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Author Topic: Bug fixes: June 6 -> July 12  (Read 2747 times)


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Bug fixes: June 6 -> July 12
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:13:29 am »
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/06/2018
Signs might work next reset.

June 16, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/16/2018
Potential fix to the bugged puzzle quest.

June 17, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/17/2018
Signs really are fixed now.
Giants quest should be fixed.(edited)
June 19, 2018

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/19/2018
Potions that we intended to be brewable, but were not due to default crafting limits should be in the next update.(edited)
Potion brewing now gives a lot of information about the potion you're trying to brew.

June 20, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/20/2018
There is a conversation now in the mage shop and in sullivans to buy potion bottles. Should let you get them a little quicker.

June 30, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/30/2018
Fixed a bug that may have been removing every piece of data from PCs on rest. Woops!
Fixed wand crafting to not increment spellcraft DC on fails
Fixed Sullivans crafting table to be .. craftable on.

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 06/30/2018
(Next reset)One-Party only quests should now be functioning.(edited)

July 1, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 07/01/2018
Maybe fixed wand Caster Level? This one was a boggle, but it's working locally...
Logging in after a reset, and while dead should now create a corpse in the morgue area.

July 2, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 07/02/2018
You no longer lose wands until after you finalize them.
Added a new DM tool.

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 07/02/2018
Fixed Hammer of the Gods caster level for Wands. Next reset, ask me to replace your old ones or feel the wroth of the heavens.
Subdal no longer tells everyone what mode you're in.
Subdual might be fixed? Maybe?
Treasure Map fakes now have diminishing returns. The more fakes you get in a row, the less likely it is for you to get a fake.(edited)
Persistent Signs are now actually fixed. Seriously. Like, not even kidding this time.

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 07/02/2018
The puzzle quest in Valstiir may be fixed. Upped the limit on it to 14, because I love you.

July 3, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 07/03/2018
Some more work on the puzzle quest in Valstiir. Changed how it displays some things.
Subdued PCs now go back down, and relay their subdued state.
Zahns message should be fixed.(edited)
Zahns Message has been changed from requireing Line of Sight, to requiring the PC to be in the same area.

July 5, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 07/05/2018
Zahns now gives a visual effect when you cast the spell on a creature.
Zahns now says who's jabbering.

July 9, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - Last Monday at 4:47 PM
Next update from me:
Floating Disk should drop your stuff when you log out/crash.
Floating Disk can not be called more than once.(edited)

July 11, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - Yesterday at 11:17 PM
Potential fix to an exploit involving loot collection mode. You may notice a slight delay when you pick things up now, before they get shoved into a bag.
Potential fix to a voting booth issue.
Floating disk should drop stuff when you log out now.
Escort quests will no longer reward after 15
The guild master in Hadrian doesn't care about your bottle needs anymore.
Digging locations now should verify any shovel in your inventory, not just specific ones.
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