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Public Notices / The Drums of War
« on: January 21, 2022, 06:08:16 pm »
Across the lands, pillars of smoke rise from the ground and from an heavenly view one can see the masses of strange mutant creatures marching in military order. Two seem headed toward Hilltop, skirting past Hadrian for now. Another seems to be marching out of the Myconid forest to some unknown location in the lands around Conch. Whatever was causing the build up of mercenaries in the lands has finally come.

War is here.

//these are the rules and themes of this event chain. They can be changed to smooth them out as needed but we will start with a basics

First the setting: Recent events have caused a stir in Conch and the lands abroad. While the Arcanists above have their games, it seems one has taken to involving the ground dwellers in their games.

In recent days, sightings of strange mutant warriors in roaming bands have taken to raiding the roads and villages from the Myconid forest to near Conch and Southbank. Mercenaries have arrived in droves and it seems that the lands are ripe for battles a plenty…what is the meaning of this and will the people be safe?

Rules: Armies are a tricky thing for NWN so I’ve settled it down into numbers then actual spawns

All armies will have one Commander who leads the entire army. Commander is a special title class with a beginning lvl of 1 and a max lvl of 10.

Commander lvls determine how much your troop multiplier is. Your number strategies bonus and the number of unit blocks you’re Army can have max. (More on this later)

Commander class also plays a role and your charisma stat/score

Commanders and officers can be PC or npc. Preferably I’d like PCs to be the commanders till we get more use to this system

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