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Author Topic: My father's sword - Chan Morriman  (Read 329 times)


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My father's sword - Chan Morriman
« on: November 18, 2018, 06:11:49 pm »
Call me Chan. I came to these Western lands some time ago, not by my choice. My father Chiang was a cruel, possessive human pirate. Before a time I can remember, my elvish mother Llwellon left him or perhaps escaped from his cruelty. I do not know. Hearing tales from him and my full human half-brother Zhang, she was beautiful, but willful. All I know for sure was he sailed from our familiar waters in the east to these lands of the Netherese seeking to get her back. It was night upon the river, I was asleep, or nearly so when the attack happened. I do not know who attacked the ship, but it was over very quickly. The ship was destroyed. I never saw what became of my brother and father. I swam to shore, coming up in the farms east of Hadrian. I had lost everything. I wandered north, not wanting to go into an unknown town of strange westerners who might want to hang a pirate. I was then set upon by goblins, but rescued by a man in purple and black - a Seeker from House Skettus. I had some Intel from the goblins on a map they sought, so the Seeker told me to take it to Lord Skettus. I did so, and he was impressed with me. Now, I am a Seeker of the House, myself. Lady Natasha gave me new armor, and a new weapon - my father's Naginata, Lawbringer... This brings questions to my mind. How did my father's sword end up in the Skettus vault?