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General Discussion / ▶ Guide: Forum Post Customisation!
« on: September 04, 2020, 01:09:33 pm »
_____Forum Post Customisation Guide
by Ritulienka

This thread contains chaptered guides on variety of basic customisation for things like letters, posters, character bios and more!
All of these work on the Netheril forums.
BBcode is versatile albeit a bit clunky, so don't expect miracles from it!

Chapters of this guide:
1. Color Code List
2. Formatting Codes
3. Tables - Perfect for Character Bios

I hope you find it helpful!
                        - Ritu

*Zahirra heads to the Valstiir Library to respectfully ask about the people who destroyed Necropolis, hoping to end up with a name of at least one magically-proficient person to talk to about the details of it with.*

Netherese Library / Research - Stealth etc.
« on: February 24, 2020, 01:17:01 pm »
*Zahirra takes a casual stroll to the Library to look for any literature and sources regarding advanced stealth, infiltration and concealment techniques, perhaps something about masters to learn such from. It can’t be said she expects much of this, but she might as well stop by and take a look to pass the time besides watching the fish in the aquarium.*

*If she wouldn't find anything there, she'd later head to the private Estate libraries to check just in case*

Zahirra comes to the library and sits down with sheets of paper, a pencil and a selection of books.

Some of which talk about Shar and Selune; 

- whether one can weaken the other’s power in any way
- closer info on Shar 

- about how Shar’s power connection to her clerics works
- and the location of closest known site/s of worship of Shar

The rest of the selection seems more fitting for a troubled young commoner, as one of the rest talks about
- gaps in contracts
- margins that allow breaching of one 

Notes are taken staying in the assumption that neither of the parties is bound by law nor cares about it.

…and the last book is a book of myths and legends in which
she flips the pages in hope of finding stories related to one or the other topic, noting down the bits that seem useful.
If nothing, it at least provides a bit of easy reading towards the end.

The session is finished by a brief look into a small, worn-out album filled with images of little dogs.

Journals & Backgrounds / Zahirra Sa'Laeth - Deflecting the Destiny
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:57:17 am »
     Zahirra Sa'Laeth
Houndmaster | House Reschotti Slaver

Coming to Hadrian from up the river, Nauseef,
Zahirra's only goal is to obey the will of her
family - to fulfill the role that's being expected,
that's been ordered by those above her. To join
a great House, for the prestige of her family
and its good name...

However, after talking with some people she starts to see
and believe that she perhaps can do something she
would like. That she can choose.

And among all the drama and mess going on in Hadrian,
a beautiful, intricate silver lining starts to reveal itself.   

(just for the record, i didn't paint this portrait - too lazy, just edited it)

Netherese Library / Research: Powering of the smaller Mythallars
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:46:39 am »
*In her burgundy, crystal-hemmed robes, Sherina comes to the Valstiir library in the pursuit of any information regarding various ways of powering the smaller Mythallars (not mythal shards). After spending hours in conversation and reading topic-related books, filling her notes, she then leaves and has a bouquet of white tulips sent to the library as a thanks.*

General Discussion / THE BEST ESSAY EVER
« on: September 24, 2019, 11:08:38 am »







Journals & Backgrounds / Records of the Songweaver
« on: September 13, 2019, 06:50:34 am »
Ivory Leithien
Cleric of Corellon Larethian | Songweaver | Painting Artist

Acolyte's Circlet___

Artist's Tools___

Temple Mother's
Letter Opener___
Born half-breed and adopted into a middle class family, Ivory's been put into a tutelage of the monastery of the Corellon Larethian church. Being mentored in arts, defence and scriptures, she then continued her studies in the legal field just to return to the faith once more after three years of expertise and work.
Renewing her skills and faith vows, she's become a novice. And on the day of being promoted an acolyte, she chose to serve her deity out in the world, choosing the role of the creator and defender, inspired by the teachings of the temple's high priestess in her youth.

Coming down towards Hadrian from the north, Ivory carries nothing but her gear and skills, confident and determined to shape the world around her by the gentle arts of word, song and color.

Journals & Backgrounds / Sherina Tsirak - The Spellmaiden
« on: June 01, 2019, 08:56:54 pm »
Sherina Tsirak

Southbank Farms Keeper | Item Enchanter | Nicknames: Sheri, Silver

Bloodied Blue Tulip___

Wedding Band
- "His Silver Queen"___

Journal Book___

===== ♡ =====

____With her parents being devoted followers of a distorted Mystril cult, she was being taught in the said closed-off community. As one of the first children of the community, she didn’t voluntarily enter the cult - she was born into it. And no one knew how to manage someone who didn’t share the same obsession as them - so they disciplined her, motivated her to dim down her innate magic abilities, and constructed tidious library studying sessions for the youth of the cult. Sheri decided to remember some facts about the subjects that interested her, since her mind couldn't grasp any spell teachings nor formulae.

She loves earning knowledge from books, even despite all she's been through. As a curious child nonetheless, she loved learning and exploring new things, often out of bounds of robed devotees. Has an open and creative mind, and tends to be crafty in any situation.

"The cult? While I couldn’t learn a single spell and had been often, as they called it, “disciplined”, I enjoyed the books about various creatures and stories. I also like the picture books with illustrations of rivers and nature, they help me get calm."

Being forced in the twisted way of fanatic knowledge seekers, the methods of gaining said skills were not always natural. Constructed magic-infused mechanisms and devices were tested and used, flooding the recipend's head with information.
Struggling with overwhelm, Shera gave in to her intuition and created a place to store all she never needed. As she practised voluntary forgetting, the skill grew, the often-called-upon element became real somewhere within her.
And the forgetting system started to work perfectly.

____Though, as she years later realised, by the time she started losing interest in more and more things, and at times feels nothing at all.

This was not anything she ever heard of. At first she assumed it was sadness, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t anything. It persisted long after she escaped and began wandering villages, working at fields and later as a helper in a bakery.

 Not sure how to fill the emptiness and manage this feeling, she just wasted time… Until there came something exciting, a thing to train for and look forward to - a call for people of the glorious lands under the rule of Netheril to move into new denizens, and help establish a flourishing community.

"I had to do something to make me forget. Having my head throbbing full of some things I couldn’t grasp to use…
That’s why I had to escape. Because the older I got, the harsher the punishments became. No one had patience, no one knew what to do with me. I was in a grey area, where I could clearly cast spells, but it was happening spontaneously. And so rarely, with no ties to the regular kind of knowledge. The fact they kept me alive was the lowest level of tolerance."

Sherina didn’t have to think twice. This is her last chance to discover her purpose in life.


ARC 1 - Maiden of Shadows

____Sherina Tsirak finally arrived to the new region, new town - Hadrian. Getting to know people and the land, she had discovered there is more darkness hiding just along the edge of what the eye can see - Red Mist, corruption, tragedy…
Making many friends due to her kind and warm nature, there was someone truly special. Yet she didn’t know she is going to end up married to a man whose first interaction with her was to GROWL at her in annoyance. She then kept being kind and understanding, to the point Michael could not understand why. That made her determined to show him that the world can be a nice place, as he seemed to need a light to see to colors of the world. So she became one.
By the time, Michael went insane from the skull artifact he possessed, assaulted officials who wanted to put him in a death pit - asylum, one that does not help anyone feel better, built by a vampire lord, probably as a fodder space.

Sheri spent her days waiting and mourning, until Morgaine dragged her out for a girl’s night out. After that she promised Sheri that she is going to send out a rescue mission to find Michael. Thanks to Fjord, Sheri had discovered that none such mission has ever been planned. She had been lied to by a person she thought was a genuine friend. So she left instantly, packing nothing extra, left to search for him. From the Fort Tusk through Shelf, to, finally, the Sullivans Trading Port.

There she found him, Michael tired and pale, exhausted, like a scared child.
He instantly recognised her, even though Morgaine has tried to persuade her that he no longer is a man Sheri knows. Another lies to keep her away from a friend who direly needed help. And the first thing that ‘monster’ did was to give Sheri red, enchanted boots - those she wears ever since.
She brought one pretty thing to remind him of the beauty of the world - one single blooming blue tulip, which later became a symbol of her love to him. Now she had became his carer, working day to day, constantly and relentlessly, to help bring him back to health. It wasn’t eay, it was a difficult journey. But, slowly, by the time… She fell in love with him. And based on what he told her later when she asked, he loved her ever since the Sullivans too. The cuddle under a tree was the moment she knew for sure.
Later on he gave up the artifacts and they could move back to Hadrian, where Michael spent much of his time farming and recovering. They went on many adventures and helped the people many times - and yet, received no thanks. She even met a bronze dragoness on her quests to help the city.
Eventually they met new friends, the true friends, and Michael had made friends too. Some of those friends were Muthari, the cleric and Uldur, the spellsword, who had served as a priest and a best man on Sheri and Michael’s wedding. The wedding that almost didn’t happen due to Michael’s uncontrolled rage, but he survived in the court so everything ended up being alright.

Happiness unbound filled their days, though the darkest cloud of all hung above their heads - Sheri’s ‘shadow taint’. Spreading a bit every day, changing her body and her magic.
Their friends went on to help her, the clock ticking by as it was almost beyind the point of a simple arm removal. Despite all the effort and possibilities, Michael ended up doing the worst thing imaginable, just a day before they’d be able to try all the other methods.
He had sold his soul to a cruel, vile devil lord, in return for Sheri’s returned health. After that he apparently hurt Vivili and the child of the devil she carried, and the devil shredded Michael to pieces… It broke Sheri’s heart and will, leaving her shattered and scarred both on body and on mind. She knows he is still somewhere out there, in the form of a baatezu larvae, and later will emerge and fight in the blood war.
If only there was a way to bring him back... to turn back time.

"Michael Copperfield. My partner, my chosen mate, my one love, my iron wall. You are the love of my life, the protector of the people of Hadrian, the hero no one expected. My everlasting shield. I love you and will always do, just as I did through any hardships we had to endure together.
This will continue. On and on. I will stay with you as long as I’m alive, in any shape or form. I’m yours and you’re mine.
I will be your silver dagger, your fire spark, your hand of shadows, the open embrace, the sky blue silk. I shall support you, defend you and protect you, for as long as I will exist.
I love you, Michael. Let’s be together under the blessings of the stars."

                                                                                                               - Sherina's Wedding Vow to Michael

ARC 2 - New Spark

____After Michael’s sudden and tragic death, Sheri has been trying to find her strength. With the support of her friends, she managed to prevail, staying among the living, spending her love on those who’ve helped her. Her main duties now involve management of the Harvest Moon charity and being an official guard-spellmaiden of the Mayor.

Through plentiful hugs and small affections, her strength and soul gets restored… Though she will never be the same again.

“Consider that feeling as Michael blessing you with the will to live… And live.”
-Ash Aardyn

( Arc currently running. )

===== ♡ =====
Other resources and snippets

Sherina is allergic to potions (changed to ALL), and cannot learn blacksmithing.

Five Languages of Love
Sheri's careful, but full of love and appreciation for anyone who shows a care for her. As in her early weeks, she's caring about Mike, doing things out of her way to help him handle his troublesome times, and declines to abandon him even when it all looks hopeless. Just because she appreciated his unique approach to things, and the glimpse of what lies under the stern exterior. And since he's always been protecting her, she feels a great debt towards him in a way. If it all came to a standoff, she would either prefer to not choose sides and enchants everyone for protection, or side with Mike as soon as his life would be on the line. Of course there's a time for all this, and how each of the character will act further is a big variable in her whole behavior.

As kind as she is, when the border is crossed, there's barely any return. Since her magic as a sorceress reacts to her emotion as well, the harmful spells are also stronger towards those she's cold towards. And with her shadow drama around the corner...

SO, her LL stats:
9   Quality Time
8   Physical Touch
6   Words of Affirmation
4   Acts of Service
3   Receiving Gifts

Quality Time
Sheri loves to spend time with her friends in any way possible, preferably pleasant. Having someone to just have a nice time together with no monsters involved is very refreshing and dearly important to her. As even amidst of all dangers, there's this pool of happiness she can draw her motivation from. And since she story-wise will gradually care about less and less things, the importance of meeting up and actually being together, interacting with each other with honestly and either platonic, comrade or romantic love, is one of the largest pillars that hold her against her complete shadow corruption.

Physical Touch
She's affectionate, most of the PC who met her and got to know her know this. She won't bother anyone if she's unsure about their standing towards her affection, but sometimes she acts and hopes for the best. (e.g. All her free time with Pattie, Michael's harsher 'episodes', Lady Mayor's painful memories, an affectionate peck on the cheek for Cutter to thank him... )
SImply - a small hugger bun. With protective, often touch-range based protective sorceries.

Words of Affirmation
Hearing she did something well has been rare in her past, and receiving any kind of praise makes her enormously happy and grateful. Especially the praise well thought-of, the one that comes from the heart and stays in her memory. (e.g. Mike's lovely "dagger" speech after she magically helped him defeat something he couldn't simply chop up with his axe.)*
She also loves giving praise, however sometimes is reluctant in fear it will become awkward.

* Unfortunately I didn't screenshot it, I wish I did. Sheri felt 'meh' for having to be protected for the entire run. Mike stepped in and told her about the fact her magic helped a lot, and that - "A dagger is very small but has its uses"  "And only a dagger can get behind the enemy armor."

Acts of Service
Being helpful is a big thing for her as well, though not as major on the receiving end. She does things because she enjoys being useful and contributing to the good. However when needing something from someone she's helped to in the past, she likes to trust the person to return the favor.

Receiving Gifts
She cannot carry much anyways. Even though any present is appreciated, a well thought-out one is the one to go for. Or something that's just a lovely surprise. Practical aid is also good, but more in connection to missions and that the person cares about her safety.
Her presents are not frequent, and happen only when she finds something that reminds her of the person (e.g. She's seen Three with a book for seeral times, so as soon as it came to her mind, she gave it the book of stories she found on her adventures. And boy, did she celebrate within, seeing Three's joy.)

Sherina's Last Will ( DMs please do not be tempted :D )
Please build my memorial in the Chasm near Southbank, with a sentence or two from each of my friends and close ones.
My body is to be donated to Master Arcanist Cashand Joriin for the purpose of research.
Any real estate and land is to be given to Shi Lei.
The leadership of the Silver Shield goes to Silvia Marrow.
My equipment is to be be given into care of Silvia Marrow or Ashram Aardyn to be later donated to a budding, kind and gentle soul in need of such.
All the funds in my possession are to be spent as follows:
One half of the funds will go to the treasury of the Silver Shield to cover any later expenses.
Other half will go towards building a public, lush and flowery park where anyone can rest and regain their peace.
The revenue from my book/s is to be added to the monthly funding of the Silver Shield.

===== ♡ =====




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