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Author Topic: Character conflict, intrigue and relationships  (Read 3557 times)

Fiona Voust

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Character conflict, intrigue and relationships
« on: October 26, 2018, 12:49:07 pm »
Hello to everyone,

I wanted to make a post that i feel it's a bit necessary on my part to explain a few things, targeted especially to people new or newer to RP.

A character's behaviour should never be confused with a player's ooc views, attitude and should not be linked in any way with how the player feels.

The current character i am playing is highly antagonizing, unforgiving, socially unskilled and bitchy(?) (amongst other things that i don't want to explain for IC reasons).
It's ok to antagonize a character, but it's not ok to throw a fit and let your ooc emotions of hating on X character to spill into your character's IC actions.

Try to have fun and think how would your character react around such a person that they don't like, try to make it a fun experience.
Conflict is what makes things fun.

Games of Thrones wouldn't be what it is if all the characters were a big, friendly bunch loving in other's company.
Villainy and antagonists also aren't solely reserved to DMs.

If you intend to "mechanically" punish a character as part of the conflict think of how valid are your reasons. Sure it's within your right to deny partying with an annoying character according to your likes but said character's player will likely get bored, remain underleveled and might log off and do something else etc.

That's not to say that everyone should group with each other like a paladin with an obvious necromancer but used with ooc spite to mechanically hit a character is simply lame.

Other examples of such is ganking up on a character from all directions (ive seen this before and it saddened me but i wont go into detail) with players even sending hateful ooc comments to the said player.

Currently the said player that was a victim of this behaviour is one of the more liked ones on the server but i won't name names.

I made this post in light of recent developments and how i percieved things in the past and hope it provides some insight for everyone to have more fun while playing and taking conflicts in a fun and creative way
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Re: Character conflict, intrigue and relationships
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2018, 09:04:56 pm »
Yes you can't let it spill over but if you are constantly antagonizing other PCs they will not group with you and that is a perfectly fine IC action, your IC reactions do have consequences. Meta gaming is not good either, there have been characters I knew my PC would not work with if they knew every thing but until my PC knew I still worked with them and reacted how they should. If you want to be the bad guy you will eventually have problems as things are discovered to expect otherwise is unrealistic.


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Re: Character conflict, intrigue and relationships
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2018, 09:01:28 am »
Im going to say this once.

IC stays IC.. do NOT let IC actions spill over into OOC actions.
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