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Evard's Black Tenticles Bug

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Evard's black tentacles continues to do damage after a player is downed, causing an immediate kill of particularly lower level, or lower HP characters. Screen shot attached showing the entire damage in 1 round received from the spell.

this is not a constant effect, but it does happen, and causes an immediate death for the character in question.

It would be better if the server applied an invulnerable effect to you while your HP was 0 or below if they want to prevent death, and remove once hp is above 1.

That would be a good idea - making it so that it is impossible for a downed character to be "damaged" by any other means as opposed to bleedout

Raiman... Sucubbus summonend in the Fire Gigant quests in the npc quest in southbank sometimes produre invisibe black tentacles. Only happens in this quest. IDK if about the source of the visual bug.

A sucubbus throw a black tentacle and take 2-5 seconds to show the visual effect, but with stoneskin is possible to notice the damage and others effects

posting another screenshot, can this be rectified please? I went from full health to dead in no time flat - this spell shouldn't do 11 attacks in one round against a character.

It dealt 72 damage in 1 round, that's an instant kill on a level 4 spell.


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