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Author Topic: Laws set out by the Hadrian Council  (Read 2931 times)


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Laws set out by the Hadrian Council
« on: October 14, 2019, 09:08:13 am »
Hadrian City laws

Minor Crimes:

1)Trespassing: The act of entering private property without the due wishes of its owner, only applicable within Hadrian properties.
Punishment: A fine of no less than five hundred gold, no maximum charge, half to be paid to the owner of the property. Stock time may come with repeated offences.

2)Slander of a Noble or Hadrian/Valstiir Official: Slander of any Noble or Official is a crime, this includes officiated members of Churches.

Punishment: A fine of no less than one thousand gold and no more than three thousand gold to be paid directly to the affected individual, and all public slander to be retracted.

3)Familiars and Companions: No large animals or magical familiars are to be tolerated within the walls of Hadrian, the only exception is for members of the Arcanists' Guild. Only domesticated cats, dogs and birds may be allowed near ones person. This protection is revoked should the creature cause chaos or harm to Hadrian citizenship. By Edict of the Archmage of Valstiir, no undead can be summoned within Low Empire settlements, including Hadrian. All Undeads are barred from its region. This law is partially wavered during times of crisis, though undead are still a punishable offence.

Punishment: The animal in question will be slain and a fine of no less than one thousand gold and no more than four thousand gold will be levied.

4)Failure to comply with reasonable orders from Hadrian Officials: Failure to comply with a reasonable order from a Hadrian Official, whether they be Noble, City Guard or Mayoral guard will be punished. Proof of an order not being complied with is required in the form of a witness.

Punishment: Will be stock time and a forceful search will be conducted.

5)Property Destruction: The unapproved destruction or vandalism of private property of Hadrian Citizenship. This includes slaves.

Punishment: A fine will be paid to the owner of the item depending on its cost, double the value if the property is a slave.

6)Unarmed Assault: Assault upon an individual that isn't reciprocated is illegal. If the brawl is mutual it must be directed to the Reschotti Warehouse.

Punishment: A fine of a minimum of three hundred gold and a maximum of three thousand gold depending on severity of damage caused, half to be paid to the victim. Stock time upon repeated or severe attempts. Beatings may be levied in place of fines.

7)Polymorphs and Magical Transformations: No person being polymorphed into a large or magical creature will be tolerated except during time of crisis. An exception is granted for members of the Arcanists' Guild, and Noble houses. This protection is revoked should the person cause chaos or harm to Hadrian citizenry.

Punishment: The polymorphed person may be slain, whether purposeful or accidental. A fine of a thousand gold and no more than four thousand gold will be levied.

Moderate Crimes:

1)Armed or Magical Assault: Assault upon a person through magical or armed means.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand gold to a maximum of five thousand gold depending on severity, half to be paid to victim. Alongside mandatory stock time.

2) Theft: The act of theft upon a commoner or adventurer.

Punishment: Returning of the item stolen and a public beating.

3) Unarmed assault upon a Hadrian Official: An assault upon an official of Hadrian, whether Noble, High ranking Noble house member or of the Mayoral guard.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand gold to a maximum of ten thousand, to be paid in half to the victim. If particularly severe, the offender will be enslaved. The victim may petition to have the assault deemed severe.

4)Kidnapping: The kidnapping of any individual regardless of status.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand gold to a maximum of five thousand, if danger and harm is severe, the crime will be elevated to serious and enslavement and execution will be viable punishments.

5)Pacts: Pacts made with outsiders or other beings are deemed profane and dangerous without prior study, documentation and approval of the Arcanist Guild.

Punishment: A set fine of two thousand gold and being forcibly studied by a mage of the Mayors choosing.

6)Attempting to Incite a Riot or Causing Unrest Among the Citizenry: Publicly proclaiming or displaying verbiage or images with the intent of swaying the public to maliciously turn against a Hadrian Noble House or its members, the City Council or its members, the Arcanist Guild or its members, or the members of the Mayoral Office.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand hundred gold with a maximum of three thousand gold. Mandatory stock time for repeat offenders.

Serious Crimes:

1)Murder: The murder of any individual will be punished severely. Vigilantism is not tolerated, if an individual is suspected to be dangerous, proof must be provided to the City Guard.

Punishment: The offender will be sentenced to fight in gladiatorial combat, should the offender survive they will be sold into slavery to the highest bidder. Repeat offences or murder of ranking officials will result in immediate execution.

2)Armed/Magical assault on Hadrian Officials: Magical or martial assault upon a Hadrian Official, whether noble, High ranking Noble house member or Mayoral Guard.

Punishment: A minimum fine of three thousand gold with no upper limit, along with a public beating. If assault is particularly severe, the victim may request that the offender be temporarily enslaved until the debt is paid.

3)Torture: Any form of undesired torture.

Punishment: A minimum fine of two thousand gold to a maximum of ten thousand gold.

4)Treason: Any plot or seditious acts that are performed against the safety and integrity of Hadrian will be squashed immediately.

Punishment: Torture, followed by public beatings and finally a public execution.

5)Attempted Murder: The act of plotting against someones life.

Punishment: A minimum fine of two thousand gold with a maximum of ten thousand.

6)Theft from a Hadrian Official: Any property stolen from a Hadrian Official or noble.

Punishment: A fine, or public beating. If particularly egregious or dangerous (such as stolen from the vaults of Skettus), the crime may be elevated to Treason.

7)Reckless Endangerment: Defined as unintentionally causing harm or creating a (great and high risk of) possible harm to a citizen or property within Hadrian/Valstiir.

The penalty for such can range from a simple fine to enslavement to the aggrieved party, since a wide range of minor to severe unjustifiable actions can fall under this law. Notably, the burden of proof is quite high given for actions that create unjustifiable risk to the settlement, since a risk was created, not definitive action.


Nobles are exempt from all punishment aside from serious crimes. Offender will be asked to face the council if they commit a serious crime to face their punishments, protections will be stripped if refused.

Ranking members of Mayoral Guard and Hadrian Guard have the right to demand a search in times of trouble.
If dangerous artifacts are found via a search they will be taken by House Skettus with the aid of the Arcanist Guild to be analysed in a group effort.

Serious crimes committed outside of the walls of Hadrian will result in banishment until such a time as a hefty fine is paid, exact price determinant on crime.

To keep the peace in the streets no civilians will be allowed to hold their weapons out. Only officials will be allowed to do such. Staves are excluded from this clause as other such implements that have intrinsic uses that are also dull. During times of crisis, this law is wavered till the crisis is averted. This law is enforced via “Reasonable Request”

Council members will be dealt with the same way nobles are which means their crimes will be brought forth to the council to decide their fate. Noble protection also counts as Council and Mayoral protection.

Hadrian is open to the races of Human, Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome and Half-Orc.
Also: Celestial blooded only if half or less, born on this plane, and mixed with one of the previously mentioned races.
Infernal or Abyssal Blooded Tiefling.
Dragon Blooded of half or less and only if mixed with one of the previously mentioned races.

All other races must have a Council Approved Writ of Permission or be a legally collared and registered slave on the books with House Reschotti.

These laws can be reviewed at any time.
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