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Journals & Backgrounds / Journal of Artificer Zilta Varsek
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:08:00 am »
1st entry

   I have decided to begin a chronicle of my experiments and experiences for use by arcanists and artificers in the future having been given the position of Artificer of House Skettus. I must first admit that the promotion was a shock to me, with the former artificer Robertus Reffas taking leave of the position to head up the creation and containment of creatures within newly created Skettus menagerie of animals. I understand that arcane talent within Skettus is at a moderate level and I am one of the greater practitioners of the house, but I still wonder if I am going to be able to live up to the expectations regarding the position.

   First and foremost, I must deal with properly securing the Hadrian estate now that it has been expanded, warding in the new areas will be the first task but in the meantime, I have set up alarm spells to supplement the normal wards in addition to laying down further alarms in the newly constructed basement levels of the house. While I must admit that attacks from below are unlikely, I refuse to allow any possible security threat to go without being dealt with. The Hadrian estate may not have the number of artifacts that the Valstiir vault does the house does contain a few of the items of lesser power and serves as a stopping place for artifacts before transportation to Valstiir proper.

   I believe I shall take advantage of what was gained from the Puppetmaster after the trip to what is existence? The place I shall not write of (for future artificers know that the record of the trip has been sealed for a reason, there is some knowledge not worth pursuing). Mass production of iron golems of lesser power to guard the lower levels should be enough, even if not as powerful as a normally constructed one. Based on the plans I have seen they can be created far swifter than normal and quality can be made up for with quantity. I shall have my apprentice assist me in this, it should prove to be an excellent learning experience for her and prepare her for my true experiments.

Netherese Library / An Abridged History of the Battle of Soutbank
« on: September 27, 2018, 01:45:27 am »
Submitted to the librarian for viewing

         I pen these words now as a historical account of some of the various important events I have directly been involved with in Hadrian and the surrounding lands in the hope that a

more talented historian can make use of this for a more complete accounting of what has happened in this corner of the Empire. I have often considered where to start, as so many events in

have happened so swiftly, but given the current conflict against the forces of Roz’dha I believe the most appropriate place to begin is when Valstiir and Hadrian first realized the level of threat

Roz,dha represented.

        For several days, a red dot had appeared in the distant sky and appeared to get larger and larger with none in Hadrian or Valstiir being quite sure of what it was. Some believed it was a star

slowly falling from the sky, others believed it was massive dragon, I myself ignored the dot in the sky as I felt no need to concern myself with it unless it proved dangerous…It did.
The first sign of Roz’dha’s danger came when adventurers came to the Southbank after a disturbance where a small train of refugees claiming to be fleeing the calamity brought forth by the red

dot demanded to be let inside of Southbank for safety. Things became heated as the Dukarrus guards rightfully felt that letting even this small amount of refugees into Southbank would only

cause problems and possibly bring the same force that they were fleeing to Southbank’s gates. I arrived with several adventurers and attempted to moderate negotiation between the

adventurers and the guards, though what I remember most of the refugees was their claim that they started with nearly 500 and were now down to almost a dozen. Such a threat could not be

taken lightly and it disturbed me that none in the area seemed to have any idea of what was following them.

        The question was rendered academic as a circle of arcane energy appeared on the ground from which poured forth negative energy. The arcanist Cashand, being more experienced in necromancy

than I attempted to discern the cause and source of such a circle while I assisted as I could. Ultimately we could not find a way to immediately seal the portal, a problem that became far more

dangerous when an outpouring of powerful undead began appearing from it. Several vampires of considerable skill and wraths appeared, driving myself, the adventurers, and the Dukarrus

guards to their limits. Eventually, the foul creatures were slain with a combination of arcane magics and enchanted steel. The main issue was still the active portal though and still we had no idea

of how to close it.

        I find it difficult to accurately describe on paper what happened next, as while I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye the words are difficult to find. The portal closed itself after using the remainder

of its power to bring froth the single most powerful and horrific type of undead creature I have ever seen. It was known as a “Mass Grave”, a massive creature created by the fusing of hundreds

of thousands of corpses slain in pain and suffering, each component body retaining enough awareness to know what they had been forced to become. A chorus of voices screamed forth from the

beast, children begging to be saved, others begging for death, some begging not to be harmed. The creature had an aura of death and fear surrounding it like no other, spells were nearly useless

against the monstrosity. Most adventurers scattered, Dukarrus slammed the gates shut and hid behind them, ineffectively as the creature could have simply smashed through them like they

were twigs. In truth I believed that we would all be slain and added to the creature, suffering eternally as it made its way through Southbank.

        It was then that I witnessed one of the most heroic acts I have ever seen and am convinced ever will see. Knight Koznacks of the Swords of the Lady stood before the beast, braving the negative

energy washing over him and conquering the unnatural fear it exuded he stood tall before it, holding it in place and trading strikes with it. This was the moment that the battle turned, the

adventurers rallied upon seeing his bravery, warding’s against fear were cast and those that once fled turned and faced the creature together. The battle was fierce and more than a few lives

were lost, but in the end, Knight Koznacks slew the creature, its form falling back into negative energy.

         I say now that without Knight Koznack’s bravery at that point, all of Southbank and perhaps Hadrian would have fallen to the creature. This marked the first taste of Roz’dha’s power that

I know of and the first time I actively fought against his creatures, though not by any means

Netherese Library / Historical Research
« on: July 25, 2018, 06:04:59 pm »
Zilta Varsek goes to the library in search of historical records of arcanists who experimented with enchanting magical items instead of creating new spells.

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