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Author Topic: By edict of Archmage Vyctoria Valstiir  (Read 2020 times)


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By edict of Archmage Vyctoria Valstiir
« on: June 20, 2018, 12:58:03 am »
By edict of Archmage Vyctoria Valstiir

Our lady has been in council with her nobles and the Arcanist Guild trying to find a solution to the incident in the lower city of Hadrian in which resulted in some unfortunate deaths.

A solution has been reached and is now set in stone. None may question her word.

First, those legionnaires killed in the incident shall be given full resurrections under her orders bar the commander who gave the order to attack.

Head Inventor Baldron Yorst will be stepped down from his position for his inept handling of the situation. A new head of the Inventor will be chosen in due time.

The Arcanist Guild will withdraw from its position of neutrality in the conflict between the lady’s enclave and Roz'dha and will side with her in full.

The Arcanist Cashand has been reprimanded for his use of heavy-handed tactics and place on probation. While he acted in self-defense and with in the guidelines of the Guild, the use of death magic was not needed in this situation.
While on Probation the Arcanist is to be the liaison between the guild and the other houses in coordinating efforts to counter Roz'dha. Once the other enclave is defeated his probation will be lifted. Any actions that are deemed to be against the empire during this time of probation will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Lord Dukarrus has been reminded that while he has the job to protect the low city he does not have the power to declare who is an enemy of the empire. The house overstepped their authority greatly in this case.

Our lady would like to remind the people that the Arcanist Guild /is/ the foundation of Netheril. Without the guild, there would be no hot and cold, clean running water, no cooling boxes to store their food in, no chilled wine or ale at the inns, there would be no sanitation, no endless fires to heat houses, no automated tools to do menial tasks, no everlasting lanterns and candles to light the streets and houses, no airships, no proclamation systems, without the guild there would be no Netheril. While this does not place them over the law, the members are to be treated, at the very least, with the same respect as those in the noble house.
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