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Author Topic: Will Rogers, a Brief History  (Read 1128 times)


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Will Rogers, a Brief History
« on: October 23, 2018, 06:06:41 pm »
Name: Birth name, Skallagrim Asgeir, known to the Barbarian tribes as Skallagrim Tribeless. Legal name William Rogers
Height: Approximately 6 feet
Weight: Around 195 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Tends to be bald, but when grown, both his hair and beard a dark red/brown

Biography: Will was born Skallagrim Asgeir to his Mother, Yild Asgeir and father Sworgrimm Asgeir in a minor unnamed tribe that was absorbed by the Rengarth during their war with Nethril. Will was the son to his tribe's Weapon master, and do to his size, not being over muscled, he was picked by his tribes Shaman, who was dedicated to Targus, to succeed his father in the position. Thus started his training when he was just a few years old. His training include how to read and write, Swordsmanship, strength training and intense cardio, as well as painting. His father would often take him into the woods and find something beautiful, but only give Will sixty seconds to look at it, then would force will to paint the setting as detailed as he could. This continued into his teen years when his tribe was called to fight against Nethril. All the able fighters left the lands except the tribes needed successors, those too young to fight and their mothers, and those too old in order to preserve their history, Will, the Shaman's Successor, and the Chief's son and daughter, who were also too young to fight at the time. A while later, when no one returned Will and his mother moved to the edge of the tribes village in the woods so that will could continue his training, as it was evident no one was returning. It was during a hunt for food that Will noticed smoke coming from his village a few miles from where he was. Upon his return he noticed the village had been torched and the rest of his tribe was either dead or taken. Will took the only vow he would ever make and swore to Targus that he would complete his training and be the last great weapon master of his tribe. After several years of bouncing as a tribal orphan, or Tribeless, as the other tribes called him, He took an Alias and moved to the town of Hadrian. He lives there to this day in an inn called "The Sailor's Coin."