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Author Topic: Records of the Songweaver  (Read 280 times)

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Records of the Songweaver
« on: September 13, 2019, 06:50:34 am »
Ivory Leithien
Cleric of Corellon Larethian | Songweaver | Painting Artist

Acolyte's Circlet___

Artist's Tools___

Temple Mother's
Letter Opener___
Born half-breed and adopted into a middle class family, Ivory's been put into a tutelage of the monastery of the Corellon Larethian church. Being mentored in arts, defence and scriptures, she then continued her studies in the legal field just to return to the faith once more after three years of expertise and work.
Renewing her skills and faith vows, she's become a novice. And on the day of being promoted an acolyte, she chose to serve her deity out in the world, choosing the role of the creator and defender, inspired by the teachings of the temple's high priestess in her youth.

Coming down towards Hadrian from the north, Ivory carries nothing but her gear and skills, confident and determined to shape the world around her by the gentle arts of word, song and color.

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