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Updated 08/05/2021 for V2

Some perks and positions on Netheril: Age of Magic require an application. This is mainly so the DMs know what characters in factions want to do, as well as letting us know that players of certain sub-races know the ins and outs of the particular "creature" they are playing:

DM Factions

West Netheril Trade Company

Diiriís Boys Gang

Nebular the University of the Arcane Arts

- All above can join as an Initiate without an application by completing the Background Story in the start area or in game via a current faction member.

Church Membership - Official Clergy can be applied for on creation, also able to earn the spot IG

Special titles / names - Lordships can be earned IG, or applied for on creation. Other positions such a family members of current Houses, and cannon organizations can be applied for

Prestige Classes - These are to be earned in game through roleplay and activities, and can be applied for during a character's life. Contact a DM to discuss.

Subraces - Certain sub-races require an application. Speak to a DM to discuss a concept.

If you want to apply for something use the following template and send it via the application section on the forums:

--- Quote ---
Character Name:

What You're Applying For:


Brief Bio:

Application / Character Intentions:
--- End quote ---

We should be able to get your application voted on and approved in 24 hours of it being posted. So don't call us, we will call you!

As with anything let a DM know if you have any questions

So the Team has decided to make things simple, for player application re access to a DM factions, a Subrace or Special application we are asking that you submit ModMail request. This way the team can ask questions to you directly and we can track it better.


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