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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: March 02, 2022, 07:58:55 pm »
After many, many years of running his monastery, Theren looks back to adventure as he discovers new lands in which he has not traveled and challenges the might of evil once again. Though he is no longer as strong as he was in young age, he has a bit of spring in his step to move forward in these new times

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: August 27, 2019, 03:52:12 pm »
The days are long... Its been quite time, since my face, seen by the familiars in which whom I communicate with. The shadows, behind me, as my face hides in the pan hat in which disguises me to be unseen. My cloak, shimmering in the drow web, that gives a natural lift of a looming shadow. A day will come, where the sun will once again meet my face... But that day is far, for the last that it has done such, only troubles followed. My future is both unknown, and unworthy. My heart, pure, but corrupt. For no heart, no soul can truly be pure. I smile with gratitude of my gifts and blessings, but a lingering pain follows of my desire to knowledge, to good. But worthiness has left thy gods, worthiness hath left this world, and following in return and replacement, the darkness' of magic and evil. Shar takes this land, slowly, surely, as the adventurers of this land continue to fight, but Selune will shine, thou shalt not know when, thou must wait, as patience is the only key to survival and success..............
-Journal Entry- Grandmaster Sont're; The Monk, lost to time and knowledge

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: November 06, 2018, 02:32:50 pm »
One can watch across the way,
One can talk with nothing to say,
One can wander across the lands,
One can ponder, where one stands,
One can do much with many a things,
One can touch, when one sings,
What one can do, or to see,
Matters not to me,
But, the matter of case,
That all must face,
is how one acts to change our place

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: October 25, 2018, 06:18:09 pm »
Some time has gone by, much things occur around, but I stay quiet, and to myself. I have not been active much... I try to wait, wait for the right moment of attack. The Hill giants of Hilltop must be taken care of, so my home can live in peace... I will reserve myself in a more simple life. Farming, Fishing and producing for myself, perhaps even for others. I hear the trees rattle, and the thistles of grass blowing in the wind. Relaxing. I keep myself away from everyone, but soon I will emerge. Soon my face will show once more.

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk

Journals & Backgrounds / Background of Balbor the Orc
« on: September 11, 2018, 06:11:12 pm »
A young orc, once part of a tribe. Living greatly among each other, looting, plundering, camping and hunting. Much happened upon the tribe, they would fight for what they most liked, even to the point of killing. Weakness was not tolerable, most had to prove their strength in battle, as a young child. Many survived, but those who did not were shamed, and shunned. One night a gathering had occurred, to split the plunder, and to drink ale for the most recent pillaging of a tiefling village. Times were great, ale was chugged, and a bonfire, warmed the orcs for the cold night.
Breezes blew and winds roared, the bonfire barely alive, and the party had settled, now only the scouts stayed awake to keep eye on the camp as the orcs slept through the night. The night in pitch black, of darkness, all seemed normal. A set of small footprints were faintly heard, not by those who slept, but from scouts. They tried to spot what caused the faint sounds, but could not see from the darkness, which was thought to be the night.
Quieter and quieter it got as the darkness got darker and darker, it appeared that a spell of darkness had be summoned over the whole camp. But who? Who attacked this temporary camp? The camp was always moving, how did they find the camp?
Out of the darkness, the shape of a tiefling was formed.  Seeking revenge of the destruction of it's village. It quietly killed the scouts that were blindly on watch, ridding of their bodies, before anyone could sense the suspicious smell of corpses. And by tent to tent it killed the different tribe members, leaving their bodies to rot. There and there only in the family tent, the small orc was laying, restlessly under his blankets, where he watched, as his family was killed. The only thing that he had knew, was that the doer of the murder, was a tiefling, that wore no shoes. He memorized the feet, trying to find where and who this tiefling was.
Years past, and the small orc found nothing, but the words of a supposed tiefling criminalized in society of the Human town of Hadrian, by the name Pheroth. He searched for such, not finding him there when he could be, until he had settled down in Sulivan's Port where he drinks, eats and sleeps in the inn, at his common table. Knowing that the tiefling was killed, enraging his personal anger for them, but done in the same place that he stays.
Now, he hunts vile creatures, and every once in a while, collects the toes of the fallen enemies, of tiefling origin, putting it onto his necklace, as a trophy.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 07, 2018, 06:30:41 pm »
Those Below us:
Noble, powerful and rich we are, Across the lands we own all bars, money and riches in our name, promoted us to go along in fame, Proper and educated we go along, everything we do is right, not wrong, if somethings not right we will pay, money's no problem, just give the say, Noble, powerful and rich we are, those who are below us are not par (Equal, or Equivalent)

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:16:33 pm »
A slow day it is... Morning rising surely, but overtime. The sun, creeping over the mountains to the west, passing over the river. Breaking through the swamps as light gleams upon the creatures, plagued by the place of such. The town, sitting in quietness, few words passing by. I, myself, had awoken to such, and I see trees and grass around me, green as the most purest emerald there was. The smell of flowers in the air, sweet. Sometimes I wonder if the smells of such could have a taste. Not one that is bitter, but sweet as it smells. Nothing is planned to be done on this day. The only thing there is, is to be ready for anything to happen. So I start... I start by heading to the Halfling town, where giant sheep roam, and small men work. I must seek the progress of my Monastery, for Manus had told me it would take no more than ninety days to complete with his dwarves. I am not sure how many days it has been since the official contract that was signed for resources, but I hope to see progress. After such, I have no clue as to what may be occurring. Perhaps I shall work on that letter that Butterfly had told me to write ages ago, for her to send the Druids of the first tree... I am not sure, but I hope that one day, my Monastery be honored to hold the seedling of the first tree, itself.

I try to think of what things may be of honor to have in my Monastery. The tree of life's, seedling was one of the main ones, but perhaps other artifacts could be there to represent my place of peace.   I do not want something that is of evil origins, for I fear that something of such could lead to disaster or betrayal. Or even an attack that may ot be just for the artifact, but for something else included. It would be too much to worry about. So what to do...what to do...

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:47:43 am »
The day, previous to this day a call for help had been announced. From Sulivan's Port adventurers were called for assistance from a goblin by the name of Frogo. This goblin was the right -hand of Sulivan himself, but it seemed that Sulivan had been away from town. I thought that he would have someone do his works for him, but who knows? Perhaps it is a personal matter... So, arriving later than others, but not missing a word, I came to the group of many familiar faces, of peoples. Many of them circled around the goblin, listening to the instruction and figuring out what was needed to be done.
Supplies apparently had been stolen, and Sulivan trusted that Frogo could get the situation, solved. And his solution was...us. The suspected enemies that stole the supplies from merchants were the fireband tribe gnolls. It is not the first time that we have had to dealt with the tribe, but I'm sure it will also not be the last time...
We left, after everything had been situated, and as soon as we left into the jungle, a Goblin Champion challenged our strongest man, which would be B-Fang, an ogre, After a few tries, Fang lost the battle, as the goblin walked off, happily. It was quite strange, but we, at the moment, were wasting our time. 
The location in which we were told to investigate was just further than the lava caves. We headed there, where we found an entry point  to a forest area. We all, eventually made into the forest, where a single gnoll had awaited. He had warned us to go back, that it was Sulivan who had betrayed them, because he was supposed to protect them. I, personally could believe it, Sulivan is not one that can be said to keep promises. Also he had killed some close people in my life. So, I awaited to see what the group was going to do. They, of course, attacked him and killed him. Kind of sad, but of course, it was a gnoll of the fireband tribe, so it did not ultimately matter. We kept attacking those who had came in response, until we had reached the first supply crates. We thought at first it was the only one, so we were confused as to why it was such a big deal, but then we noticed more in the distance. We went over and got the supply shipment that they were holding on to and then headed to what seemed the last supply shipment.
As we came closer, taking care of the gnolls in between, we had met their boss. It was a huge gnoll, the size of a giant, or even bigger! We, together after much work finished off their leader, but before he died, he asked a demon to kill us all. At first I thought nothing had come from it, but soon it erupted and its presence became more known to me and the others. We fought, and fought, until it was beaten. Most of us tired, almost dead. Some did die, which soon we revived. Nica, who was the collector for the group, grabbed the last shipment, and off we went to go back to Sulivan's Port. We were heading back, when Fang asked Nica for the item he was wanting to know about. I knew it was the locked box of course because I overheard their conversation before we left. And it seemed that she did find it, and gave it to him there. We, then after, continued heading back to Frogo, who wanted proof that we killed the Gnolls, and whatever seemed to be in the box was the proof. Fang said that only Sulivan himself can see it, so the goblin accepted and gave each of us our payment.

Grandmaster Sont're, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:22:57 am »
"In midst of darkness of the night, the moon will shine upon us light, to give us courage and hope, than to waste our time, around to mope, With those around us to hold us well, no words can describe of what you tell, the arms wrapped tight, making one feel warm, gets one calm, to keep their form"

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:55:42 am »
Quite an interesting day, I may say it was yesterday. I came to watch the arena fights to see how it goes, but it appeared I became ~part~ of the arena fights. Mister Reschotti himself came to the event, which usually doesn't happen. He was all riled up as the rest of the hundreds of peoples in the audience. Fans were screaming and yelling, demanding blood to shed, which it did. I sometimes wonder how House Reschotti gets a hold of all these arena fighting creatures. I say creatures, because someone, that I know in the audience stated that anyone could be a monster, even humans, so for now I say creature. They did state such a fine point. Some people in the crowd of adventurers got a bit ~too~ riled up, such as Masqueline, which can be considered good for the Reschotti, it shows how entertained they were, but sometimes they forgot that the people that were fighting were friends and people that you know. Well... After some fighting, I was put into the arena, where Me, Zilta and Dominque fought a giant bear, well, wasn't really a fight, until we were surprised that after the Giant Bear came two smaller, but still giant bears... Took some time, but were finished them off. Sad, that such things were imprisoned to fight, they were quite...interesting. After some fights, it came to Nica's battle, against an amazingly strong Gnoll. She did fine at first, but then all her effects wore off, and she kind of got beaten...Almost... Before the Gnoll could officially kill her, a stranger came from no where and saved her and killed of the Gnoll...Interesting, even Reschotti was surprised of such. She got disqualified from the arena fights, which I don't understand, how did she break the rules? Because she didn't die? It was really messed up.

When she was put aside, I came over to her, trying to make her sip some of my potions, to help aid her injuries, but she refused. She said she was nothing, which is completely wrong, because she can handle a lot. I tried to convince her not, but she walked away. I knew I shouldn't have followed her, at least not at that moment because she needed time, so I gave it to her.

After that, a new event had started, one that had Drow. I have no idea how they got them, especially the amount, but they did,and I had to help the team fight them off, along side the Drow were Orcs, and they were strong. They were champions of course, which probably explains it, but still, it hurt much. We fought them all off, many of us nearly dead, some had fallen, which we rose back up and we were to stay for the next event. This event, of course was the final event, the one that everyone had to wait for, and me and the others were nervous of what it could be. When it came up, we saw it was a purple worm, like the one that others had to fight off in the farmlands of Hadrian. Together, we easily defeated it, with much time to spare. It kind of made the crowd not satisfied, and more was demanded, even from Mister Reschotti. It was then, that we all recognized who we had to fight. The announcer said there could only be one winner... Our worst foes, but best allies, those who were beside us were our next battle. We all went to seperate corners, where we prepared. And so the fight begun... I was not the first to go down, but nor was I the last. I think I was the second to last. The web-caster, that no one can see its face was the winner. Someone kind of new to events such as these, but have been here a while. We were all brought back, where we recieved small rewards, for our fights before.

I hope I never have to do something of such, as to fight our friends again, but I fear I will, but most likely for something the same as this...

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 01, 2018, 09:19:24 pm »
Soon, after my rest a Ranger had made a call for help, calling all available arms, me and my group in response began to fill boats. Not enough people could fit on the one boat, so we split up into three groups. Eventually we all were there and reported to the ranger calling out. The ranger appeared to be either nervous or scared, from some of the sightings. My question that I was curious was where the sighting were from, curious to know if it was from the same location that my map could lead to, but it was in the trails. I was a bit relieved, but at the same time disappointed. We began to follow the trails, not sure what we were walking into, when a hoard, of maybe 30 or so crows attacked us, only they looked...different... They were a shiny silvery color, almost like a shadow.
We continued down the trail a bit further when beasts that looked like a shadow, but were physical began to attack us. We held up pretty well, considering how many of us there were. But that was no reason to fight lightly, more and more flooding in until there was a pause, for a split moment, I believed that was it, but I was wrong. We found the area they had been coming from. It was a water way, through the trees, into a cave. We entered the cave, slowly and cautiously, but it was pitch black, we couldn't see. Not because the cave was dark because there was these orbs causing the darkness...Kinda like the reverse of the light orbs that spellcasters call upon...

As we fought off the creatures from within the cave we had taken a break, where no other creature attacked us, for we had finished the ones in the cave. While everyone was taking a breather, I began to look around. There were these weird looking, Queer Mushrooms, but they were too big of size for me to take a sample. I, instead observed and saw what reactions occured when I bothered it, nothing really happened, but it was quite interesting. I wish I could have grabbed a sample, especially on the way out. When we all gathered, it was around some kind of stone, the arcanists recognized it as a blood ritual, to open up a portal to another realm. Many people agreed upon the idea to spill Laura's blood upon it, to the point that it actually did, but with her consant. It kept draining her, her life, but while this was happening a green, natury kind of portal vibe began to go off... I wasnt sure what was happening, but since it was nature, I made the decision to stand nearby the people of the woods just in case...

The portal kept reacting, to the point it finally opened. I couldn't see what was through, but after time we all finally walked through it, unaware what may wait upon the other side. Well, we walked through and the most predictable thing occured... Hoards of different types of these shadow creatures attacked us. Hoards of them came, we were getting badly hurt, some of us actually fell unconsious from the battle, but we still prevailed... We stood up and fought, almost fighting and when we had breaks, we tended to the wounded. Breaks surely didn't last long from that area, it was mostly a constant of attacked, until we met their leader.
The leader was another druid, one that was open to the shadows, hence why he had access to this shadow plane. Some went to attack, but were forced back, when the druid shifted. It shifted into the shape of a dragon, one that took much work to kill, but still...It was quite exhilarating. During the fight the dragon druid summoned some difficult things, like elder fire and rock elementals, but we still got through them. And eventually killed him, but with some of our own down. We revived them curious to know if the druid have had anything of interest upon him, but he did not.

While they were searching him, I began to study the shadow plane a bit more, without being attacked. I looked at the different mushrooms, plants, flowers, sap, bark. They all were simular to the ones on my plane, but they were built just a bit different, as if they were completly the opposite. I was going to take some samples to study, perhaps even make concoctions or elixirs of shadow, like what the animals looked like, but Butterfly said to not do so. I respected her wishes, first because she is a druid of nature and may understand it more better than I, but also because it probably would have caused some issues. After that we left, a bit beatup, I departed from the group, before they reported to the ranger, so I do not know what happened then.
Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: September 01, 2018, 05:46:51 pm »
Yesterday, I was having my conversation with Cashand, for it had been quite a long time since he has been out of the guild. We talked about the little experiment that I set him up on a task to do. I had hoped he had gained much progress, due to his amount of time he spends in the guild, but it seems that we have had an delay. It appears that the Kama that I had provided him, can not hold any more enchantments. Now, when him and I are available, I can build it, while he marks the magical runes into it to see if it will work. I hope it does, just to fill out my long ranging mind of imagination, but who knows?

Well, during the time in which Cashand was pondering of a solution, which turned out to be me making one and him enscratching runes into it, something strange occurred... I was standing, and Zilta walked right passed me, saying nothing, but I could hear his voice, as if it were in my head. He asked me if I could report to Chester and House Skettus if for some reason he does not return from Sulivans, with the arcanist known as Dominique. Interesting actually... He is nevous that something may happen... But with the amount of our friends being killed there, never to return, I understand...

Well... Few hours have passed, I had went to the farms where I began to study different types of mushrooms. I actually became so interested that I had not noticed that everyone had left to Moonglow keep, well that's where they were. Some person told me when I asked where they went. It seems though, after the keep they went to Sulivans, where I joined them to fight off ogres and spirits. But something weird and familiar was there. I saw a Sharran follower, that I have met previously, near the time I had just came to Hadrian. It was...interesting... though I had almost died, many a times.

We then, after clearing the temple, returned to the Dame. She rewarded us due to the success we have had, and afterwards allowed us to return to Hadrian through their portal. I had taken some time to sit down, to observe the different mushrooms I had obtained...

Grandmaster Sont're, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: August 31, 2018, 06:12:10 pm »
"The swaying above, within the leaves, the rattling of branches, upon the trees, the whistling sound of the wind, the breaking of bark as its skinned, across the lands, flies the sun, the worries from around, are but none, the floating of clouds, so fluffy and white, can bring imagination when it comes to sight, upon the floors lays the green grass, laying around as time will pass, The blue of the ocean as it comes to view, the swishing of waves as it comes through"

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: August 31, 2018, 05:32:50 pm »
A new day arrives... I watch as the sun rises from the mountains in the west. It comes over, shining, from rivers, bringing light to the swamps, blessing it with Amaunator's light. The light...penetrating the thick leaves and branches of trees, bringing energy, light to both animals and plants... The rising of the sun is very pleasant, but many do not notice it because they are too busy with life ahead of them, that they do not stop... Stop to look around and see the pleasant things in life. The blooming of flowers, the setting of sun, the needles of grass blowing in wind, as the wind sings its songs... Chimes jingling, swaying of leaves, upon the trees.

Today, I hope to relax, notice the more...calm side of life. I will try to not worry or concern myself with paperwork, planning or the yearning to see where the map leads. Though I really am tempted to, but I must not, not yet at least... Perhaps while doing so, I can take time to observe the different type of plants, and their roots... I am quite intrigued with such, but I also must be careful, not due to poison, but from how the plant will act.

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:47:43 pm »
The map... it is on my mind most of the time now. It clogs it, keeping me from being able to focus. I am so...drawn... I feel like it is yearning for me to look for whatever is within, but I mustn't quite yet, for I fear it may not be something, but someone... If not that, I fear of...truth... I understand and respect the truth, but I fear it may reveal a truth to me, one that I may regret for times going. I mustn't go quite yet...I mustn't, for it may hold something that I may regret finding.

I have no reasons of understanding as to why I was chosen. Chosen to protect a divine being; Keelie, for now of years above decade. I feel, it may have been due to my past, but I know not of what that may be of, nor shall I know unless there was someone, before I was delivered to the Monks... I also, in thinking of such, understand the want and need to know your personal past, but one such as Keelie''s should have been told to her, when the time was right. The individual that revealed her past and relations, had no right to tell her. At least without my consent, but they most probably knew the answer would be no, until the time was right... Am I that predictable? *The section finishes*

I have been thinking now of my past... It is the only thing that keeps me from following my yearns to inspect the areas suspected of holding what the map leads to. I try to refer to the author of the auto-biography, but I knew not how to...

Grandmaster Sontr'e, The Monk's Journal

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