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Hi all.

The idea of this little experiment is to see who within the player base has an interest in DMing, and to see who would like to just remain as player.

It is not an application form to become a DM on Netheril: Age of Magic, it is just a resource for us to use as and when we may need it.

Our DM selection process is basically as follows: We invite a player after we as a team are totally convinced that they would be better for the server as a DM than as a player, but sometimes it's good to have a gauge of who might be interested before we speak to them in detail.

Someone we might be interested in may have no desire to jump ship and see behind the curtain, or someone we thought might not be interested is actually chomping at the bit to get involved.

Anybody who we ask to join our DM'ing team will always be approached and we will have a chat to them prior to actually being invited.

Don't be offended if we do not select you, or if we don't approach you!.

You may be a better asset as a player, your timezone might already be well covered by DMs, you might be a bit too new for the job..there are many, many factors involved (too many to list!)

If you want to get in touch, do so using the template below and drop me a message here on the forums. And at the end of the day don't call us, we will call you!

Account Details:
Time Zone:

Why do you want to be a DM rather than a player?

Have you had previous DM'ing experience?

What can you bring to the DM team on Netheril?

A very brief idea of a plot, faction or quest you would run on the server.

Anything else we should know?

Hello chums!

Just a heads up that this is still very much a thing!

I'd be happy to see some US people get in touch, personally..


If your interested and have some experience contact us.

Mostly looking for US and Europe time zones.



--- Quote from: Rainman on March 10, 2019, 07:48:12 am ---*bump*

If your interested and have some experience contact us.

Mostly looking for US and Europe time zones.


--- End quote ---

Seeking 1-2 DMs that can be around more than not. Experience would be great but not a deal breaker and would have support from the existing DM team.

PM me or one of the other DM team if you are interested



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