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Author Topic: Twilight Beginnings - Background of Teuivae Surin  (Read 1146 times)


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Twilight Beginnings - Background of Teuivae Surin
« on: October 27, 2019, 10:45:06 pm »

Teuivae grew up in Hardrian Southbank to a human father and an elf mother who fell in love. Unfortunately for the child, her parents were two peas in a pound and cared little for the half-blood child, leaving her to a lonely and rejected life. Not many people had much respect for Teuivae as she grew up, despite her hard working attitude in the warehouses. It was a life full of either sitting alone or too many times - being manipulated and taken advantage of, such as being lying to, brain washed, even raped. There's little point in telling a story about all the darkness that Teuivae went through, but there is purpose is focusing on her absolute resolve. Even through all the cruelty of others, she found hope in story books and fairy tales about heroic knights and brave adventurers.

So in her younger teenage years, Teuivae was unique among the downtrodden. She has her walls and her bite for those trying to get close to her, but what made a difference was the determination that stayed strong in her heart. Now back then, she would say that Selune saved her from her own darkness. Working the warehouses, she found a Selunite healing the injuries of those around her - an elf of what Teuivae considered to be of unearthly beauty. Before long, any injury at all that Teuivae had, she would instantly take herself to Leslia. Leslia saw in Teuivae her heart and slowly they started a romance as the elf taught Teuivae of Selune and her ways - about compassion, love, acceptance, and understanding. This is when life turned around for her, though the two found themselves to not be capable, they stayed close friends until Leslia had to travel elsewhere. The mark the Selunite elf had on Teuivae though would be long-lasting.

Eventually (and sadly) her parents passed away in accidents concerning the laborers of Southbank, leaving Teuivae to her own devices. With no home or shelter to be had, she went to the only familiar place she knew - the Harvest Moon Chapter House where she met an Aasimar by the name of Neasa. That is when her story truly started.

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