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Public Notices / The Drums of War
« on: January 21, 2022, 06:08:16 pm »
Across the lands, pillars of smoke rise from the ground and from an heavenly view one can see the masses of strange mutant creatures marching in military order. Two seem headed toward Hilltop, skirting past Hadrian for now. Another seems to be marching out of the Myconid forest to some unknown location in the lands around Conch. Whatever was causing the build up of mercenaries in the lands has finally come.

War is here.

Public Notices / Re: Rumours, Gossip and Whispers.. ((DM Posts Only))
« on: December 13, 2021, 11:13:51 pm »
There is much of note of late in the realms.

In Hilltop, the hins and their many refugees find respite from their woes by an influx of coin and supplies from Allies and they have managed to get their food and housing problem mostly under control with the new refugee hins and have managed to form a militia. However postings from the Fane in Conch has some concerned and some curious. Most hins proclaim that all they need are their own gods to fortify them in the times to come, but many of the former Dark Stalkers seem interested in the fliers and mutter of “getting their just punishment”

In conch a religious duel of the minds seems underway in the Slums as the same Fane, a group of known lovaitorites makes offers of strength to those that bend to the maidens lash. Many fear and obey as the Angels of Small virtues advised and tear down the posters to use for fires.

But some of the more despondent stare towards the Fanes known location with a far off look. Could the lash ease the pain they few from their lose of home and family? Is a few moments pain worth the chance for strength…maybe revenge?

The Slums vibrate more with the throng of refugees, but it seems the stream has paused for now. Still the leader of the Diri boys rages at the Souppers and works to hire more of the desperate to their ranks. In the market, the West Netheril trading company begins hiring more guards for their caravans on the ground and bemoan the increase in bandits; with some openly exclaiming when the city was under Netherese rule nothing like this happened.(this is up for debate in many circles)

And the arrival of the rumored bands of mercenaries slowly comes true as four flags begin making their stand in camps on the outskirts of cities from Conch, to Sullivan to Hadrian and Southbank. The times feel calm for now though….but even the most drunk of fools can sense something is coming….

An assortment of thugs, gruffs and buffs begin signing their names. One stands out the most.

Bull. Bull is a well known rough and tumble tavern brawler in the slums.

Groups & Concepts / Re: Southbanks rise!
« on: December 06, 2021, 10:35:13 pm »
I’d watch over this :)


While we focus on one part of the battle it is to be assumed that all around you there is battle of soldiers fighting and dying. In order to replicate the attrition of war we have a few ways of running.

The current  is what’s calculated immediately after the fighting in the fronts are done. For each remaining spawn, does a base set of damage per tier type. This amount is totaled and done as damage to the enemy armies troop strength and 1/3 for it to morale for the unit strength and morale assigned to that block. The damage is also divided by 1/3 and that 1/3 damage is done to your army to represent attrition from battle.

This system piece is up for debate to ensure fairness

Public Notices / Re: Rumours, Gossip and Whispers.. ((DM Posts Only))
« on: December 05, 2021, 06:22:53 am »
Rumors spread around the lands near Sullivan and beyond towards Conch and Hadrian. A new tribe of gnolls has appeared. They make no parley with Sullivan, though do not earn his ire either. Instead they hunt the woods and lands, butchering monsters, beasts and others of their kind from lesser tribes. One noticeable factor is that these gnoll stop to eat those they fight so that they might rush into battle with blood on their maws.

No one knows who leads these gnolls, but it is clear that the land will be changed by their arrival.

Troop spawns:

Unit blocks will spawn a number of their respective units on the front assigned. This will likely be a set amount for tier 1s based on 1d cr/1.2 + commander lvl rounded up. But we will probably change this. Still considering tier 2.

More info to come

Public Notices / Re: Rumours, Gossip and Whispers.. ((DM Posts Only))
« on: December 02, 2021, 10:05:04 pm »
With the slow arrival of groups of refugees fleeing something called “The devil queen and her monsters” it is clear something is raising along the outskirts of Conch and other bastions of civilization.

For many of these refugees they find themselves pushed to the slums; of which the gangs both approve and resent as they get new members but so is their competition.

Still there is a slight light of hope. A cleric of Illmater and her congregation have been busily bringing in supplies to a well stocked soup kitchen and has become something of a tent town where beggars not wanting to join the gangs can at least have a warm meal and someplace safe.

Some of the gangs however grumble and speaking of “another gang coming up” when small shipments of clubs, sickles and a few lumber axes seem to be delivered to the slums under the eyes of the said cleric.

Divine strategies:

Castigate: deal 1d8 + 1/2 wisdom score damage to morale. If you worship a god who has the pain domain, you deal the damage to troop strength as well.

Lay on hands: Restore 1d8 + 1/2 wisdom score to troop strength. Healing domain doubles this.

Litany: Restores 1d8 + 1/2 wisdom score morale.

Raise/animate dead: If a front is lost, this will ensure that at least one unit block will survive and be retained by the army instead of being permanently destroyed. Clerics to elect to do either raise dead or animate which will instead spawn an undead unit block of equal tier to the one lost. (Mages can use this strategy too as an arcane but need spell focus necromancy and can only elect to use the animate dead version.)

Surge of faith: Recharge a strategy immediately. Takes 3 turns to recharge this strategy after use

Performance strategies:

Heroic ballad: All fronts regain morale at 1d6 + performance skill total.

There will be more to come as we go forward but here is a rough summary of what you have available


Strategies will be divided into types:


Strategies can do lots of stuff from restoring lost troop strength or morale, damaging the enemy armies morale and troop strength before battle or even block enemy strategies as a counter or even counter the counter.

Arcane Strategies:

Arcane Barrage: deals automatic 1d6 damage to the enemy army before combat. Increases by one for every two lvls of sorcerer or wizard after lvl 2.

Darkness: Blocks the enemy battle strategy

Fireball: does 1d12 damage to troop strength before combat. Increases by 1d every 3 arcane spell caster lvls after lvl 3.

Wall of fire: counters a charge strategy and deals 3d6 damage to enemy army strength.

Leadership Strategies:

Stand and fight: Restores 1d6 morale plus half commander or officers whole charisma score. Can’t be blocked.

Warcry: Restores 1d8 morale plus half intimidate score. Deals that much as morale damage to enemy.

Reposition: Can move a single unit block to a different front before combat starts. Blocks one enemy strategy.

Incite violence: roll 3 1d12s + 1/2 strength score of commander or officer. Use the highest and lowest and inflict that as damage to the enemy army strength. Take the middle as damage to your own army strength

Inspire forces: Your army heals 1d12 + 1/2 charisma score. One flank can’t take morale damage for one turn of combat from any source

Fire Volley: (requires archer unit) does 1d10 per unit block with ranged spec to enemy troop strength

Hold the line: blocks enemy strategy. Heals the army 1d6 morale

As predicted: blocks an enemy strategy.

Cunning Strategies:

Agile maneuver: can be used at anytime to nullify an enemy block of a strategy. Roll 1d6(1-3) the strategy fails (4-6) this strategy succeeds.

Deploy potion reserves: Can be used after combat on a front. Heals 2d6 + (potion making skill rank) to troop strength.

Devious tactic: deals 2d4 casualties. Deals half even if blocked.

Exposed plans: View the opposing armies available strategies before putting them into play. May select one tjat MUST played by the opposing commander

Explosive trap: (requires chemistry) deal 1d8 + chemistry skill rank to enemy troop strength on one designated front

Outflank and destroy: can only be played once during the entire army battle. Destroy one whole unit block assigned to the targeted front before combat.

Martial strategies:

Devestate the field: Deal 1d12+ 1/2 str score casualties.

Duel to the death: challange an enemy elite or officer to single combat. If they agree, the two fight before battle but is icly assumed to be occurring while battle rages around them. The two battle and the winner deals 50 morale damage to the enemy fronts forces. Their army recovers 25 morale. The loser rolls a d20 1-10 they die(PCs will stay in purgatory until raised by an ally or cleric after the battle is over). 11-20 they are seriously wounded and must pull back from the battle and wait in the medical tent till the battle is over.

Heroic charge: Deals 1d8 plus 1/2 str score casualties to the enemy troop strength and restores that amount to your fronts morale.

Special troops:

Hins only:

Hins of hilltop are not too trusting of outsiders currently, given recent events. So they will only follow their own kin to war. You want these troops either ally with a hin or be one.

Tier 1:

Hilltop Militia: trained by Pear Lindenbrook herself these dual wielding warriors are not the best fighters now but they will meet to defend their home. Deploys like conscripts

Hilltop Slingers: the hin version of hunters, they can scout or battle. They get to deploy slightly more then hunters or archers due to their small size and relatively cheap weapons.

Priestess of Yondella: the clerics of the hin goddess are eager to protect hilltop. They will have the same spells as the war clerics do currently. Might change later.



Tier 1
Master Kliment apprentices has generously offered a few blocks of his more outgoing apprentices who need to get a little field experience. Why he alone has done this is unsure, but he seems to at least be willing to help somewhat. Your first arcane spell caster that can be hired in any army mix of you pay the upfront fee for ONE block and each commander only gets one block for the present time.

Troops continued:


Tier 1:

zombie Conscripts: the weakest soldiers a necromancer or other form of undead magic user can summon. They are slow and armed with basic weapons, but make up for it in being deployed in greater numbers.

Skeleton archers: skeleton archers are the ranges fighters of the undead and their bone structures allow they to act as a form of scout. (We might change this and add in a spectre, a weak but excellent scout troop) they are quicker then zombies and are deposited in about equal numbers to their living counter parts.

Tier 2:

Skeleton fighters: the tougher and better melee counter parts for the undead to the merc fighters.

Skeleton sorcerers: what do the undead need gods for. Instead they have arcane fighters who wield negative energy to maim and heal all at once.

Undead armored cavalry: the undead version of the living counterpart with all the same tactics. Just you know…undead.


Troops represent the forces gathered. Rather then troops being treated as individuals, they are given as blocks and each block offers a number of spawns during the front battle

Tier 1:

Conscripts: This are the weakest soldiers, and the easiest to get. Either ragged refugees wanting revenge, poor souls with nothing left to lose and seeking a shot at glory and gold. Or any other possible reason. Conscripts are 1d8 spawns. One block offers 1d8, two offers 2d8 and so on.

Hunters: Hunters are the tier 1 archer unit and can be used as scouts instead of being used in battle if so chosen. If used it battle they offer 1d4 for each block. If selected as scouts, they must be assigned and taken out of the rooster of available troops to be used in battles.

Scouts allow an army to gain information about enemy movements and make up; determined by an Intel roll launched prior to a battle. (See Intel) Hunters offer an Scouting effectiveness of 1 per block.

Tier 2:

Mercenary fighters: these are battle hardened mercs, and can be gained in hiring and recruitment, or by a Tier 1 unit taking part in a number of battles and not being destroyed and this leveling up. These blocks offer 1d6 per block

War Priests: warrior priests of Targus the Netherese god of war. They wield their divine power to wade into battle with spells to heal and strengthen. Each block offers 1d4 and can count as a Caster(Cleric) unit which also allows them to grant access to one cleric strategy at the cost of not being assigned to the front. It can useful to keep priests in the back as their ability to offer healing can restore troop strength before the final battle tally is rolled.

Armoured Cavalry: Men on horse back, these armored knights spawn 1d4 per block and allow access to the Charge strategy. Using this strategy, requires at the block be assigned to a front and does immediate troop damage to the enemies troop strength before combat on the front begins and adds 1 cavalry unit to an adjacent front for free. If you don’t have a unit that counts as Cavalry you cannot use Charge strategy.

Public Notices / Re: Notices from House Mistari
« on: November 23, 2021, 10:56:19 pm »
Some in Conch are unsure of this revelation, but a few hins who did not go missing are said to raise a glass and cheer to House Mistari and Pearl for the undoing of what many hins grew to consider Public Enemy Number One of all Hindom.

Some especially drunk hins make boasts of wooing the lady of Mistari or Pearl. But this is quickly followed by the drunken collapse of said hins.

Strategies by class: this is up for change and additions as we pan out the goods.

Cleric: Healing, plus one special based on god

Wizard: Arcane barrage, fire wall, Counterspell

Sorcerer: arcane barrage, fire wall, counter spell

Barbarian: Warcry, Devastate

Bard: Inspire troops, devious tactics

Fighter: duel to the death, hold the line

Rogue: “fooled you!”, devious tactics, improvised trap

Druid: Nature’s wrath 2 types

Assassin: Assassinate, Devious Tactics

Weapon master: Dazzling display, duel to death

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