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Author Topic: Research: Origins of "The One".  (Read 2728 times)


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Research: Origins of "The One".
« on: February 02, 2019, 05:02:17 am »
Keelie walks the familiar trail to the Valstiir Library.  Upon entering, she takes a deep breath and mindlessly walks to the door of Aquaria's office to try the door.  She continues her way to find the book that sparked a memory of the daughter of "the One".   It was from that tale and need to heal the tree she so loved, "The Tree of the Moon" the she encountered the daughter.  She reread the book of The Druid Stone Song.  Flashes of the poor Dryad that had been trapped there come to mind.  Pushing past that thought...she continues to look at other books and came across another of interest...though this one was in regard to Cashand Joriin.  A topic of Constructmanacer ablilities would be discussed with him in the near future. Keelie knew, after all that she had read she would need to find other books within other libraries.   
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Re: Research: Origins of "The One".
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2019, 08:51:26 am »
What is found with the help of a librarian assistant, is a bit of a timeline with information taken from papers/reports issued to the Library ... partly from the now closed Dukarrus estate in Hadrian.

Timeline made up from references to The One and/or The Daughter of the One

- Enchanted Sword with strange markings found by an Adventuring Elf of the Settlement of Nualla'n.

- The Daughter's Soul released from a Enchanted Sword, near the Abbey of the Moon.

- Sword returned to Nualla'n under the Elven Council's control.

- Sword taken from Nualla'n to the Wonbrie Woods

- Best guess that this was the time when The One was released from the Enchanted Sword. A report references a Crypt of Bats

- Reports of an elf being placed within the a Enchanted Sword with the same markings.

- Enchanted Sword turns up in a report relating to a failed attack on Sullivan's Port. Last know reported location of the Sword.

Other bits of information found while looking in the papers and reports ...

- The One has a connection to the Orcs of the Southwoods. These Orcs are known to have the power to increase in size for a period of time, the after effects of transformation is unknown.

- Rumours that the Daughter of the One is under the care of the Knights

- Some have reported that The One controls the Fey Eyes of the Wonbrie, the Watchers.

- Reports of a Gate using a sword being open to the Cave of the Watchers.

The Library assistant goes on to say ' We are unsure if this information and reports are true, only that we have access to this information '
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