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New Version reduced exp questing


Lowbie quests seem to have changed in level ranges for example the lighthouse used to be for all levels now it's level 1-5 but that's not my concern, the issue i have is with the reduced exp from the quests, there's no love for weaker style pcs for example rogues, rangers, now... with this reduced exp. It's already hard af to follow classes like paladins ((example)) with those classes, ahah sorry I'm not angry just pointing I don't think reducing the lowbie quests exp was a good idea!

I disagree. Reducing or increasing the XP won't change how fast anyone can catch up to people who are on 12 hours a day killing things in and out of quests for XP.

Sem hit the nail on the head. DM Event XP also plays a part in it too.

You guys are right :) thanks for the replies


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