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A Real Buzz Kill - Adding to quest breaks QA transition


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Area/Quest name: A Real Buzz Kill
Location: Hadrian: Town
NPC name: Natasha Wettingfield
Issue: When a quest taker gets this quest from the NPC and adds another to the quest after it has been started, the added individual cannot enter the quest area and is treated as if he had never received it (the message "You see no reason to enter there at this time" appears).
Fix: Copy every script in the dialogue option at the point where the party is allowed to enter the quest to the option to add individuals. Insert a conditional check to avoid any issues that may emerge from attempted re-adding if necessary.

Did the extra person talk to the quest giver and "get" the quest again?

Your suggestion would be much better, but the above normally works as a workaround.


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The person, which is to say myself, did not, but it's good to know that for future reference!


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