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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Current WIP  (Read 34005 times)


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Current WIP
« on: October 28, 2019, 03:47:28 am »
Current WIP

Merchant stalls are being finished up and will be available for PC’s to sell their wares. How it works is you will be able to buy a shop and have a merchant manned it for you, he will need to be paid a wage. People can sell to your store if you give the shop money to use to purchase items. We will post a more detailed –how-to guide-.

Player mounts are in the final stages, we will have various options for you guys to purchase starting from unsaddled mounts, saddled mounts, saddlebag mounts and armoured mount. These will be priced accordingly, the saddlebag mounts are what we are waiting on before we can release it. At present, the contents that you add into the bags are not persistent and we are waiting for a fix for those before rolling them out.

A version 2 of our hak pack is being worked on, this will include a new tileset, the paintings, fixes for any busted content and new spells for all classes will be implemented. There are other small things added to the hakpack that doesn’t require mentioning.

Domains we have not started on yet, we wanted to get the spells in and working first and then we will look at domains.

We are looking at implementing our old ranger tracking system for rangers and druids, the system is written we just have to change some of the outdated information.

New random loot generator is being looked at, it creates items on the fly for use on quests and in random exploration areas. This system also has a feature that has loot sets, these can be based off old player characters for example “Insert PC name” Cloak of Doom, Ring of Resistance and so on, collect a full set and it unlocks specific benefits.
Still plotting along adding new merchants and updating our loot found in quests.

Areas are still having the flavourful text and small points of interest added.

Continuously we are looking to add new quests and exploration areas.

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