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Author Topic: A burden shed (Morgaine's journal)  (Read 476 times)


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A burden shed (Morgaine's journal)
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:51:16 am »
At long last, I have rectified as best as I could the worst event of my life- the night my liege Lady Fiona Voust died.  For months I hesitated, not willing to retrieve her body and face her dead, judging eyes.  I failed her because I could not protect her as I vowed to do, but I failed her even more by leaving her to rot where she fell.

I convinced myself that the real reason I did not do it was that I'd found out what Fiona was really like after she died.  I believed (and still believe) her own arrogance was what got her killed.  I told myself that it was not something I could or should handle alone  Yes, I was angry at her for those awful things she had done but the simple reality was that I was too scared and selfish to do what was my moral and legal responsibility. 

I put my mind into new work and tried to put my service to Fiona behind me.  But it never stopped nagging at me.  For all of her harshness, Fiona was like a mother to me and a better one than my own mother ever was. The nagging become intolerable when a paladin told me that Fiona's spirit would be in torment due to my failure.  I went back to the site of her death, but after so long her body was gone.  I had foolishly told Count Lash Voust of the location of Fiona's death, and knew that he had almost certainly snatched her remains for his own dark plans.  I had a vision which confirmed that fear, but also told me which room in the manor her body was kept in.

So with the help of an unlikely ally, I went back inside that cursed manor.  It had been partly burned by the 14th Legion, but they had left awful shadowy creatures still alive inside.  My ally slew all the shadows that tried to stop us, and we found where the Count was keeping Fiona's remains.  Despite us both hearing an angry voice demanding we stop and swearing revenge upon us, I did what I had to do.  I took the remains and safely cremated Fiona Voust away from the estate in the place where I first met her, far from Voust lands.

At last, she is at peace and a great burden on my soul has been lifted.  She died a long time ago, and nobody cared,  nobody but me.  Fiona's inner circle of Thersos, Ryld, Lazarus and her vaunted 'Unknown Benefactor'... not one of them stood up and did what needed to be done.  So it was left to me and a man who never even met her, and that to me is proof that I was the only one who ever really cared about Fiona.  I had wondered what reason Lady Fortune had in guiding me into Fiona's service, and finally it is clear what my purpose was all along.

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