpose? Well!
      The dancer as she moves, spins and ungulates within the ring of moonflowers gets aroused in the praise of the moon. The lover watching becomes mesmerized by the dance and aroused in watching their mates figure spin and turn with the ring of moonflowers. When the dance is over, they make love within the ring to cement their commitment and their commitment to Sehanine. Tonight, the harbor will see a spectacle rarely seen by humans. The dance of Sehanine.
     Lauriella comes up on deck. She is in a gown and barefoot. The gown was specially made for her. Not by her husband nor her wife but by a  noblewoman of the Dalelands who saved her life centuries ago and tended to her. They fell madly in love; however, the noblewoman was promised to another so Lauriella, when she knew she could have no chance to consummate their love, took her adventuring money and bought a 42ft sloop and began to ply her trade waiting the day the love of her life would be free again.
     Lauriella’s dress has a white bodice. Stitched within the fabric are small incandescent pearls and opals. There is a double skirt below. The inner skirt is white and covers round her body. The outer opens in front to a reverse V shape. It is dyed in soft blues, violets and slightly with soft greens making it look as she has clothed herself in the aroura borealis. The dreadnoughts that make up her usual crown are gone replaced by the natural waves of her salt and pepper hair. She smells of jasmine and myrrh.
      Yet something more meaningful has changed in Lauriella as she looks almost frightened at the ship deck looking for strangers. A dark secret almost no one knows but her lieutenant, her wife, and her husband. Lauriella the practical, no-nonsense captain is gone, Lauriella the brilliant engineer is gone. Lauriella the necromancer is gone. In their place stands a timid, demure elven maiden. Her usually sharp eyes seem to have gotten larger and softer with a hint of naivetés. The lines of her face seem to have soften making her look a century younger to an elf.
       She carries in her hand a basket of thirty white lilies. When the moonlight hits the moon lilies the flowers give off a soft inviting glow.
       As she sees Cyr, she silently takes a step back in fear. Cyr answers her as he always does, “At Ease Captain.  I here to protect you and when done will go off ship to one of the local brothels. Be at peace Lauriella. No harm will come to you while I guard.”
      Lauriella simply nods. Going down to middeck she places the flowers in a large ring between the main mast and the rear mast. She then stands in the center of the ring. Lauriella calls up a cantrip called Prestidigitation. When the spell goes off bluish-green glowing ectoplasmic smoke drifts up from her fingertips and toes. . She puts her arms up and out toward Toril's Moon, Selune, almost in a pleading fashion. She prays a moment and at the stroke of midnight she begins her dance with practiced steps.
      On the stroke of the first hour Lauriella stops in a position of humbleness. She is on one knee, bowing to Selune. A whispered name comes to her lips as she throws it to the wind. The name she whispers Is Alluin.
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« Reply #19 on: August 31, 2021, 11:13:01 pm »
     Full of fury, Lauriella comes back to the Moonflower via Tender. Once the small boat is properly roped to the ship she climbs aboard. Most men on her crew being 5 years on a 10-year contract know her moods by now. They stiffly salute while she passes. She recognizes them while stomping down to her private area and cabin. Her lieutenant looks to the men and with a sign calms their prospective. He waits a full hour before going to midship and knocking on her door.
      Lauriella opens the door. Cyr sees she is in her working clothes and becomes very cautious, "Ma'am?
     “ Errr! Is nothing Mr. Stafford. I’ll be calling the men to the galley for a meeting in due time.”
     “Anything I may help ye with, ma’am?”
     “Aye, If I can get done what I be wanting then, yes. We’ll see.”
     “Well, I could be debriefed?”
     Lauriella steps out of the way. Cyr makes way to the two chairs at her drafting table in the living area of the ship. Most of the furniture is gone except for the reception table and her drafting desk. She being currently renovating the area. He sits down in the chair beside the desk. Lauriella takes two glasses and pours rum into them.
      “How’s the work coming?”
     “I have all the basic materials for the time device. Having some trouble with what to make the gimbals and connections to the stones and rotor made from a mythal shard. The gimbals they nae can react to magic and the connectors must conduct magic as best possible. On the connectors gold would melt from the speed and friction of the spinning. Copper well the math say something very bad would be happening. When I try doing the math on adamantine or Mithril the results they do nae make sense.
      The gimbals another problem what kind of metal is immune to magic. I do na know of one.”
      “You’ll get it captain. We trust you.”
      “Had to speak to two of the council about the men’s condition being I cannot see them suffer like they do. They all feeling the weight of the instant aging, Cyr. Decided to deal with that first. We can stop the aging then I will be getting more time to make the device, spell and work the experiments till the device perfected. Remember what I doing is all theory after talking with Ivo in Arabel before he die in the White Horde Wars and reading what I could of the Chronomancer from the Netheril college library.”
      “Well, we making progress. Anything else?”
      “Think I sold the black powder to a group of kobalds with a 50/50 split with Ortuk the pirate. I hated to do it, Cyr but to tell truth I don’t know the situation on these waters. We do na have the Murhorandi navy to run too along the shipping lanes and we must needs protect ship and men. The deal is I sell the powder to the kolbalds. They should show themselves soon. Ortuk gets half and he leave the Moonflower alone.”
      “You’re not serious captain? It’s Black Powder!”
     “We keep it much longer it will start to sweat. When that happens, we a floating bomb. I cannot abide by it on the ship anymore. I know it not the best decision, but it is what it is. The money all go to the men. When you go back home you’ll be on the great glacier and have to survive that and the Anauroch to boot. You’ll be needing survival gear and other things to be getting you home.” (OOC: Since Lauriella had this already on introduction I think she should not profit off it herself nor any of her cargo from Thresk. This is a way to take care of the cargo and possibly give dms a hook to a campaign or adventure)
      “You cant be trusting a pirate, Lauri and you damn well know it.”
     “ I know. We’ll add extra arms and do some training. We only 20 but I at 7th circle so am no slouch in defending the Moonflower at the moment.”
      Cyr purses his lips but nods to her, “It is what it is, captain. I’m sure you made the best you could being our situation.”
      Seeing his commander in a more retrospective stance Cyr knows its time to figure things out. “Captain why you so angry today? It be time for ship duties. Ye always loved doing ship duties with the men.”
      “Damn fat human of an editor decrying our goddess and our faith. I got me an answer for the cretinous reprobate of a blowfish. I tell ye in the galley, but I be having to do somethin first.
      “Did a lot this last week a field. We fixed at least temporarily a cities magical protection field, and I helped a mage by the name of Gabriella with something. Met some honorable people and not so honorable people. I’ll do a write up soon. I want all who can work be in the galley at 20:00. Want to talk about this editor. Between now and lunch I be wanting to do something. You relieved Liuetenent.”
       Cyr stands up with Lauriella. And salutes her. She recognizes him. She then goes back to her bedroom and retrieves her longbow and a sheaf of arrows. Cyr looks to her questioningly.
      “Going to the hold to hunt rats.”
      Cyr scratches his head. We been in harbor several months now captain. Any rats on the ship you already kilt.”
      “Nae, Cyr. There always rats about, and now I can feel them watching. Got to get every last one. I’ll take duty to the hold and watch the bilge room. They show themselves eventually.”
      Cyr shakes his head as his captain walks out of her private area and down into the holds of the ship, “All mages crazy as the nine hells even the one I thought sane.” He goes to continue his own duties for a ship this size needs constant care.

      Later that evening Lauriella gathers her men in the galley. All 19 show with Cyr. Some are sitting others standing being that the galley is only meant to hold half the crew at a time. Lauriella starts her speech. How many here have Selune or Sehanine as patron?
     A little over half raise their hands. One of the older crew members shouts out, “Not I Captain. You know me. Bast my patron.”
      Chuckles go through the crew. Lauriella laughs with them, “I always knew ye was a lecherous bastard Johnny Rea.” More laughter erupts.
      “Well crew; There be this editor in Conch that has a taste for baiting our faith. Already wrote once to the rotund walrus. He write back in kind and now every issue of the newspaper he downing our faith. Most likely he think Sunites an easy target.”
     She Reads each issue where he either mentions Sunites directly or infers to them. The men have a mightly laugh at the second issue. One spouts off, “Man doesn’t know anything about us Seafaring marines or Sunites. We never stoop to privateering and besiden who the hell would even sanction it here. I can spit over this small sea totally surrounded by one nations. No other nation to get sanction from.”
      Lauriella smiles, “I know I be answering that letter on the morrow. But we gonna do something more than just be writing letters. So listen up this important.”
      Lauriella breaths deeply, “I know it not my way to impress. Never done it before. But we gonna temporarily impress Mr. Morton for a few days and go out on a training mission knocking the barnacles off our bow.
       That is ifin I can be pulling it off. We work and haze him a 5 day or a week when we return him maybe have a new appreciation for what us hardworking Sunites do for the community. We stop when he got blisters on his hands and most his stomach on the floor. I got a plan to Westgate his lard ass. Get this perfectly straight. If I can get him on board and westgate his ass I want no actual harm coming to the man. I want to be teaching him a lesson not hurt him. I clear on this crew!
      The crew cheers and retorts, “Aye! Captain”
      John Calandro snickers, “Least it will be giving us something to do that be fun.”
      Lauriella smiles mischievously, “Aye first mate, Aye”
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« Reply #20 on: September 08, 2021, 12:50:25 am »
When dusk comes Cyr looks about from his post to see nothing of his captain. He maintains his discipline as he was taught and continues to command as the day crew goes midship and the night crew comes on deck for their shift. After an hour he cedes the reigns of the ship to his first mate and goes to the captain’s quarters. Knocking on the door; He hears a voice in soft alto saying, “Come in.”
      He enters and walks to the back while observing the whole of his captain’s quarters being slowly refurbished. He sees Lauriella at the back. She is sitting in a chair, crunched up, oddly enough with her bare feet up on the end of the seat. Her arms are around her calves, and she is resting her head on her knees. He takes stock of her.
      His captain is displaying the make-up of a lower high-class denizen of Mulhorand. She has kohl around her eyes making her look hawklike and bluish green eye shadow on her lids. The thing he notices more is instead of 3 dots across the extensions of kohl on each side of her brows there are 4 dots. Also, Lauriella is in her silk work shirt, but she is wearing shorts and has no shoes but is in bare feet.  He also notices several old files on her draft board. He then looks again at his captain. She is a middle-aged sun elven just past her childbearing years. She is tall for her kind 5’8 and displays the incidental fat of birthing. A birth that ended in tragedy in just a few weeks. To most humans she still looks in her late 20s and is very comely even if plain for a sun elf. Her eyes have grown more almond shaped as she has aged and the sun beating down on her for 2 centuries has aged her more for a sun elf her age. Yet, as he looks at her bare legs, he can see the compact calves and supply large thighs from standing at the wheel for 12-hour shifts. Her face with her makeup enhances her enticing demeanor.
     He finally responds while pulling up a chair from the conference table to sit down and talk to her, “I expected a ships captain when I came in. I find a noble’s housewife instead. What bothers you, Lauri? We need our captain.”
     “Am I doing the right things, Cyr? Am I making the right plays? We are so deep in a situation which I am not sure we can get out of. We are in a place………….and time I know almost nothing about. I have made plans to impress someone. I have made deals with pirates to protect the ship and crew because I do not want others to know what we truly have. A ship 3,000 years more advanced than anything invented yet. I am near my end of wits on what to do.”
     Cyr swivels his chair around and sits down so he is face to face with her, which makes her bring her legs down so her feet are on firm deck. He knows whatever she wears changes her drastically but also knows that her own self-imposed discipline will do what is proper in any given situation. He then considers her comments. He tries to deflect. “I see you made 8th circle. Soon you will be a Hem Netjer.”
     “Hem Netjer…………Archmage is a title. It can only be bestowed by the High priest of Amon-Ra and the council of the House of Life. I will always be Hem for I fear going to Mulhorand where the very gods of the first humans still proceed in the here and now. There is no pharaoh to mitigate these things.”
     “Yet there is always………………”
     “STOP IT, CYR! I know what you are doing. I have several centuries over you to know this from that. Answer my question?”
     “May I speak freely?”
     “Yes, I truly want you too.”
     “Selling powder to kobolds isn’t the smartest thing you ever done. I still think this Ortuk is going to backstab you the first chance he gets. As far as impressing someone. It’s been the standard of some navies and merchants since the dawn of time. Never known you to do it because of yer principles. You’ve always had an iron will when it comes to principle or anything else for that matter. Seems you slipping.
     Then I think back and see how much you love yer goddess. You never miss the dance, and you never miss a reflection. Not once since I’ve known you all these years. Even if you screw me sentimentalities every time you dance.”
     “I’m sorry.”
      “I am na done yet, ma’am.” Lauriella frowns and puts her head between her knees. Cyr continues.
      “You are a general mage, but you have always studied white necromancy. Necromancy is something both our main goddesses Selune and Sehanine absolutely abhor. Now I know you need must walk a very fine line with this. And I also know from record that after your second awakening you went to study necromancy in Mulhorandi. Don’t tell me you haven’t worked with undead in your training. It was Mulhorand you trained and became a citizen of. Not some other country.
     Be careful Captain you do not loose your sentimentality and slip into darkness. We want the good captain and good woman you are to lead us. Not some woman with darkness in her soul. Watch for yer soul. We will do this for you and we understand the reasons why you doing it: For the good name of the goddess. Keep those reasons why in your heart and let us get over this.”
     Lauriella keeps her face hidden between her knees giving a slight nod. He knows she’s hiding tears. He looks over to the files and paperwork strewn about her desk, “Should might think about burning those too. It only holds you back.”
     The captain looks over at the table where he is looking. “I cant. They are my only connection with my own past, Cyr. Year after year I try to put them together to make some sense of my life. The Mulhorandi and Narfellian files are so redacted. The Cormryian files as so confusing.
     For two centuries I know life I have gone up and down the ladder of magic. I get strong then one blow or doing ship duty makes me sink down to 1rst circle. The Mulhorandi council it was the one that said I was of no import to the greater scheme once they examined me when I came back. They said I would most likely never make 4th circle due to the brain damage, yet they still retrained me. Why? And why is it I come here and within less than a year I am 8th circle almost as powerful as a Hem Netjer? I still think I did some great sin and a god or goddess decided to punish me. One that may not exist in this day and time.”
     Cyr thinks about what she says and suddenly understands, “That’s why your staying because you think you could matter here. You would give up the Silver Coin, Zard, your wife because you think you could help people more. What about Alluin, Lauri. What about her.”
     “I’ll never get to touch my true love. She is married to another and has children. I do love Zard and Ava………Christine with all me heart but they have each other. And without me they can have a more traditional relationship with out me coming in and out of port every few months or so. They love and deserve one another as much they love me. I let them go not because I do not care or love them. I do. But I think this is me end game. This in the here and now is where I find my cause and myself and mayhap find a restful retirement free from the bondage of this curse or whatever it be.”
     “I’m sorry about Ava and Alluin. I know the struggles you go through and somehow Cristine can never be the Ava you loved, and I know you loved her more than Cristine.”
     Tears welp up in Lauriella’s eyes, “When Ava died, I made a phantom steed and rode from Arabel to Waterdeep. I was matriarch and had to tell her parents myself. Gave them 50 emeralds. Ava’s mother slapped me for letting her die in battle. She had some very hard words, and she was right. Ava was 100 years younger than I. It should have been me sacrificed my life for hers instead of her for me. I would have too but it just not the way battle goes sometimes. I survived with another scar. Ava she with the goddess now. Watching over us.”
      Cyr stands up, “Well tragedy follows you my captain or at least did. Let us change that. Lets us curry favor. It the new moon and time for reflection. The crew will be waiting in a few hours for you to come up and hear their words and troubles. You ready?”
      Lauriella wipes more tears away. “I cannot have the men seeing me like this. I’ll go clean up and get dressed proper. Could you make up my dreadnaughts?”
      Cyr gives her a nod. Lauriella goes to her cabin, washes up and puts a new uniform on. When she comes out, Cry helps her with her hair. The two make to the upper deck together to hear the stories, grips, complaints and achievements on the night of Selune’s Reflection.
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
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     Lauriella comes on deck with her newest uniform. Her dreadnoughts newly done. It is only 15 minutes before midnight. Her First mate, John Calandro is there. He gets off from his chair and hands her two letters from the University of Nebular via harbormaster. She takes them and observes the mid deck.
     all around the middeck ringing the main mast are tables and chairs. Near the forward mast a small bar is set up. The cake that she bought to entice a member of the conch champion to come out of their offices to accept is now crumbles on the cake sheet. She sighs inwardly and tells her self, 'Next time lauri you will find those offices and set jax to the eves to watch for Mr. Morton.'
     She counts the crew members along the deck. Most are her night shift. A few are Cyr's day shift. All in all 14 members of her crew are there for Selune's reflection, among the lanterns set up to add a peaceful din of light that feels like a cozy tavern. She makes her way down to mid deck. A chair is set up for her and her men move their chairs to hear her words. Someone hands her a mug with whiskey. She sits down and begins.
     "Tonight the new moon. The night of Selune's reflection. I hear all's concerns and after we reflect on our souls, tell tall tales and of our past. Mayhap learn something from each other for the future. I toast to Selune. I toast to my good men. I toast to a profitable future when we may be seeing our families once again."
      the men raise their tankards and softly respond, "Aye"
      Lauriella not fully settled from her talk with Cyr, responds without enthusiasm, "Concerns?"
      Her own first mate stands up, "Ma'am. We been on ship now more than six months. We all understand yer concerns, being the situation we in; but Captain we be needing a break! Things cannot be holding forever. We see shore and town but a few hundred yards from the harbor and many tired of ship duty. We need some time to ourselves. We need shore leave."
      Lauri swirls her whiskey around looking for guidance she then looks to John, "I understand the nature of want. I too have been without my wife and husband for as long as we have been here and have not looked to another for small comfort.
      I have had to tell at least 2 of the council of magi of our situation. I have also had to tell a few other apprentices of the situation so that they would work with me, both for a cure to your malaise and to get us back home. Everyone knows that if more than two people keep a secret it will eventually become an open secret and in time common knowledge. This is now an open secret and it is my fault for speaking it. Most will put it off as hearsay or to fantastic to be true. But those that may want to take advantage will listen for truth in our words. they may take advantage.
      I give you leave to go to town and do what you must. I expect discipline. I want you to go in threes so that ye may check one another whenever possible. Speak not of yer past or your future asperations. Speak not of our future. Remember if we speak too much and change the future we may never have been born in the first place. Those are the stakes and they are high.
     Both sub-crews must do their duties so you have 11 hours to do what you need in town. I expect you come to duty on time. That is all I have to say."
     The men become all smiles and raise their vessels in salute. Lauri raises her glass with them and they drink. "Any other concerns?"
     Jonny Rae stands, "That our main concern, Ma'am. We would like you to start off on reflection."
     Lauriella opens an old letter. "Don't know if I read this to the current crew or not. I sometimes forget. It has some ways to protest to your superiors about the way they hand you bad news. Now do'na be trying this on me cause I be knowing what you doing. I run this ship for a century and another before that. But if you be having a problem with command this a good way to be doing it."
     She reads the letter:

     Greetings and well met Commanders and Admirals,

     Thank you for my recent promotion you heartless bastards. I had to sell the Moonflower to my lieutenant due to load capacity. I have no logs, accounts or anything at the time dealing with my maritime cargos.
     I do have my drawn plan of a new craft of a new design. A schooner that is 156 long 400 ton weight. Which puts her near Galleon class ship with a 100 ton load capacity. She should make 12 knots with a stiff wind. I only now have to find a good shipwright and flounder on land a year or two while she is built.
     In the meantime I have gotten married. (Yes the old witch finally got hitched) To a fine young elven by the name of Ava Selakiir. I will be marrying another next full moon a male by the name of Zard Met-Tel Anunduin. Those that know me can start eating their hearts out now.
     I am living in Immersea at this point working to find a suitable Wright. Most of us pass Immersea up because those of us that can get through the channel to the Wyvernwater consider it not much of a port. There are other reasons not to come to Immersea. The harbormasters family runs the docks in a miserly fashion. Anyone other than Sembians have hefty docking and slip fees. He in fact charged me 5,000 in coin for a 3,000 coin rudder when the moonflower was refitted.
     Also the people are tired and suspicious of outsiders. Recently they had a demon in the form of a kraken harvest their people and make undead to attack the town. The demon was stopped but the new mayor. A helmite that seems to be in the pocket of the gilded scale chased several adventurers out of town.
     Even so the populace does need help. My ship should cost somewhere around 120,000 in coin and would be a huge benefit to the people of Immersea in jobs and trade. However if no shipwright will contact me in Immersea or Arabel in a month I will rent a Catalina and sail to Suzail where there are proper shipyards to make a ship of this size. It will still take least a year to build however it will be cheaper.
     As with Arabel in the north of Immersea I have ventured greatly. There are four major factions fighting for control of the new free city state in various ways.
     The first is the Tower of Raubagaush. A coven of wizards some with evil disposition some not. I have not had much contact with the tower and am wary of the stories coming from its depths.
     The second faction is the Vigilant Sun. I have not made contact with a single member of this faction.
     The third is House Misrim. I would be wary of this house of coin. Their members will blackmail one if they can. One has blackmailed myself for certain proclivities. If any in fleet would deal with them I would make sure to cross my marks most carefully and fully read every detail in every contract.
      The last major faction is The Crimson guard and its ally House Vaylan. I have had many dealings with this house. They have treated me with nothing but honor and their dealings with others are fair. I have carried dry goods for them to sell to the people of Immersea. The Gilded had run up their fees 5xs to make a profit on the starving people. The crimson took the 30 ton of goods and sold them at standard prices giving the people respite from their situation.
     I believe that the Crimson and House Vaylan will deal fairly with the Mulhorandi Merchant Marines if any want to make contract with them.
     I have joined both the hunters union. a minor faction found all over the sea of fallen stars in various forms and have registered with the Elven Embassy as my right. I have joined no major organizations in Arabel as charter dictates.
      As a captain of a ship i know how to act and where every problem is on my ship. As a captain now of rank in the command structure i am unsure of myself. Especially stuck on land. Yes I could sign with a frigate or galleon however i am and will be newly married. Being away from my family for months at a time does not suit. So I will stay this route and build the Moonflower II over the next year or years.
     My report is done. In the next report I will adjust my last will and testimony to include my husband and wife.

     Captain Lauriella Sithmore.

     Ps. I know you're still eating your hearts out.

     Lauri smiles when she is finished, "Back then I was still young and sought after. I used my new marriage to make me point that I was not in favor of what they done to me. They stranded me in port for near a year and when my deal with the Sembian's collapse and the war for independence went south I took my husband and left for Thresk. Thus I built this ship. Ava me wife died in the wars. There was nothing left for me in Immersea. When the ship sails all debts are paid no regrets. That is except for loosing Ava who I loved near as much as Alluin."
      One of Cyr's crew stands after Lauri is finished, "Aye captain a good tale and one I never heard. Tis good to make your complaint known is such a way being you high ups do it the way ye do. Still did not change things did it?"
      Lauriella nodes to him, "We are of no import to the greater scheme"
      The men and Lauri raise their tankards and toast.
      Lauri continues, "I have made me mistakes throughout me life. Lost loved ones, been scared, We all have. We the merchant marines have a hard but honest life. Stay true to yerselves. Remember that every one of the crew depends on every other to survive to retirement. We do this together. We do this as a team so we may retire in comfort and let the world do what it do. This not my nature I always want to help those that disadvantage as I did each of you. You have a good life now instead of being stabbed in some back ally in some dock district where I picked you up as crew. I care for you as I would care for any son. And I would die for each and every one of you. Remember this."
       Most of the crew smile. Some murmur under their breath, "We know, Captain."
       Lauriella looks to Jonny Rea, "Well you one of our most outspoken Jonny, Lets here a story?"
      Jonny smiles, "Aye, Capt. I'll tell you a tale from my homeland bout a fairy and an Ogre."
      The night ensues in the folktale of various lands and the memories of the Moonflower's crew.
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Re: Lauriella Sithiir
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          Lauriella goes up on deck and calls for Cyr as Hu Shang takes the tender back to shore. He looks at the Shou and back to her, questioningly then walks over, “Yes, Captain?”
     “My office. We have some things to discuss.”
     “I’m setting up for you?”
     “I know we have a few hours. Besiden, I always need help with these dreadnaughts. This time I want you to cut them off. Going short for a while.”
     “Want me to shave your head?”
     “I really do hate that custom. No. Just short. I think I need to do what I need to do in full tree of life regalia.”
     “We really hate it when you go necromancer.”
     “I’m still a hemt (priestess) of the Tree of Life (mage guild) even if I have not registered in the here and now and know how to act. Besiden most would here would not know the differences. Just in case I’ll need to wear the proper headdress.”
     They walk downstairs to her private study and sit at the bar. Lauriella pours him a whiskey and herself. She sits down on a stool. Cyr takes some sharp scissors and starts to undue and cut her hair. “How much?”
      “Just enough to hide it under me headdress.”
      “What’s up, Capt? He didn’t get you in a dress, did he?”
     “Who?! Hu Shang? Not on your life. He’s samurai. I wanted his advise on something. So, I gave him a few drinks and we talked. We found out a few things about each other. I haven’t seen no paladins around to confer to and would not take the latest to a priest or priestess.”
     “OK, This, sounds serious.”
     Lauriella clinches her jaw, “Aye, tis. We destroyed another nest 2of 6. When we come back the arcanist that is our guide said something and I noticed it. She like a lieutenant in the guard probably a fellow or something. Sleazy thing. Gave me a bad taste in me mouth. Anyway, I challenged her on what she said. She pushed me into the shadows……….so once again I have to be a paranoid wreck.”
      “What is it with you Sithmores?”
      “From the record, me whole family disavowed me grandfather. I read about him; I did. I did not like what I read. I even tried to change me name when I married still shadow follow me. Now, I worry somehow the curse be back. I bang me head and puff all I achieve goes with the north wind again.
      I must get you to write a letter. My script too well known at the university and cannot write hieroglyphs since I’m most likely the only Mulhorandi in the university. I also be needing cover.”
      “What exactly are you doing?”
      “Cannot say. Call it guard duty. The arcanist name is Cassandra. She me contact. I have to write out reports directly to her.”
       He cuts off another dreadnaught after unwinding it. “That’s why you wanted to talk to the Samurai. What ever you’re doing: You think it may stain your soul.”
       She nods and wipes a tear from her eye, “Aye, you getting to know me too well, liuetenent. Time to trade up.”
       “Not until you get us home, ma’am. We holding you to it. Until then you stuck with me. Besides you’ll never be able to trade up, only down. So, what’s the play?”
     “Cassandra…….That a Chessentian name is it not?”
     “Yes, we both speak the language.”
     “Here is what I figure. I go to the stocks in Sullivan. Buy a girl. When we get to the ship, we free her and offer to train her back to being a woman again. She be a cabin girl for us if she take the job. Standard fair she get ½ share or ½ wages when in port. Meanwhile she will be cover for me. Pick up letters from her Auntie Cassandra and send them via harbormaster or better yet the inn that way the moonflower she not be connected to this if it go south.”
     “What if the girl doesn’t accept?”
     “Her choice. She walk with her papers, but I usually know how to pick them sensible enough to understand they cannot make it alone just yet. We buy another girl. Meanwhile, you write the reports and give them to her, so my writing not recognized, and she pass them along to the harbormaster to send to the university.”
     “How long you think this be taking, Capt?”
     “Three or four months until the rat problem solved. Then I can be concentrating on the time problems.”
     “And after?”
     “Think I should offer her a 5-year contract if she do well. It a simple task but dangerous still the same she have to be able to be quiet and not talk to any landlubbers. Then I can be teaching her more properly to become a well-adjusted adult.”
     “I love the idea, Captain. You get to save another one.”
     “It really what I do best. Of all the things I learned since me injury. Of all the magic power I learned the thing I most proud of is turning sorry stories into fine men and women humble in their work and happy in their lives.”
      “And maybe she can get you into a dress.”
      “Oh, stop it! Cyr! You know I don’t be fraternizing with the crew. Besiden the only woman can get me in a dress is me wife……..and Alluin.”
     Cyr finishes her hair. They go into the bedroom to her writing desk. Cyr sits down and brings out pen and paper. Lauriella dictates.

     Dear Auntie Cassandra

     It is Elenuta. Do you remember me? I’m your niece, Chariton’s daughter. I rushed to Netheril from Heptios. I was just starting my magic training when father disappeared. Bandits lay claim to him and want a ransom. You know that the men of Heptios would never pay ransom for him. I divined his whereabouts somewhere in the Netheril empire. As I travelled here I, myself was beset upon by bandits. I escaped but had to leave all my belongings.
     I now work in the dockyards of Southbank until I have enough money to hunt for father. I use my magic to lift boxes and put in their ships. When I have enough coin, I will be able to find father and help him escape his captures. Please do not come to Southbank. My situation may be a bit dreadful at the moment, but I want to accomplish this on my own.
     I have already divined 4 possible places he could be using the hair I pulled from his pillow. Soon I will find him and seek your guidance in how to free him. I can cast dimension door now. But have read much in the halls of the syndicate. If a finder’s stone could be sent to me with a gate scroll. I could sneak into the bandit camp once I found him, and we could gate to you. It is a thought. I am not sure the spell will work with my limited abilities. What else may I do when I find Daddy to keep him safe and bring him home?
     I am sleeping on various ships now, but you can send me letters at the inn in Southbank. Please let me know I’m doing the right thing.

       Your loving niece

     Dear Auntie Cassandra

It is Elenuta. Do you remember me? I’m your niece, Chariton’s daughter. I rushed to Netheril from Heptios. I was just starting my magic training when father disappeared. Bandits lay claim to him and want a ransom. You know that the men of Heptios would never pay ransom for him. I divined his whereabouts somewhere in the Netheril empire. As I travelled here I, myself was beset upon by bandits. I escaped but had to leave all my belongings.
     I now work in the dockyards of Southbank until I have enough money to hunt for father. I use my magic to lift boxes and put in their ships. When I have enough coin, I will be able to find father and help him escape his captures. Please do not come to Southbank. My situation may be a bit dreadful at the moment, but I want to accomplish this on my own.
     I have already divined 4 possible places he could be: using the hair I pulled from his pillow. Soon I will find him and seek your guidance in how to free him. I can cast dimension door now. But have read much in the halls of the syndicate. If a finder’s stone could be sent to me with a gate scroll. I could sneak into the bandit camp once I found him, and we could gate to you. It is a thought. I am not sure the spell will work with my limited abilities. What else may I do when I find Daddy to keep him safe and bring him home?
     I am sleeping on various ships now, but you can send me letters at the inn in Southbank. Please let me know I’m doing the right thing.

       Your loving niece

     Cyr finishes the letter. Lauriella takes it and seals it with wax, “After I dance tonight you have shore leave to do what you have to do. Afterward, pay a whore to deliver the letter to the harbormaster and make sure she gives it to him.”
     “Aye, Capt. Just remember these things almost never work out for you.”
     Lauriella sighs and looks up as if viewing the stars, “I know Cyr, I know. Let us try to get done with this business and try to save a girl. It will be the one good thing we can reap for this.”
      He puts the letter in his overcoat and goes upstairs. Lauriella left alone looks in the mirror, “Tonight is going to be hard goddess. I be fenced in once again into doing things I no like or want. I have a hard duty and donna know if it is right or wrong. Seems wrong to me this time. I hope saving a girl from a life of torment makes up for it if it wrong.”
     She dresses in her Moon dress and picks up a basket of flowers. Her entire countenance once again changes. She thinks of happier days and happier things. At midnight the Moonflower II lights up with fairy lights and phantom stars surrounding it. A visage of and elven maiden in a magnificent dress dances along the deck: Trails of ectoplasmic energy trailing behind her fingertips and toes.
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