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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: What is Netheril?  (Read 11216 times)


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What is Netheril?
« on: August 03, 2018, 08:53:02 pm »
What is Netheril?

This question has circulated around the server since its inception, and has been pushed back, and alluded toward different answers for long enough. We are a Roleplaying Enforced server, where players are encouraged to have their own brand of fun. We aim to facilitate the tools to create interesting personal stories, and to also drop in exciting moments as Dungeon Masters that you won't see coming. We want to have goals players can work towards, but we also want other players to push each other towards some of their own personal goals.

We want you to have fun, to put it simply. If you prefer killing monsters, or if you prefer sitting in the inn, sharing your bards tale. If you prefer politics, or if you prefer crafting. We want to facilitate you having your own brand of fun. The mechanics of the server are as follows however:

Level Range: 2-20, with XP being fairly easy to come by from levels 2 to 10, and then slowing down to a reasonable challenge from 10 to 15, and having to be dedicated toward the cause from 15-20. This is the curve we WANT, it is not the curve we HAVE. This is being worked on.

Item Level: Low-Medium to Medium - We want magic items to be common, but good magic items to be hard to come by. This means +1's are common, +2 (and equivalent) are uncommon, +3 are rare, and beyond is quite the treasure to have. We are working towards addressing this too, many of you may have noticed +1 items popping up in shops.

Magic Level: Medium-High to High - We are the age of Magic. This is why we chose this character level, we want to see cool magic from both the world and the PCs that inhabit it. We're looking towards making a new spell hak soon, similar to how we added the 0-2 circle spells.

Feature Heavy: We want to knock your socks off with the amount of content that is in our server. We don't ever want you bored, or wanting. Class content and balance is coming. Player housing is coming. New exciting quests are coming. Just be patient with us, and you'll get everything as soon as we can get it out.

-The Netheril DM Team