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Author Topic: On Recent Behaviors...  (Read 1191 times)

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On Recent Behaviors...
« on: August 24, 2018, 06:36:01 am »
So I'm sure a few of you guys have noticed already that we're a few players short, and rather than stay tight-lipped about it we would rather let it be known just as to why this is.

Perhaps the most important rule to have in a community like this is mutual respect, not just between the DM team and the playerbase, but between the players as well. Naturally we will disagree from time to time, that's what happens in any community, and doubly so via the internet, but acting in a respectful and amicable manner is vital to preserving a healthy community. The alternative from even one individual can prove toxic to the rest.

Initially we had hoped to change the behavior with slaps on the wrist and then temporary bans. What we found though was that in this particular case improvement never did come, and rather than fix the problem we found that it worsened because the toxicity would spread.

Thusly we have decided to adopt a Zero-Tolerance Policy when it comes to the way we treat eachother. We are here to play a game. A very silly game with elves and dragons that we all love. If poor attitudes or rude behavior is getting in the way of that, then what is the point?

The solution then, is simple. We are to be respectful and kind to one another. If anyone is acting in poor form towards you, then you must choose not to engage with it and let the DM team know. If you feel a DM is being disrespectful or rude towards  you, you must similarly choose to disengage and notify the other DMs. What is not okay is to escalate the situation with insults of your own.

I reiterate. Be kind. Be respectful to one another. This also implies that you should act in a way that is respectable and worthy of kindness. If you cannot, this is regrettably not the server for you.
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