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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: A Note From Blackheart - Feedback  (Read 12984 times)


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A Note From Blackheart - Feedback
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:18:25 am »
Hello players of Netheril, itís me, ya boi, Blackheart. What it do.

Itís come to my attention that some of you have criticisms of the way I DM and handle myself outside of my mechanical role as DM. Which is cool, I respect that. Different opinions being presented are how I grow as a person and get better. Helps me think things through differently, you know?

However, the problem is that about 0% of this criticism is being given to me directly.

Like I said, criticize me all you want. I like that. Even if itís mean, I donít care, I have thick skin. I wouldnít exactly be a good naval officer if I got offended at every little thing, now would I? So trust me, I can handle your feedback.

This is for your best interest - because if I can match a character to a username and talk about what the deal is, Iím going to not only be able to resolve the issue faster, but I am also more likely to genuinely take the criticism that is being given. Because I would much rather have X player who plays Y character tell me that I did something that needs improving than have DM D tell me that some person they canít disclose said this. Like, ok? Was this person at my event? Did they see something I didnít? What led them to think that? I will never know because I canít ask more questions and figure out the whole story.

So seriously, if you have a problem, about 99% of the time, your best course of action is to bring it directly to me. And that goes for any of the other DMs too. Because DM D isnít going to know what was going on at DM Fís event because they live across the world and were at work when the event was happening. We donít bite, I promise.

WellÖ Maybe Elven does.

The only time, in my opinion, that you should go to another DM to discuss a problem is when you feel like you are being personally targeted or discriminated against.

And despite what you might think, I take no personal enjoyment out of targeting specific players, characters, or groups (outside of plot reasons that a group would want to do that sort of thing of course). And nobody else does either. We donít take enjoyment out of knocking certain players down, nor do we like picking favorites when it comes to rewards and loot.

So, if you have any criticism of meÖ Please, feel free to approach. Until then, good luck and have fun.



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Re: A Note From Blackheart - Feedback
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2018, 11:22:54 am »
Sorry to steal your post Blackheart but I'd like to say the same goes for me too.
My sense of humour is cryptic and worries most of you but I assure you I'd rather you guys enjoy what I put out rather than hate it. So tell me if you're concerned, and I'll try to keep my needless facetious responses in the bin where they belong.