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Author Topic: Rødregn Vilhjerte (inner thoughts)  (Read 2715 times)


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Rødregn Vilhjerte (inner thoughts)
« on: April 20, 2018, 11:35:04 am »
This land is strange but it will do...

For now...

I have been wandering the road so long I barely remember why I left home.

That is a lie.

I will never forget Bjørn's last command. "SCATTER!" rings through my ears every night when I close my eyes and every night I watch him fall. Over and over, he always falls.

It's hard to imagine how it ended up this way. Somehow exiled, having won the war. Betrayed by, what I must assume is, the new King and ordered to flee instead of fighting to our deaths.

And what a death it would have been.

Instead I am alone. Where is everyone else? My friends, my comrades... My sister. Hvisk I miss most of all. It's not right for one to be seperated from their twin. Where did she go? I will not believe she fell. It can't be possible. She is as good in melee combat as I am, as well as a natural born sorceress. If anyone would have fallen it'd have been me.

She lives.

She is somewhere and I am here.

Here... Where is here anyways? The locals call this town Hadrian. The races seem to get along for the most part. It seems a foreign concept to me but I am trying to remember that this is not Eikfjord and it is I who is the foreigner. Here I believe I may be able to get by with my sword and a little luck.

I met a man today. One with some Orcish blood I think. Goes by the name of Snacks. Peculiar fellow but he helped me get a feel for what's going on in this country. He showed me that there are a number of ways to earn Sandwich Tokens, the bizarre local currency.

Yes, I think this land might do...

For now...
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Re: Rødregn Vilhjerte (you may read but RP it like you don't know)
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2018, 12:01:09 pm »
I have been is this land for some time now. I had hoped that the senseless killing and deaths of my brethren would be a thing of the past, when I came here... But it is more of the same.

And these people call me barbarian.

I know they see me as a vagabond savage dressing as a knight but when I see them, to my eyes, they are just as savage.

I stopped wandering when I met a friend. It had been so long since I'd had a friend that the hunger for companionship drove me to stay. He taught me much in the ways of this land and combat. In a strange way, I feel he is what made this place my home.

I am in the Swords now, following the example of my friend. His honour and his courage inspire me to fight for this cause until I can fight no longer.

My friend is gone now.

He died a true warrior's death. For this I am greatful. I will still try to restore him by any means necessary but I'm not sure how this could be done. In the meantime, I will live more like him, honour him and do everything in my power to cleanse this broken land.

I have friends now. I have brothers and sisters in arms, much needed bastions against the darkness. We will remain standing shoulder to shoulder, many faiths united under the banner of Selûne to fend off this ever lingering miasma of evil. We will defend the weak and oppose oppression on any front within our power to do so.

For this cause, I am ready for death.

Thank you, my friend. Your sacrifice has cleared my vision of the fog that once lingered. I owe you more than I could ever repay.

May the Great Raven guide you. May the White Wolf warm you. And may the All-Mother aid you, on your journeys in this life and the next, my friend, Little Brother, Snacks.

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Re: Rødregn Vilhjerte (inner thoughts)
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2018, 01:42:20 pm »
*Rødregn sits beneath his tree, in the grove at the Abbey*

This past ten-day has been busy

*He opens the flask and has a swig, swirling it and peering down at it, collecting his thoughts*

Little Brother Snacks is back, one thing to be happy about. The world is better for him being in it. A true noble warrior, that one.


I spoke of my sister for the first time in... *shakes head* ... I don't know how long. I didn't even mean to. I just...


... Kadmus. Since he's been missing I've noticed the sadness in Keelie's eyes and it struck me too close to home. It's all too familiar to me, wondering where your sibling and trusted companion has gone. Lucius and Aquaria spoke of a woman in possession of a relic capable of locating anyone. I don't know if this is true or not but if so I hope we can reach her for Keelie's sake.
*long measured pause*

Me? I don't know if I want an answer anymore. The more I dwell on it, the more I begin to believe that I escaped because she stayed behind. It would be so like her to sacrifice herself for my sake. I think I'd have heard from her by now if she had lived.

*looks up at the blue sky*

I miss you Hvisk. I have a new family now but I'll always hold you close to heart. I think you'd like them. They are brave and good hearted people. Pariah, Snacks, Keelie, Kadmus... The list goes on. My family now is nearly as big as when you and I were at the warband cook fires with The Storbjørner

*smiles briefly*

Do you remember the time...

... I suppose it doesn't matter any longer.

Charges have been laid against Aquaria and Lucius. This greatly dampens our chances of finding Keelie's brother... and you. I don't know if I'm ready for that answer or not. I'm not certain I ever will be but for the sake of my friends I will find the woman regardless.

*smiles sadly*

Whatever the case may be, you are with me. I can feel you in my heart when I search for you. I will never lose that. You are my other half and I am yours.

Great Raven guide you, Hvisk...

No, not Hvisk, here in my heart... You are Hannah to me beneath our battle-names and I will never forget.

Great Raven guide you, White Wolf warm you and All-Mother aid you in this life and the next.

Your Brother,

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Re: Rødregn Vilhjerte (inner thoughts)
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2018, 12:48:32 pm »
*Rødregn leans against a tall tree, eating the apple slice straight from his knife, as he finds a moment's rest during his watch.

He looks around the forest, quiet and still and allows himself to reflect on his life.*

It is much like home here.

No. It is home now.

The peace of this momentary solitude brings me a mix of feelings. I cannot help but to sadly smile here. Strange, that returning to a state of quiet loneliness can bring on such a wash of nostalgia, but then, I was alone for so long.

*Another flick of the knife, another slice of the apple to his lips.*

The Valkyr watch this land. It is heartening to know that even here they see my battles, watch my deeds, hear my calls, even though I am no longer convinced that I must die in battle. My whole life I've dreamt of the moment that I'd be taken, chosen by the Valkyr as Einherjar, the greatest honour a warrior could ask for.

*He raises his sword hand in a fist to touch his lips, gently kisses it and then raises it to the sky, the soft blue trickling through the leaves above him.*

Til Godshal

*a sad expression on his face, his gaze lingers on the sky*

Can they hear my heart? Do they see shame or honour there? Is it disgraceful that I want to live? To laugh? To.... love?

*let's out a heavy sigh*

I have an anchor here now, and I'm uncertain that I'd trade it for all the honour in Godshal. Edan All-Mother, with your grace like the morning, forgive me. I beg you to see my spirit, know my turmoil, and wrap me in your merciful arms as I fall victim to the weakness of the human heart.

*Face still skyward he closes his eyes and let's the days light hit his face, in what little shards pierce the canopy above*

Forgive me this one weakness, Edan, and I swear to you I will honour you in battle, til I am taken...

...even if thinking on the moment brings me great sorrow.

*opening his eyes he returns to the world, the greens and browns flooding his vision as the breeze returns to him his senses, in the cool light of day on the forest floor*

"Rødregn, we move."

*He hears the voice of his patrol partner and shoves off the tree, his brief moment of respite finished*


*A final glance up he offers one final silent prayer*

Great Raven guide me, in this life and the next...

... wherever that may be.
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Re: Rødregn Vilhjerte (inner thoughts)
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2018, 03:27:08 pm »
*Rød finds himself in a clearing, spotted with the fallen, the victors staggering to survey the scene, trying to reassure themselves that the battle is over...

... that the WAR is over.*

Panting for breath, my muscles aching, I remove the masked helm from my face to fight the sensation of suffocation. The wolf skin and leather have kept the heat of battle trapped inside and as I pull it back I am rewarded with the cool breeze of the day washing over my blood stained face.

"Rødregn?" comes the questioning call from some distance away.

"Hvisk?" I answer, turning, scanning the carnage with sudden excitement at the prospect of my sister's survival.

The bloody scene fades to the back of my consciousness as I locate her frame, charging towards me, mask also removed, a flurry of fire-red hair and blue warpaint.

"It's over. We won!" She cries as she approaches, her wide grin and wild eyes matching my own. She leaps to me and I catch her, swinging her around as we laugh together.

"Are you hurt?" I ask her when as I set her back down on the field, our grim surroundings flooding back in, dampening our shared moment of elation.

"Nei" Comes her answer, accompanied by a look suggesting that to be impossible. I cannot help grinning as I muss her hair and turn to better survey the outcome.

I count 23 Bjørner yet standing. A little over half of our initial warband, Bjørn himself among them. I see none of Elgenhelm's men remaining. He is defeated, over thrown by our rebellion, naming Landaslaug the new King.

Others begin to realize the truth as well. Bjørn lets out a mighty victory cry and like a wave it crashes out spreading across the clearing as we all join in. All of the allied warbands begin to flock back together, each assessing it's own losses and congratulating each other on their victories.

The Stor Bjørner all come together, a collection of blood stained, mud matted, wolf and bearskinned, leather clad warriors tired and worn, eager to clasp wrists with each other and rejoice.

Grinning widely, I look to my sister and the sweet taste of victory turns to ash in my mouth. She wears an expression of fear mixed with confusion. I know this look. She doesn't even notice me, her stare looking right past me, intensifying by the second. I follow her gaze and I'm greeted by the sight of our allied warbands in formation approaching us.

"What is the meaning of this?" asks Bjørn, dropping back into a readied stance, his voice one of command and authority.

The Druid of the foremost warband calls out "This is nothing personal, Bjørn. You know this. Landaslaug commands that you are not to be allowed to leave the field alive." His eyes sweep over our remaining members "Any of you."

Quickly, I slide my masked helm back down, the hard leather patched wolf's head allowing nothing but my eyes and the blue warpaint surrounding them to be seen. The others do the same.

"We won this war for him. You all know that. This is how he repays his warriors? With betrayal?" Bjørn roars, clenching his fists and flashing his teeth in a snarl.

"I give you Godshal, old friend. Stand and fight and your glory will be known." states the advancing Druid, ignoring Bjørn's question.

Bjørn grits his teeth and all of us form up, expecting we'll soon join the Gods.

"No..." comes his surprising reply, taking us all aback. "... No. He'll not get us. Not this way. He will have to work for it. The Stor Bjørner will haunt him as long as he lives." He straightens and let's out his final commands, shocking friend and foe alike.

"SCATTER!" He booms. "Punch through their lines and make for the trees!"

Without question we charge towards our assailants, most of them personal friends, axes drawn and shields up. Hvisk keeps one hand free to launch her gusts of fire into the faces of their front lines. Bjørn doesn't move. Instead he begins casting a spell, no doubt attempting to secure a chance that we may escape.

Hvisk's flames smash into their lines, burning at them and causing a slight hole. Upon the spell's ending, I see vines spring from the earth and begin to wrap around our enemies. Bjørn's spell, no doubt, perfectly timed as always.

When we reach the line I take full advantage of the slight gap and charge in, pushing and slashing, allowing my comrades to do the same, breaking the hole wider and wider, until we are through and the fight becomes a bloody pursuit.

"GO!" I hear from behind, as I glance back to see an entire warband descend on Bjørn, hacking and slashing without mercy.

Another glance shows me our numbers are dropping as I now can only see ten of my comrades. Fallen or seperated I can't say. I turn back ahead, cutting my way to the nearing treeline, a blur of blood, fur, and metal as I hack through my friends for my life and honour.

The enemy becomes thinner as I reach the trees. Looking around I realize that I am alone. I turn back to the mass confusion and I see no friends. No Hvisk.

My heart wrenching I put trust in her that she will find me. I obey my orders and turn into the trees.

Wait. Something is different here. This is where I leave. I always leave here, but this time I stop and turn watching.

The Druid, flanked by hundreds of warriors walks slowly towards me. He is grinning darkly and I can't seem to move. He holds up his hand and in it, fire-red hair clenched between his fingers, hangs the severed head of my twin sister.

"No!" I utter amid a breath of disbelief.

The Druid says nothing but his grin intensifies.

"Hvisket" I call her, tears welling up in my eyes. "No..."

Blood dripping from the fresh cut neck, her mouth opens and my name comes out. "Rødregn..."
It calls me.

"No..." I am shaking

"Rødregn." Louder now and the voice is changing

"NO!" I am losing control, rage beginning to take me.

The face shifts on the head to a newer, more recent face. I recognize it at once.

"Keelie? How?" I ask, my head swimming

"Rødregn!" the voice is now to voices. One Hvisk's and the other a man's. "Rødregn! RØD! WAKE UP!"

Leaping to my feet and seeing red, I grab the man forcefully by the throat and slam him against the ground, dagger drawn and at his throat, preparing to open the Druid where he stands. I stare down wide eyed with rage into a face that is not the Druid's at all.

"Selûne help me, he's going to kill me." comes the trembling cry of Marek, a member of my patrol group.

"Rød!" I hear as a few sets of arms wrap around mine and pull me back. "Fuck man, you're alright, you're alright."

"I... I..." I say, stupidly. Not entirely sure of what's happening. "Marek, I'm sorry. I was..."

"You were fucking crazy, is what you were." He says, getting back to his feet, still shaking a bit.

"You were having a dream. A particularly bad one, it seems" suggests Aram, the leader of our ranging squad. "You began to toss and turn, crying out 'no' and quite loudly"

Catching my breath and feeling the shame on my face, I can only nod, panting and sweating.

"Are you alright now?" he asks me.

"Aye." I answer, though I'm unsure.

"Good. Gear up. We move."

I nod by way of reply and begin packing my things, feeling all the while the looks and speculations being cast at me from my platoon. Too often have I had this dream but never before with this ending.

I stop for one moment, letting out a deep breath, pushing the memory of that time back into the past where it belongs...

...until my dreams force me to remember.

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