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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: An Invitation to New Players to join the Netheril Community  (Read 14616 times)


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An Invitation to New Players to join the Netheril Community
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:11:45 am »
Netheril: Age of Magic

Greetings and welcome to Netheril: Age of Magic, a Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Persistent Roleplaying World.


Based around what the Netherese dubbed "The Golden Age", the year is 1852 and marks the beginning of this glory, when the nation was at the very pinnacle of its power.
Our setting is focused mainly on the Floating Enclave dubbed "Valstiir" named after the Lady Archwizard that created it.
Common knowledge to all inhabitants of the City is that Lady Valstiir was gifted a vision by a mysterious oracle known as the "Terraseer".

The Seer spoke of a rich and prosperous land to the west, its earth filled with countless precious gems, forests and rivers and snow-topped mountains teeming with life and natural resources, ripe for the taking.
The Archwizard council after much disagreement came to the conclusion that their newest of Archwizards, Lady Valstiir, and her city must follow this oracle's guidance and go to these blossoming lands where it now resides over the land-based city of Hadrian. It invites its citizens, and newcomers alike to participation in, and exploration of the city, its politics and and far-stretching surrounding lands.


Netheril: Age of Magic boasts beautifully designed areas including quest and exploration areas for you to fully immerse yourself within the setting. We have both DM and Player run factions that can be joined, which are both encouraged and supported by the Administration.
We are an active server, with a DM team spanning all timezones and constantly looking to expand our Dungeon Master team.
There are a few unique systems with the plans to continue to develop more as we continue the content roll out.
The server features a fully instanced quest system which allows players and their parties to delve into the darkest dungeons and save the fair maiden.
Boats and airships run a travel network where you may face off against pirates who board your boat or creatures who crash upon the decks.
A death system that has the option to subdue your foe.
The  complex crafting system offers hours of exploration, covering smithing, jewelry crafting, leather-working and many more.
A custom mini-event system that triggers without DM intervention.
To reward roleplay, we have a unique, custom system that awards XP in regular increments - without needing DMs to be present.

Level Range

Our main level range is from 2-15; most of the characters would sit around this level. However, it is possible to get to level 20 which is the hard cap.
Progressing past level 20 will require player and DM support and generally will only be achieved by those characters who are renowned and champions of the world.

An Invitation: Join us for New Character Week

Friday, January 25th, 2019 - Sunday, February 4th, 2019

What is New Character Week?

We are asking current, older and new players to the community, to start a new character during this week. We will have a short turn around on application character (mostly Monster races and those high end Races) and easy access to the start level in a DM faction.

Why are we doing this?

We have been working with other servers for awhile now and these servers one being Arelith have kindly offered to run a advertisement for us about our server. We are hopeful that this will bring new players to the server and by having as many new character at the same time, will hopefully cause more RP, fun, and stories for those that choose to join our community and server.
What about current characters and plots?

We will back off on some plot for the week and/or add to them at a different angle to add interest to the new characters and any new players to the server. You can of course play your existing character and continue with your story and any plots you might be doing, but the focus for the week will be running lower level events to bring those new character up to speed with the server, with us showcasing Netheril from the Valstiir Enclave, to the Elven town of Nualla'n or to Sullivan’s black market port... and many other locations for your stories.

What support will there be?

The team will be in game running those lower level quests/events to cater for those new lower level character. Some of them may involve current quests that could be spiced, landmarks and other locations or stories in and around the region.

What is on offer?

Subraces Half Dryad, Tiefling, Aasimar

Monsters Duergar, Drow

DM Faction Access

House Skettus - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=208.0

14th Legion of House Dukkarus - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=3064.0

Knightly Order - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=242.0

Arcanist’s Guild - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=241.0

 Dockworker and Fisherman Guild - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=291.0

Player Factions

Adventurer’s Society


Mayor’s Guards

or make your own ( min 4 players for Discord channel and 6 for forum access )

Netheril does not rate itself as a PG13 environment. While we're not an 'Adult' server players should expect some adult themes which may not be age appropriate to younger players.

Where can I find information on theses options?

Jump on our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/9CcZDhc and ask around or our forums here > https://netheril.net/forums/index.php or use these links below …

Come and join our community and have some FUN!
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Build it and they will come.


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Re: An Invitation: Join us for New Character Week
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2019, 12:17:38 pm »
Thank you to all that gave their time over the last week and a bit ... to have fun on the server.

I hope you all had fun, with some great events organised by the community/players.

It doesn't end there, if your reading this for the first time please come and join the fun.

Hope to see you in game
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Build it and they will come.