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Title: Notices from House Mistari
Post by: SteelsSweets on August 05, 2021, 04:32:42 pm
Let it be known that House Mistari will not aid the individual known as the Apprentice Xayatoth until he submits himself to me for retribution for his harm to my person.

The House does support the Upper District, the city and realm as a whole and the Nebular University institution. We will aid any of them whenever needed.

The Maiden of Pain demands retribution and she teaches through pain.
Through pain we all learn and grow. Through pain we become our true selves.

~Mistress Mistari
Title: Re: Notices from House Mistari
Post by: SteelsSweets on August 27, 2021, 09:36:22 pm
House Mistari is seeking a bard to join its ranks.

Private house stage has already been set up. You will have your own room and share in the communal storage.

Larger public stage may eventually be possible.

You will be responsible for providing music for Lovitarian rituals and ceremonies as well as entertainment for the house and its guests and allies.

Send letter to the Mistari Estate in Upper for further information or to express interest.

~Mistress Mistari
Title: Re: Notices from House Mistari
Post by: SteelsSweets on October 19, 2021, 08:53:54 pm
Posted only in the slums.

Greetings nameless writer of insults,

I am pleased my posters are being seen. Perhaps those who need my aid will take the time to contact me.

It is a shame I am not welcomed in the Western District. Does Diiri or any of the other numerous gang lords support your attempt to keep commerce from occurring?

You see me as cruel, I see me as a teacher. I see you as cruel for coddling and keeping the teachings and wisdoms of experiencing and enduring pain from those who could grow from it. Do you keep children from growing up so they do not have to experience the growing pains as well?

As far as your soft, decadent and privileged comment: Decadent, yes, but I am far from soft. I can guarantee you that I am far from the common, pathetic Upper dweller.

I am quite aware of what life is like in your District. In fact, I attempted to aid and provide an ally in the Upper District. I suggested ways in which your District could milk the soft and arrogant Upper denizens for as much coin as possible. But I was informed that your District prefers to play the martyr. They do not wish to better themselves or their situation in any way.

For my trouble, one of my members was beaten to near death because he refused to pay the "protection fee" charged for walking the streets.

You will never be worth anyone's time until you believe you are worth their time.

I bid you good day and may the pain you experience teach you and provide growth.

~Mistress Mistari

P.S. If you wish a face to face meeting, I would be most happy to bring a spread of food with me upon my visit to aid in feeding those you house.

A copy of the original letter is added for reference.

We have seen your posters in West Conch.  You are not welcome in the slums.  Not all of us here are cruel overlords who need to violently or emotionally abuse our staff.  And I guarantee that those of us here who are cruel overlords can do those things far better than soft, decadent and privileged uptowners like you ever could.  You have no idea what life is like here.  Keep your twisted ways in Uptown. 

Title: Re: Notices from House Mistari
Post by: SteelsSweets on November 20, 2021, 05:43:19 pm
House Mistari has been Blessed by the Maiden of Pain, Loviatar.

Last night we partook in a quest to capture the Shadow Hin known as Ten of Ten, a lower leader of the group causing trouble for the halfling of the region.

I had received instruction directly from the goddess herself to bring pain to this creature.

Having my request to join the University's upcoming trek to capture it denied, I had not choice but to do so myself with my faithful house members. It is never wise to refuse the demands of a deity.

House Mistari, with the halfling warrior Pearl, set out to do the Goddess' bidding. While doing so, we were able to save Pearl's parents and a young halfling boy.

Ten of Ten was captured and we all took part in the ritual of pain. The Maiden was pleased and for the next few days we bare her holy whip marks upon our backs. If you doubt, you may ask to touch them and you will be blessed with but a small touch from the lady.

For our obedience, she saw fit to grant our desire and remove the issue that was causing the most immediate and fatal concern for both Pearl and my house member Sid.

While the intention was never to kill Ten of Ten, he elected to take his own life instead of being submitted to captivity at the hands of the University while they attempted to find a way to cure him. That was not the outcome I had desired but he did as he felt best.

Obedience is rewarded.

Praise the Maiden of Pain, the Willing Whip, Loviatar.

~Mistress Mistari
Title: Re: Notices from House Mistari
Post by: Master_Sarevok2021 on November 23, 2021, 10:56:19 pm
Some in Conch are unsure of this revelation, but a few hins who did not go missing are said to raise a glass and cheer to House Mistari and Pearl for the undoing of what many hins grew to consider Public Enemy Number One of all Hindom.

Some especially drunk hins make boasts of wooing the lady of Mistari or Pearl. But this is quickly followed by the drunken collapse of said hins.
Title: Re: Notices from House Mistari
Post by: SteelsSweets on December 13, 2021, 04:51:43 pm
House Mistari is still accepting interested parties for membership.

Any are welcome to express interest though we specifically seek a mage and bard.

We have gear and goods for use by house members, including those who are able to cast.

Seek out Mistress Mistari or another member of the house to learn more.