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Author Topic: House Voust  (Read 7795 times)

Fiona Voust

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House Voust
« on: October 17, 2018, 03:31:21 pm »
An ancient House that wasn't part of the Empire, intergrated with a war.
The last stand was made by Maxwell Voust who blew up the ground with explosives killing the 24th legion of Dukarrus and preserving the Estate.

The only surviving members of the family at the moment seem to be Count Lash Voust and Fiona Voust, daughter of the recently deceased Baroness Morgana Voust.
The House owns lands in Southbank but it's only a shadow of it's former self, looking to rebuild and regain.

The House is ideal for:

  • Characters with questionable motives
  • People who would do anything to win, no matter the consquences
  • People who want to play evil vigilantes
  • People who want a Ravenloft twist to their RP
  • Characters who like horror themes
  • Rebels of the Empire
  • Gypsies
  • Pirates
  • Gnomes
  • More...+++

It is currently player driven by me.

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