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Knightly Order - Swords of the Lady

The Swords of the Lady, commonly called the Lunatics, were a fanatical knightly order devoted to the goddess Selūne the Moonmaiden. The order was led by a handful of crusaders, mystics, and Silverstars. The group comprised clerics, druids, rangers, and mystic wanderers.

Their actions were widely regarded as strange and eccentric, and people thought them mad, hence their nickname, "Lunatics".

However, when the Swords of the Lady responded to threats from the goddess Shar the Nightsinger, they acted swiftly, logically, and ruthlessly. These zealots were ready to die for their faith. However, thanks to their close association with the church of Selūne, death was usually temporary.

They could travel great distances in a short time, suggesting the order commanded teleportation magic or had access to a network of fey crossroads and backroads. They were a long-standing order, having existed during the time of the ancient empire of Netheril.

The current base of operations is the Moon Glow Keep, located to the south of the new Abbey of the Moon which is at the headwater of the Gillan River. Lord Gillan was a Silverstar of the Knightly Order - Swords of the Lady, who died in the Orc battle defending the emerging town of Hadrian.

Leader: Lady Averil

Colors: Blue and Silver

History: Abbey of the Moon Established in 12 NY as a temple to Selūne, this abbey attracted devout followers from across Netheril. It served as a retreat as well as a place of learning from its perch atop the highest peak in the Abbey Mountains, Selūne’s Crest; it was an icon of peace and restfulness for hundreds of years.

The Nether Age (326-543): As the abbey grew in popularity, more and more written genealogical and religious records were stored there. In 533, however, a forest fire ravaged the nearby mountains, engulfing the religious stronghold in its flames. While many attempts were made to rebuild it, none succeeded.

Over time many adventurers headed to the ruins and recovered artifacts, that were returned and given to the Knight of the Lady of the Sword. These Knights watched over the new Shrine and Gardens made in the image of Selūne. The Knights built a Keep close by to aid in there work and to offer protection to those in the region. To this days the Knights make the pilgrimage to the old ruin site, to recover more artifacts and to make sure adventurers return the artifacts to the church.

Of late the Knights have watched the Town of Hadrian spring up from a fishing village, to supply the Enclave of Valstiir. The Knights were present when the Orcs attacked the Towns Southbank 5 years ago and helped to push them back into the hills. Sadly on this day, the Knights were unable to save the founder and nephew of Lady Valstiir, even though she thanked them for their efforts the lines of communication broke down with little contact over the years. Nothing has been heard of the Orcs since this battle but reports show an increase in numbers again.

The doors to the knightly keep are now open to members of the following faiths:

Amaunator - Led by Templar Marshall Bresbane, Order of the Everlasting Light
Jergal - Led by Grand Master Jareth Solent, Order of the Pallid Mask
Jannath - Led by Warden Kyra de'Pont, Order of the Red Rose
Tyche - Led by Chaplain Horace Madden of the Priory of the Pure Mind

There is also an aspiring knight, a Thomas Rayne of the self-named "Knights of Rayne"

If you want a bit more information on any of the above come and speak to me or another DM.

Concepts relating to other faiths will be looked at on a case by case basis, however the above have NPC support within the faction.

If your PC does awesome stuff they can, of course, earn NPC support. So go and bring the awesome!

// OOC Good time to join the Knights and be apart of changes in the Order ...

Swords of the Guiding Hand

Five fingers of the Guiding Hand being the following gods.

In times of need the hand comes together to meet a threat to the region or towards the group, otherwise the Orders work independently of each other but show respect to the other Orders. Any issues are brought to the Bell Tower halls via a round table of the Swords of the Guiding Hand.

The Swords of the Lady have broken away to to the Church, leaving the other four Orders to hold the Keep.

Amaunator - Swords of the Everlasting Light
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Base: Moon Glow Keep

--- Quote ---Templar Marshall Bresbane of Amaunator, Order of the Everlasting Light

The warrior code of this Order is founded squarely on the principles of justice and fairness. Naturally, the Templars' opinion of justice contrasts markedly with that of the common folk on occasion, but it cannot be argued that the Templars often willingly fight for those who have no others to defend them.

--- End quote ---

Jannath - Swords of the Red Rose
Alignment: Neutral Good
Base: Moon Glow Keep

--- Quote ---Warden Kyra de'Pont of Janneth, Order of the Red Rose

Unofficial custodians of the wilds, and knights of the land. They work tirelessly to stop the influence of rot and decay, namely the threat of Moander. They are not against staking rot cultists and necromancers along the side of roads or in towns that harbor such criminals, a threat to those who else may wish to talk their path.

--- End quote ---

Tyche - Swords of the Pure Mind
Alignment: True Neutral
Base: Moon Glow Keep

--- Quote ---Chaplain Horace Madden of the Priory of the Pure Mind

The Priory of the Pure Mind is an order who believe that good can be found within all men, woman, and creatures and that those who have slipped into evil have just fallen on hard luck.

--- End quote ---

Achanatyr - Swords of Justice
Alignment: Lawful good
Base: Moon Glow Keep

--- Quote ---Grand Master Jareth Solent

--- End quote ---

Selune - Swords for the Lady
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Base: Temple of Selune ( located in the grounds of the Moon Glow Keep )

--- Quote ---Knight-Commander:  Dame Freyja Averil

--- End quote ---


This has a good range of Knight playing styles with different Alignments based on the gods. Squires and Knights-Errant start their path to Knighthood by working for the Swords of the Guiding Hand but show their interest to follow a path of an Order within the group.

Join as a Squire and learn the ways of being a Knight of an Order.

Any question ask a DM or via Discord channel.


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