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Author Topic: The Empire of Tel-Quessir (Elves)  (Read 4810 times)

Violet De Camp

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The Empire of Tel-Quessir (Elves)
« on: July 28, 2018, 12:35:47 am »

General notes: Spoiler
Race: Elf, Sun Elf, Moon Elf, Sylvan Elf, Half Elf, Sea Elf
Location: Tel-Quessir Empire, located in the Eastern Forests
Capital: Nualla’n
Government: Imperial Triumvirate, Overseen by 3 Tel-Quessir “Council Members”
NPCs of Note: Priestess Faeroris (High Priestess, Council Member), Eleanor Gylzeiros (Defender of the Realm, Council Member), Sontar Daefina (Militia Captain)
PCs of Note: Celebrithrade Dedralein (Loremaster, Council Member), Rassali (The Huntress), Drake Davidson (Master Smith), Isendur (Knight of Corellon)

Background/History: Spoiler
In the aftermath of the Crown Wars, a series of wars between Elven kingdoms that spanned a period of nearly 8000 years, Elven society was in sharp decline. Those who had not perished by the blade or been banished to the Underdark found themselves leaving their ancestral homelands in a migration. Some, chose to migrate to the Celestial Sea to be with Corellon and Sehanine; others, to the Isle of Evermeet; though some chose to migrate to the Eastern Forest of Netheril, where the ancestors of Elves lived many millennia ago. It is in this forest that a new Elven Empire, simply referred to as “The Empire of Tel-Quessir,” was born.

The Elves that reside in The Empire of Tel-Quessir are true descendants of many Elven Races, though they have lost many of the traits that once made their ancestral races unique and easily identifiable. At this time, any elf outside of “normal” or “half” status is almost unheard of. Contact with their brothers and sisters to the West has been lost almost entirely, and so tales of their Sun, Moon, Sylvan, and Sea kin are near myth.

Regardless, including the mere “Tel-Quessir” in the name of The Empire is supposed to signify that it is an empire for all of The People - though it is heavily implied that the Descended (drow) do not fall under this category - and as such it has stood as a beacon to draw those of Elvenkind who have long since lost their way and with to reconnect to their roots.

Though it is called an Empire, they are not ruled by an emperor or empress (at least, not yet), and are instead governed by a Council, comprised of 3 members chosen by the other current standing Council Members, as well as members of the Elven Nobility. Each member of the Council is supposed to have a unique gift of strength that they bring to the table, and as such, the duties of each Council member can vary from generation to generation.

Though they are not nearly as pompous as their Sun Elf ancestors, Elves still generally look down upon other races. After a few centuries of stability and tranquility, some of Tel-Quessir believe that the time has finally come to reclaim the glory that had been lost many millennia ago, though there are still some that would rather have the Elves keep to themselves and ignore the paltry problems that plague the non-Elf races of Faerun.

Why Tel-Quessir?Spoiler
In my opinion, being a member of Tel-Quessir has many unique benefits that are not garnered by many (if any) other factions in Netheril: Age of Magic. Here are a few of the reasons I think you should join Tel-Quessir over any other faction:

1) We are almost entirely player run, and are aiming to be 100% player run. This gives us a lot of freedom in our RP, something that tends to be a bit harder to get in other houses that require DM oversight.
2) There is also more room for advancement as a reward for loyalty and “faction-approved” RP. Whereas it can take a while to find yourself being promoted in the human houses or arcanist guild, making your mark with Tel-Quessir is much quicker paced, seeing as how the decisions are made by those that are constantly playing alongside you.
3) Some factions have a pretty cool noble house, or a guild hall or whatever… We have a whole city. And a beautiful one at that, and it only gets better. That’s pretty cool, eh?
4) We offer a type of RP that tends to be centered around political/warfare plots, and we have the structure that allows us to play a big role without having to worry about house or sub-faction squabbles. Rather than being tied to a mere noble house or knightly order, you’re a part of an entire empire that can throw its weight around when the situation calls. It allows us to have a unified approach to problems, and we have had some pretty good results from recent events.
5) We have pointy ears and live for like 1000 years, what’s not to love about that?

Final Thoughts: Spoiler
All in all, I’ve very much enjoyed being a part of this faction from just after its inception to where it is now, and we have a lot of room to continue to grow and have fun on this server. If you’re interested in learning a bit more, feel free to PM me on discord (DeCamp in the server) or PM me in game (Celebrithrdade).

Cheers everyone, and see you on the battlefield - DeCamp
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Re: The Empire of Tel-Quessir (Elves)
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Might be tempted by this. In the middle of something, so could maybe commit a little time to helping.


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Re: The Empire of Tel-Quessir (Elves)
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