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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Sneak Peak  (Read 1974 times)


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Sneak Peak
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:04:17 am »

"From up top of the Enclave looking down upon the lands below one can see the yellow rock and sand that merges effortlessly with the green-brown of the Channel Mountains to the west, looking to the east and south the cascading colours of the grasslands known to many as the Patrician Plains can be recognized. In the small fishing village on the Southbank of the Netheril river, a small girl stands upon the rotting dock casting her line into the water in the hopes of a fish or two for dinner, the dense forest where the locals know to avoid at night team with the murderous hordes of Orcs that plague the lands.

Rumors within Hadrian speak of the battles between the barbarian tribes that reside upon the Patrician Plains, whispers of the Rengarth tribe who fear the magic of the Enclave and distrust those who wield its power. The mammoth that grazed and roamed these lands were often used as mount and beasts of burden by the Rengarth tribeís men and women adding to their ferocious appearance. But many of the Hadrian hunters brave the surrounding lands to reach the rich hunting lands of the plains, where the deerís and antelope are often slain and draped upon the backs of the hunter's steed.

Stepping into the Sailorís Coin the drunkard within claims to have saw into the depths of the fetid Myconid Forest at the foot of the Channel Mountains and watched as the fungusmen with their crude stone weapons hunt and stalk their prey leading them onto the very edge of the tepid swamps, the story broken only by the sounds in the background as men and women shout and cuss the ringing sound of a bar brawl, followed by the smell of blood as you look at the faces of bloody noses and skinned knuckles.

Adventurers know that beyond the walls of Hadrian, the wilds are raw and untamed. Tribes of goblin-kind and worse call the region home, and few, if any, are pleased with the encroachment of civilization. Strange powers, long given to slumber, stir with the awakening of magic in Netheril's Golden Age. Just as the merchants and profiteers have come forth to Hadrian to secure their wealth, adventurers flock hither to make their names known across the empire -- and perhaps, if they are truly lucky, earn a place in Lady Valstiir's Court.

This is where your adventure begins, on the rustic frontiers of the greatest civilization the world has ever known, living in the shadows of the arch-magi who bend reality to suit their whims, life for the earthbound is often nasty, brutish, and short. Will you venture forth and will the drunkard within the tavern soon speak of the tales and many heroic adventures you embark upon? "