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Author Topic: Lushen- Who is this man?  (Read 8996 times)


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Lushen- Who is this man?
« on: September 11, 2018, 08:32:06 pm »
    Lushen is the name most people know him by now but, his true name is Brevin. He was left on the streets of Hadrian at the age of five, his surname was lost. He would often go with out food for days, he knows what it was to need. The first winter on the streets would forever change him. He was not the only kid living on the streets. One night the cold made him decide to kill to live, or not and die. Another young boy close to his age had much heavier clothing suitable for the cold. He hit him over the head with a piece of fire wood. He could have stopped at the one hit; the boy may have lived if he did. Something inside him, after seeing to blood flow from the boy’s head made him feel good to keep hitting until the head was just a pile of blood-stained flesh and bone.

   Months later the hunger to take a life came back but, this time it was only for pleasure. He did not need anything to live, he just wanted to see the life leave his victim’s eyes. This hunger would always come back, sometimes it would be months or just days. As the years went by and his skills improved, he began to take something from his victims. A trophy, so he could hold it and replay the moment in his mind for pleasure. His hunger would not be filled with kills of self-defense, not that he only killed innocent people. Many of his victims did deserve to die, he liked to take his time and watch them slowly leave this world. It’s hard to say that the streets made him this way…for most serial killers, they are what they are …killers.   

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