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Title: A Hunt!
Post by: Mortui on August 03, 2021, 01:23:55 am
Following a fine idea by a Market-dweller, the Nebular University has opted to sponsor a hunt for the benefit of Conch and its people.

In five days time, a horn shall sound and those whom seek to do some good for their fellows and line their coin purses with my gold will set out into the wildlands surrounding Conch and gather as much edible, non-Humanoid meat as they can get their hands on; the bigger the better.

To this point, there is a forty thousand gold coin prize for he whom brings the lions' share of the meat, and fifteen thousand gold a head for the next two runners up.

Monsters are not welcome to the prize, and there will be a ten thousand gold reward for anyone whom viciously beats any of the local slum-dwelling monsters of renown and publicly declares his superiority over the cannibalistic slaver-beasts during the Hunt.

Hosted by Xayatoth Malindra, Apprentice of the Nebular.

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