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Author Topic: Letter to Father McIvor of the Church of Hibernos  (Read 6224 times)


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Letter to Father McIvor of the Church of Hibernos
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:47:04 am »
Dear dah

You tol' me to only write you if somethin' really important happened.  I think this qualifies.  Y' sent me to Hadrian with the request that I work towards becomin' either a Sunlady o' the church or a knight of the Empire. 

Though I have made a right haymes o' things at times (usually when I let the blood drive me, rather than your teachings), I have been made a Dame o' the Order of Everlasting Light, an order o' the Swords of the Guiding Hand. 

I have met some others o' celestial blood here in Hadrian, and you were right, most o' them were not like me at all.  I had no idea how incredibly lucky I was t' have been born where I was and t' have been raised by a good man.  It is because o' you and the people o' Hibernos that I stand here now as a knight.  Thank you dah.

Dame Neasa Lawley
Swords of the Guiding Hand

PS Please tell my birth family 'bout this, and especially tell my brothers that when I visit I can kick their worthless coits even harder than I used to now!
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