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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Step into the Future - Questions and Suggestions  (Read 36581 times)


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Re: Step into the Future - Questions and Suggestions
« Reply #30 on: July 19, 2020, 12:08:40 am »
I believe we have provided this information in different locations and posts but I will try to answer some questions here but as you appreciate I cant give out all the new content and secrets ... you will need to see it at launch time.

Will there be a Time Jump?
Yes, around 150 years

Will there be a Crafting System?
Yes, it will be a new system that has been made to fit our server

What are the new DM Factions?
You will at the time of your character creation, be able to join and have a backstory connected to one of three DM factions. These are all based in the town of Conch, in one of the three districts that each faction will influence/control. This will give new players a direct connection to the story from day one. Of course we will have your standard option of joining the story with your own background as normal, but we would encourage that you be involved in what is happening in the town of Conch.

What about lore and information from the old server?
Within reason we are keeping as much of the lore and information from the old server, in one form or another. I will give you some examples ... the Enclave of Valstiir has crashed into the ground, how and why will need to be found out and this will have bits of lore connected to the old story. Another example is the Floating Arcanist Palace that sat over the river between Hadrian and Southbank, it also has come down and ended up in the river between the two towns. Its remains have been turned into a Bridge between the two towns making one large City of Hadrian ... and yes you can explore this updated town. Again how and why this happen can be found out at launch. I have more examples but you can see we are keeping the connect to the old story/server in place.

Will there be a Floating Enclave to explore?
Yes, but we will hold that information till launch and I believe you will be happy with the direction we have taken on this.

Will I be able to play a monster race?
Yes, not only will you have an updated Sullivan's to explore, you will be able to move around in Conch to a degree. Some monster races that maybe deemed to be to extreme to be considered that they might not be able to live with other races, but goblins, kobolds, lizardmen, bugbears and other small monster races will be able to be played. Of course Giants, Orges and such will be still on application and based at Sullivan's.

What about other races?
The town of Conch will have a good mix of other races and as you might have seen I have been asking about your thoughts on Elves and such. I believe having small hubs where these races may travel to will be the best option moving forward, maybe to collect information and supplies you might not get elsewhere.

What about the Death System?
You might have seen that we have opened this up to player and community feedback, with some options we are looking at but with death you need some type of risk and penalty for a death of your character and with the increase in possible epic levels to obtain we need to get this right and balanced.

What about Loot and Treasure?
We have a system almost completed, that will give a wide range of options and power levels to give options to those higher level players. So yes a higher magic level of items.

Players Housing?
I will leave this to Delta to announce but we are all excited ant I believe he has been providing some examples on Discord.

Movement around the map/server?
With the current boats and airships, we are adding in a caravan option. Encounters will still happen with updated areas and monsters. Plus we are adding a Portal system that will be connected to the higher magic level we have been speaking about.

What about quests?
We will still have quests but which is in discussion now, may only designed for characters up to 10-15 levels with quests have a minimum level requirement only. There might be some lower level quests that are designed for startup character with a level cap. Moving forward from level 15 will be more open dungeons/areas and with harder spawns that you would be silly to explore unless you have a party or an epic character. Of course you might need to travel to these places and obtain information to where they are located and maybe connected to information already provided in this post.

What about feedback and player suggestions?
We have asked for those keen to be involved in the development to put their hand up and have a number of players adding lore, information, feedback and areas/content to the new server. From all reports those that are helping are excited in what they have seen but it is still a work in progress. As you might have seen we have been asking for feedback on key areas and taking that on board.

So for old/returning players their will be that connection and for new players we will have a way to connect straight into the story. There maybe changes to this information but we will keep you informed as best we can ...

Please ask if I have not answered a question. Thanks :)
Build it and they will come.

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Re: Step into the Future - Questions and Suggestions
« Reply #31 on: July 30, 2020, 02:58:33 am »
What do you want to see in the Elves?

I need help ... I can use the current Nualla'n map and make changes or add an outpost closer to Conch or another option. I like to look at it soon, as I have almost done Conch.

Forgive me, Rain, I have been hard at work in RL and I am just now seeing this. July 9th was my birthday actually when you sent this lol.

I like the idea for an Elven Outpost next to Conch, this is a no brainer. Maybe instead of making it a friendly outpost, what if it is a some kind of cave that the Tel'Quessir inhabited in the war. Kind of like when Roch and his men took that cave in Witcher 3 to fight against their enemies. Maybe there is a constant threat of Orcan invaders attacking this cave ever so often. Thoughts?